Perplexed by Peptides?

By Jonathan Roseland

I'm not a doctor, medical professional, or trained therapist. I'm a researcher and pragmatic biohacking practitioner exercising free speech to share evidence as I find it. I make no claims. Please practice skepticism and rational critical thinkingYou should consult a professional about any serious decisions that you might make about your health. Affiliate links in this article support Limitless Mindset - spend over $150 and you'll be eligible to join the Limitless Mindset Secret Society.

Bioregulatory Peptides are a novel class of medicine that hack our biology on the genetic level.

I say novel because they are a relatively recent development and have been thus far not largely acknowledged and studied by the western medicinal establishment. For those looking for healing solutions outside the mainstream offerings of the pharmaceutical-industrial complex, these peptides are worth learning about.

This thorough article will explore 15 outstanding peptides of European or eastern origin...

This flowchart visually breaks down over 70 peptides by effect and benefit...

Peptides Flowchart

What are Bioregulatory Peptides?

This article is about a specific kind of peptide, bioregulators, they are a bit different than the type of peptides that bodybuilders use to transform themselves into human monsters. The important distinction with bioregulators is that they target very specific genes to achieve very specific effects.

Chemically, A peptide is a short chain of amino acids, identified by the fact that it is shorter than a protein, and so can be absorbed easily via the digestive system. Each organ or bodily function has its own unique peptide bioregulator. Peptide bioregulators have been shown to shortcut the protein synthesis process by interacting directly with cell DNA – meaning that organs can build and repair tissues easier and quicker when peptide bioregulators are active.


There’s an interesting documentary about the history of bioregulatory peptides, they are a byproduct of the cold war. Soviet seamen working on nuclear submarines were the crucial tip of the spear yet they suffered from a dire premature aging syndrome that took a serious toll on military effectiveness. Thus Soviet scientists developed bioregulatory peptides that made the Soviet seamen’s biology resilient to significant environmental hazards they were submerged in.

This documentary calls peptides "smart drugs", not because they are intended to make you smarter (like Nootropics) but because peptides smartly target very specific genes, thus mitigating risk and undesirable side effects.

Another documentary focuses on the life, times, and work of Dr. Vladimir Khavinson, an accomplished (and I might add gracefully aging) Russian scientist who has invented numerous peptides.


I’ll express upfront my reservation about some of these peptides, for some of them I’m not finding much-published research on Pubmed, the clinical trials done on them are often not published in full in English. And in some cases, the only clinical trials done were sponsored by the manufacturer. These are kind of red flags, which is why you’ll find a lot of anecdotal accounts below, some of these were translated from Russian.
I’d be extremely skeptical of a product or medicine that was claimed to do something but had no clinical trials and nobody on the internet talking about if it actually worked as advertised. In the case of these peptides, we found a lot of people speaking frankly online confirming various effects they had.
Take other people’s anecdotal experiences with a grain of salt, they should not be the sole factor convincing you to use a drug or peptide but the lack of anecdotes testifying to an advertised effect is a dog that did not bark - it’s also a red flag. Thus these anecdotes should instill some confidence in these peptides, which is why we translated and organized them here.

A layperson first learning about peptides might have a sense of guttural revulsion upon learning that they are derived from animals, often they quite literally put some animal brains in a laboratory blender and hit blend! Not knowing better you may have some concern with animal diseases or viruses from the peptides.

In researching this article I perused hundreds of user reports and watched all the videoblog testimonials about peptides that I could find. I came across virtually no notable reports of negative side effects and especially no cases reporting Prion disease or contracting animal viruses. That’s a good sign!

What are Cytamins?

Cytamins are...

interpolymer complexes of tissue-specific proteins with nucleic acids.

Essentially, they are a mixture of compounds such as nucleoproteins, vitamins, peptides, and amino acids. The patented technology of cytamins manufacture includes alkaline hydrolysis from tissue cells, consecutive precipitation of nucleoprotein complexes, their purification from ballast substances, and manufacture of the ready form as enterosoluble tablets or capsules.


This falls into the same pharmacological category as Cerebrolysin and Cortexin. Similarly, it's a cocktail of nucleoproteins derived from animal brains.

  • Disappointingly there are no scientific papers specifically about Cerebramin to be found on Pubmed, all that I came across was one 2007 Russian paper on cytamins.
  • Although this website mentions a clinical trial with 257 patients which measured stress affections, post-insult states, vascular encephalopathy, intellectual and mnestic disorders, decreased mental capacity and concentration, memory deterioration.

