Coconuts Cure Hangovers!

By Jonathan Roseland

Next to skydiving on a frigid winter morning over the Colorado Rockies, coconuts are an excellent solution to vanquishing hangovers...

Check out this funny video of me doing an exceptionally bad job of explaining this and showing how to open a coconut in 3 seconds...

Alcohol is a diuretic, meaning that it flushes your system of water, vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes.

Why are Coconuts such a good solution to hangovers?

  • They are cheap! In tropical areas of the world, they often cost less than a dollar to buy at the market or from a street vendor. If you find yourself near a beach and have some palm tree climbing skills you can even get them for free.
  • Antioxidants! The sweet nectar is rich in antioxidants, these are very important since alcohol converts into acetaldehyde in your system. Acetaldehyde actually attacks and resequences your DNA (this is why alcoholism is so strongly linked to cancer), flooding your system with antioxidants can repair this damage.
  • Electrolytes! Coconut water contains the same Electrolytes found in human blood. In medical emergencies occasionally coconut water is used intravenously when normal hydration fluids are unavailable.
  • Hydration! You can thank your post-boozing headache to a lack of water in your system, coconut water delivers this much-needed hydration.
  • Potassium! One of the vitamins that alcohol depletes from your system, a single cup of coconut water contains as much potassium as a banana.
  • Satisfies your sweet tooth! Coconut water is delicious and contains a little bit of sugar that will (hopefully) satisfy your sweet tooth and prevent you from buying crappy, greasy food to deal with your hangover.
  • They are plentiful! Palm trees can grow in a very wide variety of tropical environments from the United States to the Middle East.

Where coconuts grow...

Coconuts are plentiful


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