Life Hack: Evernote Article Reading

Life Hack: Evernote Article Reading

By Jonathan Roseland

There are a couple of serious information consumption problems with reading blogs and online articles, no matter how informative, engaging, or actionable the content is...

  • You will be working online and stumble upon an article that you know is going to be worth reading, but you don't want to stop working on your current task.
  • Distraction factors are huge; the temptation to check email or social media accounts.
  • A lot of times you will read half an article, get distracted by something, and never return to finish the article.
  • If you want to reference information in that article later, you have to go back and find it.
  • If you're like me you have a million bookmarks in your web browser, if you bookmark yet another blog or article to read, all that does is ensure it's going to be lost in the avalanche of bookmarks.
  • If you're a hustler-geek like me, a lot of times you like to read work or business-related articles at the end of the day to let the knowledge marinate into your mind as you relax.
  • Reading on your computer screen is bad for your eyes, especially at night, which is when you are probably doing most of your reading if you follow proper information consumption practices.

The Solution: An Evernote Stuff to Read Notebook


A free and AWESOME tool, Evernote, synchronizes notes between your web browser, devices, and smartphones beautifully. This makes saving articles for future information consumption super easy...

1. Create a folder in Evernote called Stuff to Read.

You don't have Evernote yet? It's seriously time you got with the program! Did we mention it's free?

Stuff to read Evernote folder

2. Install the Evernote web browser plugin.

Available for all popular browsers (if you are serious about your privacy and adblocking, I recommend Brave browser). You will now see a little Evernote icon in the upper right corner of your web browser.

Evernote browser plugins

3. When you stumble upon an article that looks like it's worth reading, click the little Evernote icon and select save article in the Stuff to Read folder.

It takes about 2 clicks and three seconds to save the article for later consumption. What's especially awesome is that when you select the Simplified article clip format, Evernote (usually) intuitively selects just the text of the article to save, not the distracting side banners or menus on the web page. Clip it as a Bookmark if you prefer to read it on their website.

Evernote article clipping

4. Later on, when you've got some time to relax and enjoy some reading, pull up Evernote on your smartphone or tablet.

And you will find the article already downloaded to your device (if not, just click the sync button in the Evernote app and you should have the article in moments).

Stuff to read article

I prefer to turn off the other apps on the device so I'm not distracted by social media or email notifications while reading. If you are reading at night: save your eyes and circadian rhythm by taking a minute to turn down the brightness on the screen of your device.

What about blog commenting?

blog commenting

Let's say you have some ingenious comment to leave on an article you saved to Evernote, click the edit button to write in the note, and leave your comment at the top of the article. Now click the sync button to save your comment. Evernote conveniently saves the URLs of all articles you clip so later on when you are in front of your computer you can quickly copy and paste your comments into the comment sections of the blog articles you read. Talk about task batching your blog commenting!

Optional: Create another folder in Evernote called Read Stuff (or whatever), when you've finished a seriously useful article that you want to save for future reference just move it to this folder so that your Stuff to Read folder doesn't get overwhelmingly crowded with outrageously interesting already-read articles.

Take it to the next level...

I have the paid version of Evernote, which enables me to create offline, downloadable folders. This way if I'm traveling and without wifi, in some exotic corner of the globe I can get my read on!

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