A Tantric life lesson from the SEXIEST piece of furniture that I ever owned (and grew to HATE…)

By Jonathan Roseland

Young Americans have this silly coming-of-age tradition; at around 18 years old they move out of their parents’ homes and rent cheap and completely bare apartments in bad neighborhoods and then blow their cash on crappy furniture and chintzy interior appointments.
Living around the world, I’ve learned that other cultures do this more sensibly; young people move out in their mid-twenties when they are more advanced in their careers or when they get married, and they often move into furnished apartments with roommates.
The experience of glowing with pride, sitting alone, in your new-to-you (yet funny-smelling) little apartment surrounded by a bunch of newly bought, cheap plastic stuff from Walmart is, as far as I can tell, a uniquely American one.
Many young Americans splurge disproportionate amounts of their income and savings on toys to show off to their friends who come over to their one-bedroom kingdoms; big-screen TVs, ridiculously overpowered stereo systems, guns, and massive collections of bottles of alcohol. And 
like so many male mammals, a young Jonathan Roseland was intent on converting his bedroom, in his tiny abode, into the ultimate seduction chamber

sexy mirrored bed set

I fell in love with this ridiculous style of mirrored, black-lacquer bed set. It was about 12 feet wide by eight feet tall with huge six-foot mirrors that reflected everything. It also had chrome dimmer lights and a secret compartment with a champagne case. They cost about $2000 brand new, but I managed to score an already loved one for just $300 off a very classy website called Craigslist.
To make it even more over the top, I purchased about 10 body-length mirrors, which I placed on the wall opposite the mirrored bed set, turning my bedroom into a funhouse of infinite reflections. To make my bedroom even more kaleidoscope-like I mounted a $700 nightclub laser opposite the bed, the only thing I was missing was a dry ice machine! And I managed to seduce a grand total of three women there in my mirrored funhouse of a bedroom.

I did grow to hate my sexy bed set as I moved a lot and every 6–12 months we had to disassemble this ridiculous thing. This damned thing required at least three people to move it. Every time its massive size, weight, or proportions managed to injure (just a little bit) someone who I had convinced to help me move it. It broke down into about eight separate pieces that had to be put together like a jigsaw puzzle, requiring hours of tedious teamwork, yet I never managed to fit it together just perfectly so it looked the way it was supposed to.
This was such a cantankerous thing to own that I grew to hate it more than the leaky, squeaky old Porsche I once had. I was truly relieved the day I sold it. Good riddance!

The advice I would go back and give a younger me is that...

The quantity and quality of your sex life is way more about your habits and what you know than it is about what you have.

And that's a life lesson that will more than save you from a bad choice in bedroom furniture! It's the key to transforming your sex drive from something like a flock of squabbling chickens in a coop into something more like a phalanx of Roman soldiers pushing together to conquer territory for the empire.

Roman phalanx

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A Tantric life lesson from the SEXIEST piece of furniture that I ever owned (and grew to HATE…)
Roman phalanx


A Tantric life lesson from the SEXIEST piece of furniture that I ever owned (and grew to HATE…)

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