Information Equity: 7 ways to maximize your ROI from it

Information Equity: 7 ways to maximize your ROI from it

By Jonathan Roseland

We’ve discussed the dynamic of information equity. Let’s now cover seven ways of increasing the equity and value you get from your information consumption, including task batching, mental segregation, and using memory triggers.

How to increase information equity

Task batching in combination with passive information consumption

Multi tasking

Separate your work into two categories...

Creative/mental energy-consuming tasks  Monotonous or repetitive tasks which require little mental energy 
Examples: blogging, negotiating, sales calls, designing, meetings, strategizing, planning, communicating with other people, etc Examples: responding to emails, organizing paperwork, data entry, etc

Plan your monotonous tasks at the end of the day when your mental energy is low and batch the most similar, monotonous tasks one after another. While you are doing this consume information passively. Here are my top favorite forms of passive information consumption...

  • Listening to podcasts – Which you download free from Apple Podcasts or - my favorite podcast app.
  •  Watching documentary films – About history, science, travel, conspiracy theories - whatever I'm curious about at the moment. Top Documentary Films has +3000 documentary films which you can watch for free.
  •  Youtube - I'll create an hour or two-long playlist about whatever subject interests me. 
  •  Listening to audiobooks – If you don't want to pay for an Audible membership, the Castbox app has a huge library of public-domain audiobooks.

Memory triggers

Memory thinking brain

When you consume a piece of particularly valuable information use a memory trigger to make sure that information is benefiting you at some point in the future. For example:

Sometime within the next month, you are going to be having a conversation with someone about blogging and you are going to use the phrase information equity (it’s going to make you seem really smart!) Here’s the memory trigger you are going to use...

Memory Trigger: the word blog

Association Stream: every time you hear the word blog think blah > Then imagine a person’s mouth making an ‘O’ shape as they say blah-blah-blah > Now imagine a fraction sign inside their mouth (which is making a zero shape) > That zero represents the amount of information equity their blogging creates.

Reinforce the mental association: Mentally say the word blog, then mentally yell at yourself BLAH! BLAH! BLAH! (while visualizing the mouth). Do this 3 times (should take about 30 seconds).

Initially forming these memory triggers will feel a little odd and will take some mental energy and creativity, but as you do them more often it will become natural and automatic.

Application-based information consumption

Ask Question talk 350

I highly recommend a top-down approach to your information consumption. Start with the end in mind; clearly identify a problem or issue you are having. Determine first whether it’s a definitive solution problem or an ambiguous solution problem. Here are some examples to illustrate the difference...

Definitive Solution Problem: How do I set up a Facebook fan page?

Ambiguous Solution Problem: How do improve my online presence for my small business?

For an ambiguous solution problem, I would use a forum or consultant and describe your problem specifically so you can get answers tailored to your specific situation.

Quora - Quora is a forum-style website where you can post questions about a wide variety of topics. Often you'll get responses to your questions from very well-educated people with years of relevant experience. I prefer to use forums like this to let the information I need come to me as opposed to chasing it. This can save a lot of time over searching blogs for what you need. Follow me here on Quora.


Reddit - Is a hive of scum and villainy online but, there might be some decent subreddits devoted to the topic of your inquiry. Share your question in multiple subreddits that don't seem to be total "cults of the amateur."

Forums - For nearly every topic under the sun there are internet forums. Forums can actually be pretty decent places to connect with and question people who know what they are talking about. My favorite is the antiaging forum connect with me there.

Mental segregation between infotainment and learning 


We spend an increasing amount of time-consuming information for pleasure. It’s important to put up a mental wall between the times of the day and hours that are spent on productive activities and the time that’s spent enjoying the life you are working so damn hard for. Infotainment during work hours will distract you from getting things done. So make sure that information consumption during work hours is directly related to improving work. 

to doDo It, Delegate It, Dump It

We all have dozens of activities on our mental to-do lists. It’s important to put these activities into three categories...

Do It – You should ideally have under five activities that you need to accomplish in a day. Schedule committed time to these activities.

Delegate It – Pass this activity off to someone who works for you or a colleague. 

Dump It – What’s the worst that could happen if you don’t do this activity? If it’s not that bad, dump it.


Accountability success

Find a partner who holds you accountable for following through on finishing the things you start. Let your accountability partner know you have invested your time in information consumption and commit to them that you will do whatever it takes to follow through.

Practice discipline and persistence!

motivation 551

You thought this blog was all about clever ways of hacking life? Nope! Whenever you consume knowledge, make a mental commitment to yourself that you will put this knowledge to valuable use. Make sure you have a specific plan to do so and then follow through!

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