Flyboy by Anthony Metivier


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Flyboy by Anthony Metivier

Thrills & Chills As A Terrifying New Criminal Forces A Struggling Detective To Think & Remember Better Than Sherlock Holmes...
After years working his beat under dreary skies, early cognitive decline is starting to drag on Detective David Williams.

When a serial killer the police nickname ‘Flyboy’ learns of Williams’ checkered past, the unusual crime scene signatures become increasingly cryptic, leading Williams to one final encounter with a man who murdered his family two decades ago.

Now Detective Williams must come to grips with his own past transgressions while exercising his memory to keep up with the complex demands of the most gruesome and grisly foe of his career.



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"Flyboy" by Anthony Metivier
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  • Book
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Anthony Metivier
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Enjoying this fictional exposition of mnemonic memory techniques!
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