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My name is Yulia. I an Nutritionist and Health Wellness Coach. Health and Biohacking field is my passion!
I'm highly intersted in joining the bio/lifehacking community not only to help myself but to help others with knowledge I have gained over time.
interested in sharing biohacks
Mostly interested in senolytics, fasting other ways of clearing bad cells.
Loving so far 
Keen on augmenting cognition and dynamic well being with the cuttING edge products and information on the site and with the community. 
Longevity and cognitive performance, with an interest in hypnosis, and NLP.
I'm fricking awesome!!!
Jonathan Roseland
I'm the founder of Limitless Mindset, a chronic entrepreneur, Biohacker, geek, writer, and researcher passionate about living all aspects of life limitlessly.
26 results - showing 1 - 10
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