Some Redditors reported:

In my anecdotal, and totally unscientific experience with Cerebramin (the cattle brain extract), I can’t say to have noticed any effect.

I have ordered several more packages of cerebramin because I am impressed by it, especially for the price and ease of use. I had more mental energy, less depression and while reading novels it became easier to become ingrained/picture the scenery. This is all subjective of course but I think it is definitely worth trying.


This is a Nootropic peptide that works on disorders of the brain and central nervous system.

Scientific Research

No studies are published on Pubmed although I found a human clinical trial of 48 patients done in 2003 described in a Linkedin article. The study concludes:

On the basis of the data received it is justifiably to draw a conclusion that activation of reserve capacity of the brain cortex using Cerluten helps to improve integral functions of the brain. Thus the results of clinical study testify the efficiency and expediency of use of Cerluten for complex treatment and prophylaxis of the diseases of the central nervous system of various origins.


  • Treats prophylaxis
  • Rapid fatigability
  • Headache
  • Sleep quality
  • Emotional instability
  • Absent-mindedness
  • Improves memory

This gentleman reports that it’s a heaven-sent cure for anxiety:

I've tried many, many different supplements, nootropics and pharmaceuticals to address my long-term anxiety caused by brain fog and nervous tension, and this is the only effective solution I've found that doesn't cause any unpleasant side-effects. Love it!

This user said it lives up to claims:

My mom bought this for me, and it was my 80th capsule in the last 6 months (I weight 310 lbs)- now I always do tons of high end stuff for my brain, thousands each month, but this is by far amongst the very BEST of it and for some of the lowest price.

An American mom was happy to announce:

We have waited 11 years to hear our [autistic] son speak, and after the one month use of Cerluten, he is showing great promise


Is perhaps the most notable peptide because it has been widely studied, it’s an effective medicine for normalizing the neuroendocrine system.

Scientific Research

  • There are over 100 pieces of published research on PubMed for this peptide and 6 human clinical trials.
  • The most recent study noted that Epithalamin [has a stimulating] effect on melatonin synthesis in elderly people’s pineal gland. So it could be very helpful to older people whose sleep quality and immune strength are bad.
  • In this 2003 Russian study scientists evaluated the geroprotective effects of thymic (Thymalin) and pineal (Epithalamin) peptide bioregulators. The participants were 266 elderly and older people and the trial lasted 6-8 years. Eventually, the researchers came to the conclusion that these peptides prolong human life, it’s a promising anti-aging medicine.


  • Treating Diabetes, Gastritis and Gastric Ulcers.
  • Cancer prevention.
  • Treating infertility in men and women.
  • Normalizing immune function.

It goes by a couple of different names and derivations, an English user explained:

Epithalamin is a natural peptide extract of the Pineal Gland as injection.
Endoluten is Epithalamin as capsule.
Epithalon is Epithalamin's synthetic analogue.

There’s abundant anecdotal evidence for it...
A South African shared their personal experience:

I started with Epitalon on 23 Aug 2015, first at 1mg intranasally, later dropped it down to 500ug. Took a 10 day break(12 - 22 Oct) at one stage to see if I get any negative effect from stopping, but I did not get any.

For me the most pronounced effects were those on cortisol. I just feel so much more relaxed, it's far harder to irritate me nowadays. Wish I know about it 10 years ago, even if it has no further effects, this will be enough reason to keep taking it. It feels great.

I also have not gotten sick since I started taking it, even most people at the office did get sick, many having to take a few days off. On the other hand, I don't get sick often, usually dosing up on Vitamin C when I feel the first scratchiness in my throat. Though I did not have to do even that since starting Epitalon.

On a side note, I also gave some to my uncle who came to visit. He is 74, and he had trouble walking when he got off the plane. His knee troubles started after a antibiotic treatment - as you can guess, a floxacine. The strange thing is, the next morning he reported no pain at all. He even stood on one leg, saying that it was the first time in years he was able to do it. I warned him, that while it's great, he should not overexert himself, or it's going to be worse. Needless to say, that day he walked a few kilometers, climbed through a wire fence, etc.

