27 Professionals Who Use Modafinil

27 Professionals Who Use Modafinil

Editor's introduction: You guys (gals, and transgendered ewok-Americans) know I'm a reluctant yet persistent cheerleader of Modafinil. Reluctant because it doesn't work for everyone, it can have unpleasant side effects, but for those who it does work for, it ROI's and the side effects are pretty benign. Modafinil is a relatively expensive smart drug but its popularity is undeniable and it's because it really ROI's for about two-thirds of the people who try - I think of a friend of mine, a pretty successful entrepreneur, that nonchalantly over a few beers in MedellĂ­n, Colombia mentioned that he makes at least an extra $100K a year because of his Modafinil habit. Not many people have told me similar things about other types of smart drugs and Nootropics.
Check out this article by ModafinilXL.com about how different professionals can use Modafinil. Luckily they sell Modafinil from <$1 per pill so you don't need to be as successful as my friend to afford it! - JR

With its ability to boost energy, alertness, and confidence, the smart drug modafinil can help people from all walks of life and in all different types of careers to improve their performance at work.

Here are 27 professionals who all use modafinil to increase their career success.

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Editor's closing thoughts: As an ambitious professional, using Modafinil is something akin to dabbling with "the dark side" of the force - there are some risks and downsides that are manageable. But it has its place in the high-performing biohacker's armamentarium - it's actually the one smart drug that I carry a single capsule of with me at all times in my wallet.

ModafinilXL.com makes a couple of pretty sweet offers to those who are Eugeroically inclined; selling the smart drug that inspired the fictional drug NZT-48 from 89 cents per pill.

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Before buying or consuming Modafinil PLEASE educate yourself about it by watching this playlist of videos.


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