"Anti-Poo" The Ultimate Red Pill for Men

By Jonathan Roseland

I am Anti-Poo.

Perhaps like me, you've gone down the internet rabbit hole - gone deep - and explored some pretty fringe subjects and questioned the things you're not supposed to question. Perhaps you have watched some of those banned-by-Youtube documentaries supporting the anti-vax/anti-mask movement, the flat-earth movement, and even some of those very, very naughty climate change denial documentaries. Well, I have to admit that I've watched ALL those documentaries (sometimes repeatedly) and I said to myself as a dissident thinker, none of these dissident movements go far enough - they're not hardcore enough for me!

I had no choice but to venture further into the fringes of the internet and finally, I found a movement that was red-pilled enough even for me; the Anti-Poo movement - which is short for anti-shampoo, we're against shampoo - shampoo is poo in this movement! The - then pickup artist, now avian aficionado/birdwatching enthusiast - Roosh V blew my mind when he dropped a video explaining that men don't need shampoo, it’s all a big scam to get us to buy yet more toxic (according to Pubmed) Made-in-China crap at the grocery store. And as a red-pilled man, I've long been highly suspicious of grocery stores.

That was five years ago, since I quit shampoo, I’ve been fighting globalism, written two books, stopped watching porn, meditate daily, came back to Christ, and invested in gold and crypto. I've cultivated myself as a tantric man, I righteously bang my wife, take cold showers, and my hair has reached glorious new heights of lustrousness as you can see here...

And in case you're wondering, no, my hair does not smell bad. Go anti-poo, Limitless bros, and you’ll go full red pill. And yes, Anti-Poo is a sexist thing; it's just for men, women may need shampoo. For red-pilled women, not wearing makeup is the equivalent of going Anti-Poo like me - wakeup is also toxic crap. If you're worried ladies, that you won't be so attractive without makeup, just have a more pleasant personality - that will more than make up for no makeup!

This may seem like an April Fool's day message but I couldn't be more sincere, my life has only gotten better since I gave up shampoo. I urge you to throw your shampoo away today and never look back OR at least do a two-week trial of no shampoo. After two weeks of no shampoo ask people to smell your hair and tell you if it looks or smells dirty - if it doesn't, you'll know that you too were duped by the shampoo sham.

I want you too to experience the shampoo-free life, commit to doing two things; at least 2-weeks of no shampoo and cold showers 5-times a week - make sure to add this habit in Coach.me.


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