It obviously has an effect on your entire system, as this guy from Austin, Texas stated last year:

I take Epitalon subcutaneously, and have cycled it (1 month on, 2 months off) for 3 years now. Subjectively, it’s had a beneficial impact on my general health, and has had an especially noticeable impact on the appearance of my skin.

Another elderly American shared the effect it had on him:

I have just taken a look at my US passport picture taken on March 2011. I then looked at my British passport picture, taken this year. The difference is astounding. I shall try to put the snip up here. I also took a picture of myself this summer on melanotan2. I think I am black ( I am caucasian), probably because my great grandmother was from India. I was taking Epitalon from 2014 to 2015.

This Biohacker from Luxembourg seemed rather content with it:

It could be placebo,but I highly doubt it since I have quite an history with supplements usage,but I guess this stuff is working(Enduloten-oral version).The most obvious effect is on sleep quality, I got back to the days when I slept like a baby. Secondly it's the anxiolytic effect and mood stabilising. I am a person who is confronted with low and moderate anxiety, but the last days were almost anxiety free or the level of anxiety reached that level when it's not even bothers me .I have this sense of feeling good in my own really,really good.Slightly euphoric but not much!
Overall, very nice experience,it's worth the money.No side effects,sleep improved,mood stabilised (or almost) .I think it's working! Now, the libido enhanching:definetly something is happening cause lately, I find myself looking more than usual at women's cleavages, morning wood is now a dayly thing.I do not think it’s affected in a direct manner by Enduloten,but by regulating brain's activity ,of course something will happen even down there.

Igor from Russia was excited:

Now I can say with 100% confidence: Endoluten works on everybody !!! I had gray hair all over my beard. Now - from the mustache and below started a specific black stripe of bristles! As I was told "Hair will get its ORIGINAL color, NATURAL color!" And here it is!!! I do not use any cosmetics, therefore, I think the credit goes to ENDOLUTEN! Not to mention that I forgot about fatigue and also the pain in the lower back ...

This English gentleman’s brief presentation about peptides shares some of their fascinating history and some amazing case studies of success with them...


This is a (pricey) mix of natural adrenal gland peptides that restores adrenal function.

  • Regulates the stress hormones Cortisol, Adrenaline, and Noradrenaline.
  • It also supports the endocrine system in the elderly.
  • No studies are published on Pubmed.

These users sound excited about Glandokort:

I'm very happy with Glandokort. I've tried other products for adrenal support. This is the first product that has shown noticeable results. I have more energy and it doesn't come with the jitters of most stimulant products. Another big issue for me with adrenal products has been gastrointestinal upset. Most adrenal products make me sick to my stomach to the point that I cannot take them. There are no negative side effects with Glandokort. It's a little pricey, but well worth the expense.

WOW!!!! I love this stuff!! I wish I knew about it years ago. I am now on my second package of this, one full month taking every morning, and I am feeling like I finally have hope that I will recover from my debilitating adrenal blowout. I know it's going to take about a full year for a full recovery, I am in my mid 40's and have been suffering adrenal blow out for the past 20 plus years and with debilitating adrenal blow out for the past 8 years. I have been feeling like I was going to die or that my life has come to a painful end filled with suffering. But now I am feeling like I am truly getting better. It's not the only thing I am doing for my health, but this product has been a huge help and a 100% noticeable difference in how I feel. Lets just say this, when I wake up in the morning I feel awake rather than dead, I know you know what I mean when I say this if you to have been suffering as I have.


Is not exactly a breathing biohack but a bioregulator that actually modulates the DNA of your lungs to treat various pulmonary conditions or diseases, like...

  • Respiratory failure
  • Pulmonary tuberculosis in remission
  • Pneumonia
  • Respiratory distress syndrome
  • Chest injuries

So it’s another peptide that’s a good idea for former (or current) pack-a-day smokers.

Scientific research
No studies are published on Pubmed but on Sonexy Health’s LinkedIn blog I found a clinical trial done with athletes, it concluded:

Honlutena was giving the athletes of the highest category in the process for preparing for a competition; as a result Honluten allowed to increase the performance of aerobic capacity and oxygen pulse and increased respiratory reserve. Therefore it gave sportsmen increase in physical performance compared to baseline, but also allowed them to keep it to the end of the sports season. It has also been shown that Honluten has the ability to stimulate the functional activity of key cellular elements of the lung tissue and reduce the level of spontaneous cell death. Thus, the supplement has stabilizing effect on the lung tissue and bronchial tubes, improves its function.
Honluten is well tolerated, with no identified side effects, complications, contraindications and drug dependence.

