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By Jonathan Roseland

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Two questions I get A LOT from people who are new to Biohacking and haven't yet tried smart drugs are...

1. Which smart drug supplements actually work and have science behind them?
2. Which Nootropic should I get started with?

My answer to both questions is the same: Piracetam

  • The original smart drug, Piracetam has been around for +40 years
  • Sustainably boosts Dopamine and Serotonin - the feel-good Neurotransmitters, and eliminates stress
  • Boosts productivity, energy, and focus for 4-5 hours (many people give up their coffee habit)
  • +700 studies and academic papers published about Piracetam on Pubmed
  • Has been demonstrated as more effective at treating depression than popular pharmaceutical drugs
  • A Google search will reveal many thousands of people reporting seriously transformational results from Piracetam
  • Negative side effects and interactions are virtually nonexistent. Except that you really shouldn't drink alcohol while on it as it vasodilates and increases the blood flow to your brain.


Piracetam doesn't work for about 15% of the people who use it - they are Piracetam Non-Responders. To overcome nonresponse and really maximize the cognitive enhancement you get from Piracetam, there's a 5 step protocol to maximize its bioavailability and positive effect on the neurotransmitters along with minimizing the tolerance curve. Get the Piracetam Protocol.

The bad news about Piracetam...

is that it can be hard to get the good stuff; regulation has scared a lot of suppliers away from offering it, and you want to avoid Chinese-sourced Piracetam as it's often tainted with toxic manufacturing byproducts.

You should demand a clean certificate of analysis for any Piracetam that you order or consume, and Chinese COAs are often faked - look for COAs from accredited American or European labs.

Piracetam Science.Bio

Powdered Piracetam is offered by Science.Bio (COA-verified), and

The daily dosage with Piracetam is 3 grams (this will be too much for some - start at a lower dosage), so the daily cost comes out to about 40 cents.

Nootropil is the brand of pure pharmaceutical Piracetam trusted by elite self experimenters and anti-aging researchers. You can get it reliably from or RUPharma in Russia, it's highly recommended that you order with cryptocurrency - they ship very discretely to a number of countries.

You may be able to get Piracetam capsules from in the USA.

There's not much margin in this kind of product but a few of these sources do pay me a small, reasonable commission for customers I refer. So if you order it through these links below, thank you for supporting Limitless Mindset! If you're web-savvy you may note that the daily cost mentioned in the title of this article was originally 25 cents daily, well that's inflation for you, folks! Better pick up Piracetam now before it gets pricier (or is banned!)

You should thoroughly educate yourself about Piracetam before using it.

For my official review of Piracetam, more information, studies, and videos...

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