7 websites that actually make you a more interesting person

7 websites that actually make you a more interesting person

By Jonathan Roseland

Sitting in front of your computer can, in fact, make you a more interesting person.

While social media voraciously consumes your attention, I'll urge you to venture back out onto the world wide web. I'll give you a rundown of a few of my favorite websites, they are worth a gander...

Top Documentary Films

Top Documentary Films

A suburb site that has +3000 completely free to watch documentary films on subjects ranging from conspiracy theories and history to quantum physics and sexuality. I can't stress enough how watching documentary films will make you a more interesting person!



Podcasts are one of the best ways to learn about interesting things. They are what I like to call a form of passive information consumption, which I'm a big fan of. I've tried many of the podcast apps and platforms at this point and Castbox is the best...

  • It has all the podcasts that you might like to listen to.
  • Importantly, its app lets you download podcasts so you can listen to them at your leisure buffering-free!
  • The app is free, although I pay about $20/yearly for a premium membership to opt-out of the banner ads.

Download and listen to podcasts while you commute, exercise, or do chores - they will make you a more dangerous dude (or dudette!) Check out my show, Limitless Mindset Podcast, here on Castbox.

Longecity forums

I find aspirational immortals, very interesting and this is one of the best health and anti-aging forums - a community focused on the mission of "ending the blight of involuntary death." It's one of the few forums on the web that is actually well-moderated and friendly. I've interviewed one of their founding members, Justin Loew - Senolytic Biohacker, twice now.


An interesting person is a fount of fascinating facts, knowledge, wisdom, quotes, and foreign languages. And SuperMemo is a free tool that hacks this better than anything else I've found! They offer on the app or website hundreds of different courses presented with their spaced repetition algorithm (which hacks the normal knowledge forgetting process). Their official course catalog covers 24 different languages and myriad of other topics; science, engineering, history, health, and personal development - I even added a Biohacking course that you can take, download some of my +10 years of obsessive research and self-experimentation into your semantic memory.

Category: Software & Apps


This website is a tool that I've been using for over a decade to track and reinforce my edifying habits; fasting, meditation, no fap, no booze, brain training, cold showers, and a lot more! It's made me more consistent about doing the little things every day that make me happier and healthier. You can search their database for habits, see what others are doing, and even hire an accountability coach if you need one. The right habits will certainly make you a more interesting person.

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This is the best pro-free-speech YouTube alternative. What I like about the platform is that it manages to be free speech/pro-liberty but NOT extreme. You may have noticed that this is the main platform I'm publishing to these days, that's because it's AWESOME.

Free speech. Check
No censorship. Check
No annoying pre-roll/mid-roll ads. Check
No buffering. Check
A vast library of stimulating and educational content. Check
Pro-privacy policies and ethos. Check
Innovative blockchain-powered monetization model. Check
Low fee/no fee tipping function. Check
Fast loading and intuitive user interface. Check
Management and support team that actually cares about their creators and users (and responds to their emails). Check

And they have sharp Android/IOS apps that you really have no excuse not to be using - it's the best platform for binging Limitless Mindset content. Odysee is the best pro-freedom alternative to Google/Alphabet Inc's monopolistic and censorious YouTube so if you haven't already, join Odysee and subscribe to my channel.


This is the best pro-free-speech social network. Think of it as an alternative to Facebook. As mainstream social media platforms narrow the corridor of acceptable things to talk about, Minds will expose you to the stuff you're not supposed to know about. Here's my profile on Minds and here's what to expect from me...


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