Marina reported its helpful effect for restoring healthy lungs:

Her mom, without a second thought, bought Honluten. After a couple of weeks, the cough stopped. After that the doctor prescribed it to her asthmatic mother, and is going to give both her and her daughter the product again in the fall. Until the recommendations of peptides, unfortunately, the patients had not yet recovered (for obvious reasons).


Another Nootropic peptide that empowers the mind, although it’s better for treating brain disorders than it is for healthy people to use as a smart drug.

A single 2012 study can be found on PubMed, interestingly they treated 150 Russian truck drivers with neurotic disorders (I can just imagine how grueling a job being a trucker in Russia must be!) with peptides. To quote the study:

The best effect was obtained in case of combined application of several cytogens (pinealon and vezugen), which were optimally selected regarding the effect of each adverse occupational factor on a target organ or system. The employed parameters of psychoemotional state were rather informative for assessing the peptidergic properties of cytogens in occupational medicine and geriatrics.

So taking Pinealon may be great for those with jobs that take a mental toll. It’s also used to treat...

  • Poor memory
  • Attention deficit disorder
  • Brain injury and stroke
  • Alzheimer's
  • Parkinson's
  • Atherosclerosis and multiple sclerosis

Along with curing neuralgia, neuritis, and encephalopathy.

Anecdotally it’s described as a quintessential Nootropic, User on Reddit praised it:

...I took Pinealon for 30 days and anecdotally I noticed improved mood, sleep, and concentration without becoming mentally fatigued. In a way it reminded me of Semax, and I will definitely be trying it again via the nasal ROA in another month or two. So far I've been very impressed with every Russian nootropic I have tried.

A user reports:

Pinealon is a good example, it just gives you that extra level of clarity and speed of thought, and memory, which makes your day more productive and thus, ultimately, more satisfying.

The precocious biohacker Lostfalco found it euphoric:

I wasn't expecting to 'feel' anything from them at all, but Pinealon, especially, made me feel fantastic. My gf had to tell me to stop talking about how amazing it was...but I didn't.


Semax is a neuroactive peptide derived from corticotropin - this is one of the best known Nootropic peptides.

It is particularly beneficial to ischemic stroke victims and individuals who have suffered other forms of head trauma but has also been used in the treatment of cognitive disorders, optic nerve disease, and peptic ulcers.
My thorough podcast, Semax the Clarity promoting Insta-Nootropic to become a BDNF Badass, explains the relevant findings from the human studies.

One reviewer described it as a quintessential Nootropic:

Semax puts my mind on high speed without overstimulation. I can work better, have more good ideas and feel much better and energetic when sleep is short. It seems as if the effects continue after the 5 day treatment recommended in the patient information.


Selank is well described as a peripheral Nootropic for the sophisticated Biohacker considered to be heptapeptide and an accessory drug or substance which has anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) effects. This peptide is also considered immunomodulatory or capable of improving and changing the immune system (for the better).

Some anecdotal reports from sophisticated Biohackers, a Scandinavian university student reported...

I used the product for a month to combat fatigue and stress associated with studying at the university. I am enrolled in a natural science program and thus have periods where I am up to my neck in work. It is intense and I have come danger close to burn-out. Selank proved to be an ace in my sleeve when working to attenuate the fallout from being in a high-stress environment. I noticed I was capable of doing more work during the day and avoided paying the cost later by either crashing or feeling numbed from the amount of work I had to do. It might be chance, but I also avoided the seasonal flu, cannot really credit this to Selank, but if I remember correctly the compound does have immune-modulating effects. If you are engaged in work that takes a toll on you mentally, I would definitely recommend Selank. Thanks to RuPharma for stashing this, it has been a valuable addition to my list of tools I use to get through university.

Another biohacker reports that it gives them the mind of a Shaolin monk...

When I took Selank things changed. I recognized what went wrong and did everything necessary to put things back to the right path without getting angry or fearsome.
But I can still become passionate. I handle stress now like I think a Shaolin monk does. In other words, Selank acts like a firewall against negativity for me. And the effects continue long after the bottles are used up.

Selank is well worth the attention of anyone struggling with Opioid addiction.

