Black Coffee: Drink the Pricey Stuff!

By Jonathan Roseland

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Jonathan's thoughts on the documentary series "Black Coffee"

The takeaway message from the series is:drink the pricey stuff, avoid the cheap stuff!

Choosing cheap coffee supports the modern-day equivalent of human slavery and is awful for your body and mind. Whereas buying the good, pricier stuff supports education, small business, and even political freedom in the developing world along with your own health.

Part 1: The Irresistible Bean

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From the documentary...

  • 500 billion cups of coffee a year are consumed.
  • 120 million people depend upon coffee for their livelihood.
  • Coffee is the most traded legal commodity other than oil.
  • Coffee is from Ethiopia, not south America.
  • The cafe in Venice, Italy where Casanova used to pick up chicks.
  • Tip is an acronym: To ensure promptness
  • England - old wives tale of coffee being bad for men's sex drive: Nothing moist but the tips of their noses, nothing stiff but their joints, and nothing standing but their ears. There were actually hookers in the coffee houses and the men would say to their wives, "Oh sorry I just had some coffee."
  • Coffee was a huge part of the reason that the slave trade existed.
  • The major coffee companies Maxwell House and Folgers would drive down the quality of the coffee.
  • A Colombian guy testified in front of the US congress: Lack of education, malnutrition, etc - If we can work out a fair price we can overcome these things: If not you cast millions adrift in a sea of poverty.

Watch the rest of the documentary series...

Part 2: Gold in Your Cup

Part 3: The Perfect Cup


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