Setting up Corporate Branded Email through Gmail

Setting up Corporate Branded Email through Gmail

By Jonathan Roseland

Gmail by Google is the #1 email client choice of life hackers, entrepreneurs, and productivity rockstars worldwide.

 One of the primary reasons why people and individuals DON'T use Gmail is they want to keep their professional corporate or company-branded email addresses; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. This article will present a quick guide to receiving and sending email through your Gmail account with your professional-looking company email address as opposed to the very unprofessional-looking This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. address.

 Set up a Gmail account (If you already have one skip to set 2). Head over to It's pretty self-explanatory from there; enter your name, date of birth, and desired email address. A word to the wise on picking your email address, pick something easy to remember and easy for others to spell, for example: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. NOT This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Forward your corporate branded email to your Gmail account. We first need to make sure that all the emails people send to your corporate branded email address end up in your Gmail inbox. How we do this depends upon the email client you are using currently:
Microsoft Outlook 2012
iOS Devices

My personal favorite way to forward my email is to do it directly through the cpanel of my hosting account.

Go to your cpanel URL> Login > Forwarders > Add Forwarder > Enter the email address you would like forward > enter your Gmail address as the destination email.

Gmail Cpanel

If you have your own website and access to your own cpanel I recommend doing it this way. Or if you have an email account through Godaddy you can set up a forwarder through your Godaddy account dashboard. If this is too confusing to you call your IT guy and ask him to set up the forwarder, any IT guy worth his weight in sand can set up email forwarders in his sleep. Test: Send a test email to your corporate branded email and then check to make sure you have received it in your Gmail account. If you received it, great! You are halfway there to being a Gmail Email Productivity Rockstar!

Sending corporate branded email through your Gmail.

From inside your Gmail > click the gear icon (upper right) > Click Settings from the dropdown > click Accounts and Import tab > in the Send mail as area click Add an email address you own > Enter your full name and your corporate branded email address > click Next Step > it will then prompt to send you a confirmation email through your corporate branded email > go back to your Gmail inbox and check the confirmation email > grab the code out of it and drop it into the confirmation box back in the settings area. Voila! You can now send corporate emails through your Gmail account!

gmail setupNow when you are composing or responding to email in Gmail you will have a drop-down next to the From field where you can select your corporate branded email.

Add a corporate signature. If you want to take the professionalism of your corporate branded Gmail email to the next level add a professional signature to outgoing email.

Settings > General tab > Signature > Click the dropdown and select your corporate branded email > Write a slick-looking signature in the signature field

Gmail sending

Tips: Obviously add your name, title, and company name along with whatever contact methods. If you want to have a rockstar signature add a few highlights from letters of reference people have written you and links to your social media profiles. You can also add images for your company logo or social media links. Check out my signature!

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