A 2015 study of 70 Russians found that it markedly decreased the negative side effects of an opioid, it could work to assuage withdrawals from Kratom or other Opioids.


A peptide bioregulator for the liver; the organ that we put through so much! More accurately, we put so much through it, this vital organ has to filter everything we eat and drink along with any supplements or drugs consumed.
Shouldn’t you take better care of this organ that takes such good care of you? That’s just what Svetinorm does!

Scientific Research
No studies are published on Pubmed although I found a 2003 clinical study summarized by Khavinson of 47 patients with chronic liver diseases. To quote from it

After treatment using Svetinorm®, most patients noticed elimination of fatigability, improvement of appetite and working capacity. 53% of patients have noticed considerable decrease in intensity of pain syndrome...
Thus the obtained results testify hepatoprotective properties of Svetinorm® and expediency of its use for complex treatment of acute and chronic liver disorders, in oncological patients after radiation and chemotherapy, and also for prophylaxis of various liver diseases and their complications.
During clinical studies of Svetinorm® there were no side effects, contraindications, complications and drug dependence.

Anecdotally it has a notable pain relief effect. Irina reported:

I want to share my results on the use of geroprotectors. I’m engaged in cleansing the body... I began to feel sick, I did not understand what was happening, then I began to ache a little in the area of ​​the solar plexus and the kidneys did not show their best side, then it came to my mind that I had finished a jar of condiments in 4 days. I quickly took the salutary Svetinorm, an hour later the capsule and that almost completely eased the pain (our medications are not medications and in general should not work so quickly, but I did not take anything else), an hour later I took another capsule and then during the night 2 more capsules of Svetinorm and 1 capsule of Vladonix. In the morning, I did not feel any discomfort in my stomach, kidneys, or liver. Just like this!!!

Mildred agreed and left a 5-star review:

Love this product! Helps me to eliminate my knee pain


Another peptide for treating dysfunction of the male reproductive system, most notably infertility.

No studies are published on Pubmed but summarizes a study done with 76 patients

Testalamin application within the complex treatment stimu­lated improvement in the general state and increased libido of the patients. Testalamin exhibited regulatory effect on the con­tent of sex hormones... Moreover, significant increase in testosterone concentration was objectively noted.
Thus, the clinical study results indicated Testalamin efficacy and expediency of application thereof in the complex treatment for virile climacteric.
Testalamin did not cause any side-effects, complications and drug addiction.

Anecdotally, this Russian wife spoke about her experience:

My husband had it, to cure inflammation plus a couple more drugs. During this and the next cycle we weren’t planning anything, and during the one after I became pregnant by one single sexual intercourse. We didn’t even need to try again since there were already 2 stripes on the birth control test.


This is a peptide bioregulator for the gentleman; it’s a male reproductive health hack that...

  • Boosts testosterone.
  • Increases production of semen and quality of sperm.
  • Improves male libido and just might make your boners great again!

Scientific Research

  • No studies are published on Pubmed.
  • summarizes some clinical studies done that I could not find online in English: Clinical studies revealed the efficiency of bioregulator Testoluten in the complex restoration of the male reproductive system function including hypofunction of testes, decreased testosterone blood level, male sterility, in case of extreme environmental toxic factors and ionizing irradiation influence, as well as in aging to support male reproductive system function. No side effects.

An American man:

I purchased the Testoluten peptide complex. I started taking it right after a blood draw for getting my testosterone level checked. That test gave me a reading of 586ng/dl. After taking the product 2 per day for 10 days. I waited a week and had another blood draw to get another testosterone reading. That reading was 769 ng/dl. A nice rise of 183!


Timusamin is recommended for the rapid recovery of the immune system after infectious diseases, chemotherapy and radiation therapy, and the effects of various extreme factors on the body (including ionizing and microwave radiation). Timusamin is recommended for old people to maintain a strong immune system, especially during the fall and spring seasons. It is suitable for all categories of the population, for the systematic intake of Timusamin in fall and winter (October-November) and in the spring (February-March), to prevent colds and viral diseases.

Timusamin is indicated for all people of all age groups during adverse climatic conditions as a means of preventing infectious diseases. As the main agent, Timusamin is recommended for the treatment of any disease along with immunodeficiency. The reported method of taking Timusamine in combination with the treatment of the underlying disease significantly increases its effectiveness and promotes a more favorable course of the disease.

