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Brain Science Podcast

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Brain Science Podcast

Dr. Ginger Campbell, an experienced emergency physician explores how recent discoveries in neuroscience are unraveling the mysteries of how our brain makes us who we are. +80 episodes of brain science and neuroscience content.

Content and interview subjects"Mind and Brain" with William Uttal, How Mind Emerges from Brain, Patricia Churchland on Neuroscience and Morality, Brain Machine Interfaces, Cognitive Dissonance with Dr. Carol Tavris, Neurobiology of Placebos, How to Avoid Choking under Pressure, The Secret LIves of the Brain, Brain Networks with Olaf Sporn, Embodied Cognition with Lawrence Shapiro, Magic and the Brain, Pop Psychology Myths with Dr. Scott Lilienfeld, Glial Cells with R. Douglas Fields, Alzheimer's Disease with Dr. Peter Whitehouse, and much, much more!


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Dr. Ginger Campbell

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Brain Science Education in Your Ear Buds!
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I'm a big fan of the Brain Science Podcast. This is actually one of the longest running podcasts on iTunes because it really delivers a substantial amount of scientific and academic info about neuroscience and cognitive psychology.

Topics covered range from embodies cognition, brain body connection, neurobiology, some episodes even delve in where brain science meets psychology and philosophy. Many episodes I have to listen to twice to capture everything in them! As the name of the podcast suggests some of the episodes go very deep into scientific explanations of how our brains work. Laypeople may get lost in the content of these episodes.

Minus 1 Star in 'Actionable Information' because, as the host of this podcast herself explained to me. She wants to keep her podcast far away from the personal development/self help space. As a result her interviews will a lot of times be very granular on a particular study or scientific paper and then go very light on the real life applications. I respectfully disagree, I think the personal development/self help industry needs more attention from real scientists and academia.
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