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Boy am I animated now!

Boy, am I animated now!

Received my Armodafinil from earlier after one of you alerted me that it had been delivered. I thanked God that no one was at the door demanding my presence! I took a 150mg tablet at1:25pm. I will now briefly tell its effects up to 5 hrs post-ingestion in a non-fed state.

After an hour, I definitely felt the Dopamine flush, but it was accompanied by a Serotonin surge. D-amphetamine is a direct-acting Dopamine reuptake inhibitor, so I have 7 years experience feeling a pure Dopamine surge. I have not taken any D-amphetamine for a week or more so there are no confounding effects of that to mask Armodafinil's effects. The dual feelings of Dopamine and Serotonin were unmistakable. I have 2 distinct types of pain: visceral pain that responds almost solely to Opioids, impulses carried by small, unmyelinated A nerve fibers, the other is spasmodic, muscle spasm pain , impulses carried by larger, myelinated C fibers, that is totally ablated by only Butalbital, the active ingredient of Fiorinal and Fioricet.

I had purposefully not taken kratom recently enough so that both pains would be in full force. The results were: BOTH types of pain decreased to where I could almost walk without my cane, a measure of decreased C fiber activity(muscle spasm) and the visceral pain(A fibers usually responding to only an Opioid) was tolerable also. BP felt slightly elevated, and was indeed 126/84, not worrisome. Heart rate very slightly increased by palpitation, a feeling that a headache was about to happen(Serotonin surge) but it never did, felt only slightly euphoric but definitely not dysphoric, No bodily temperature increase, no desire to want more, increased alertness and attention span increasing. Mood, energy, likeability all slightly increased, but sexual desire decreased(Serotonin). ADHD definitely affected positively,i.e., less distractibility, more intense focus, more desire to start and complete tasks(I was extracting kratom for increasing my stock).

Pain became a problem a couple of hours later. I took my normal dose of kratom, but another Armodafinil at 6:30pm with the kratom. Within 30 minutes, I feel like I have taken a 15mg ER D-amphetamine. Mood, energy, concentration, pain relief, alertness, attention span, desire to start and complete tasks all much improved. Like I told you earlier, I usually require larger than average doses of most drugs. Now I was where I needed to be: pain-free, on-task and enjoying it, The second Armodafinil definitely moved me to where D-amphetamine does with the exceptions of increased sexual desire, euphoria and the exaggerated feeling of being on top of the world, meaning the aforementioned didn't happen. I feel good but not high, completely attentive and capable and the pain has definitely been attenuated greatly(equal to D-amphetamine I think). With the kratom, which has definitely been augmented by Armodafinil at this dose, the pain definitely lessened from an 8/10 to a 3/10. ADHD is controlled as well as with D-amphetamine. There remains a slight hint of a headache, but it doesn't actually happen. No other side effects are discernible except anorexia.

Overall evaluation objectively and compared to D-amphetamine: With the higher dose, almost all parameters much improved with pain and ADHD. Best as an adjuvant with pain, but with ADHD an acceptable sole agent.Compared to D-amphetamine, at the higher dose, equal in most measures except the ones that cause problems with overuse. One word of caution, acceptable results were not obtained until I exceeded by twice the literature-recommended dose. A slightly higher dose than these may provide the qualitative increase in intellectual ability supposedly characteristic of nootropics. But, I haven't discerned any of that type of change yet. I require supratherapeutic doses of my ADHD and pain drugs. The usual dose for D-amphetamine is 15-30mg/day of the ER capsules. I take 10mg IR in the am, followed by 15mg ER capsules qid. But, physicians have the prerogative to prescribe according to their clinical judgment guided by patient response. Thank God I know how to talk with physicians because until we got to this dose there were no significant effects on my mentation, but once we went to this dose, it was like the switch was finally turned ON.

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