Scientific Research
No studies are published on Pubmed however I found a clinical trial of 117 patients described on, it concluded:

The clinical study showed that Thymusamin facilitated res­toration of the cellular immunity, stimulated tissue regenera­tion in case of their suppression and did not cause any side-effects, complications and drug addiction...

A Spanish user on reported an interesting effect:

Among cytamins I tried only Timusamin. This hormone is present in bodies of teenagers and then the body stops to produce it. It restores immune system. I took the double dose during eight days and it did miracle - I looked 5 years younger. But the funny thing is that in two weeks after that I got influenza - probably the dose was too much and the recommended dose should not be exceeded.

A Russian shared her experience:

I’ve always had normal immunity levels, I can even say, pretty good ones. I’m not often under the weather during the winter nor do I deal with viruses and episodes of inflammation. In the beginning of the year a couple of years ago I was sick every month. I had bronchitis, inflammation, one after the other. I was very surprised by that. I figured out that my immune system was going down and it would be really bad soon. Then someone advised me to start taking Timusamin pills. It’s homeopathic and increases body immunity. I soon found out that the product actually works miracles and it helped me to not get sick again throughout that same year. A fantastic product!


Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but the eyes can be biohacked with this bioregulator. It’s capable of restoring the retina which makes it an effective preventative measure or treatment of...

  • Glaucoma
  • Retinal diseases
  • Diabetic retinopathy
  • Macular degeneration
  • Optic Atrophy
  • Cataracts

Scientific Research

  • No studies are published on Pubmed.

Anecdotally, the evidence for Visoluten is strong! A man who bought from reported:

I've taken these a few years ago as I had damaged my eye and had high pressure and night blindness I also had 20/20 Vision in the other eye, I had three months of visoluton and went back for an eye test which I knew was going to be positive because my night blindness had gone , they said my eye was healed and my vision in both eyes was 20/10 so I actually have better eyesight than before...

These users:

I can tell you that Visoluten for the eyes was like a miracle for client who had been told she would be blind for the rest of her life. It gave her back her sight.;

Some time ago I tried your Visoluten product for my eyes. I have always been very near sighted. I had a radial keratonomy in 1992 to correct my vision, but it has been slowly deteriorating with age. I cannot say the product made a notable difference until one day I noticed that the "ghosts" I had, that were from some scarring from the radial keratonomy, were gone. I have had them for over 20 years. And now they are gone. The only thing I can think of is that the peptide cleared them up.

Here are a few more happy buyers:

I took one month of the product and noticed more clarity and less tiredness by day's end but I wasn't sure it was the product at first.
I took an additional month and noticed much more clarity. My vision seemed to revert to a time before when I was younger. I took a break from the product as suggested but felt I needed to go back and once again my vision felt much clearer, crisper and my night vision is the way it was when I was younger. I love this product!


An immune bioregulator that works via the thymus gland. It’s recommended for people who are recovering from severe adverse immune events, like...

  • Recovery from cancer
  • Infectious diseases
  • Recovering from a stroke or heart attack
  • Chronic immunodeficiency

Scientific Research
No studies are published on Pubmed but I did find a clinical trial of 42 patients done at the Saint Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology described on, the clinical study concluded

Vladonix® is recommended for acceleration of restoration of the immune system functions after the infectious diseases, radiation and chemotherapy, influence on the organism of various extreme factors (including ionizing and UHF-radiation). It’s also recommended to elderly people for maintenance of the immune system function...
The clinical study showed no side effects, complications, contraindications and drug dependence of Vladonix®.

Moving onto some of the anecdotes...
This lady sounds really glad about the peptide:

My mother has seen a definite improvement while taking vladonix. Mom has had a chronically low white blood count which has steadily improved since she has taken vladonix.

Here, Irina spoke about using it for her uncle’s condition:

I would like to share some very good results in reducing blood sugar in non-insulin-dependent diabetes. It turned out Endoluten and Vladonix successfully reduced my uncle’s blood sugar and keep his sugar levels stable (he’s a very large skeptic, I hardly persuaded him to take anything at all, as he already has enough health issues). And he agreed to take these drugs only for the prostate gland. This is how our medications work on the whole system.
The sugar level was 10, now 4-5.

She described another using it on another occasion:

After a woman with epilepsy started taking Vladonix, Ventfort and Cerluten her seizures were seriously reduced. Previously, her seizures would occur once a week but after 3 months of taking these medications they are only once a month now.

Lara talked about her experience with the peptide:

My result is on the thyroid gland. To be honest, I only have a problem with my TSH hormone... In December I took a course of Endoluten 60 caps. + Vladonix 60. A month after the end of the procedure, I had a blood test again and everything was just normal.

Elmira reported that it helped her recover from some of the various lingering effects of smoking:

I had terrific results in 2 weeks! I take Vladonix, Honluten, Svetinorm 1 capsule 2 times a day, I drip [peptide complex]-3, 7, 8, 12. After two days of intake, my gastritis was delayed, heartburn was gone, my self-esteem improved, my breathing became easier, and I started coughing. I caught the flu, my body temperature was 37.8 C, my nose was running, I was sneezing constantly, I took days off, the doctor came over, heard me out and said that she would not recognize my lungs, they were clean, and my bronchi too, my breath wasn’t hard. I've been smoking for 15 years, I'm 34 years old, I would cough heavily before taking peptides, I would choke, I think I also had developed an asthmatic problem, I'm allergic, and now there are not even problems with the lungs, although when I was always sick, everything fell into my lungs, and there was terrible bronchitis. After 2 days of reception spit began to depart from the lungs, I expectorated for 2 weeks, now it is rare, almost all passed.

Gulya shared:

The cyst in my left breast has disappeared - it is completely gone! I have mammographic pictures "before" and "after". Endoluten + Vladonix have shown perfect results with mastopoty, cyst of mammary glands, myomas, etc.!
With oncology - generally works wonders! - and this is a fact officially recorded not only by scientific research, but also marked by our partners who have tested all this on themselves.


A peptide to make your lady parts (or your lady’s parts) very happy and functional! It’s a biohack for optimal female health that...

  • Treats ovarian dysfunction, enabling women to become pregnant who want to.
  • Preventing and treating various unpleasant menopausal disorders and symptoms.
  • Fires up female libido.

Scientific research

  • mentions a clinical study done on the function of the female reproductive system but I couldn’t find it online.
  • No studies are published on Pubmed.

Irina in Lithuania has a great story:

I have amazing results !!! I am 41 years old. At the age of 18, I was diagnosed with syndrome of sclerocystic ovaries (there is confirmation of ultrasound by the Russian clinic), hypothyroidism (lack of hormone production), a diffuse structure of the thyroid gland which was treated with hormones.
At the age of 25 I moved to Lithuania, where I was treated homeopathically. Confirmation of diagnoses by Lithuanian doctors is also available. At the age of 27-28 I became pregnant, and then, during the period of breastfeeding (increased progesterone, absence of period), a second pregnancy occurred. I wanted to give birth to a 3rd child -I would have unprotected sex, but pregnancy would not occur.
In December and February, presumably at the time of taking Zhenoluten, I experienced period anomaly: in the middle of my period there were abundant secretions (usually - meager). In July, there was pregnancy! Ultrasound showed clean ovaries !!! (the last ultrasound in Lithuania in 2012 displayed polycystosis). The level of hormones for July - normal.
At the present time (October 2016) while being pregnant and also taking into account the fact that since April I have not taken any medications, the level of my hormones has changed again. But I feel good, pregnancy is developing normally. I am incredibly grateful to the company and the scientists!

Elena also praised the product for relieving unpleasant symptoms of menopause:

My result after taking Zhenoluten!!! Since the very first day of usage, there has been noticeable improvement in menopause. In 4 days frequent hot waves were gone, rapid heartbeat was gone too, I sleep much better, my permanent headaches that come with menopause just went away. Not a drug, but a miracle! Women, take note! 1 caps. 2 times a day.

Smart Peptides

This fascinating class of medicine was discovered about 40 years ago by Khavinson behind the iron curtain in the soviet union. If bioregulating peptides were discovered today, I suspect that a more marketing-minded person would name them something a little different, like Smart Peptides.

This is because peptides work very smartly by targeting specific genes, they differ from a lot of other drugs and medicines that flood our entire body and have hundreds of different effects (not all good) on our different organs and biological systems.

I hope you’re now a bit less perplexed by these "smart peptides" which are affordable, effective, and safe solutions to a myriad of diseases and tragic conditions which strip vigor and joy from life.


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