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EMF*D: 5G, Wi-Fi & Cell Phones: Hidden Harms and How to Protect Yourself
By Jonathan Roseland

I'm not a doctor, medical professional, or trained therapist. I'm a researcher and pragmatic biohacking practitioner exercising free speech to share evidence as I find it. I make no claims. Please practice skepticism and rational critical thinkingYou should consult a professional about any serious decisions that you might make about your health. Affiliate links in this article support Limitless Mindset - spend over $150 and you'll be eligible to join the Limitless Mindset Secret Society.

You've probably heard before that the EMFs from smartphones, Wifi, and blazing-fast 5G networks are dangerous to your health. You've also probably heard that this is just a "crazy conspiracy theory" and that all this wireless radiation is fine.

EMF*D thoroughly breaks down the real science on this controversial issue, it's the latest title from Dr. Mercola, who is a titan in the health freedom movement.

 I'll address the "skeptics" first, you might be saying to yourself...

Cellphones causing brain cancer? Hasn't this notion been thoroughly debunked along with chemtrails and the flat earth movement? I defer to scientific authority on these kinds of matters. I BELIEVE in science. if it was really bad for us there would be credentialed scientists on the nightly news letting us know!

First of all, thanks for even considering arguments against EMFs and 5G! Too many people just mindless accept what their television tells them to convince them to buy a product. A few important points...

  • If you're a respecter of science, you should read this book because it's full of science, it's a very thorough documentation of the significant body of science that underlies the EMF threat to our health.
  • Unless you're an experienced scientist yourself, evaluate contentious issues (vaccines, climate change, etc) first with critical thinking about human nature and economic incentives and then look at the science. Here's why, science is corruptible, scientists are more like politicians than they are like priests, because of the perverse system that many of them have to operate in, don't place unquestioning faith in them. You can read scientific papers on Pubmed but understand that there is a huge noise vs signal issue in science; the federal funding of science to the tune of $30 billion turns science into a very political game. Unfortunately, a lot of science is tantamount to a propaganda article published in Pravda, the Soviet Union's state-run newspaper. You'll need to be very adroit with science to differentiate between real science and propaganda masquerading as science. You'll need to read long boring studies and pick out potential errors in their statistical analysis. And this all assumes that the scientists publishing a paper aren't simply lying and fabricating their data.
  • Industry funding of science is also problematic because corporations fund science to make money, NOT for the public good. You may not be able to scrutinize all myriad data and evidence supporting a scientific claim, but you are capable of asking "Cui Bono" - who benefits here? If there are big, greedy corporations funding science, that will result in them profiting millions or billions, you should be very suspicious of that "science". If there is science done by scientists who don't stand to gain much that's a lot more credible. On almost any contentious science issue, you can ask which side is going to profit a vast fortune from winning this debate? And who is just concerned about human wellbeing?
  • A lot of naive people think if something is really bad for us, then they would tell us on the nightly news. Or they think that a simple Google search or a Wikipedia article will reveal the truth. Again, you have to think about the massive economic incentives; the mainstream media makes billions in advertising revenue from Big Telecom, as do Google and the rest of Big Tech. Wikipedia is a little more independent, but they enjoy a very privileged position with their articles appearing in the most authoritative position in Google searches, they aren't going to allow articles critical of Big Telecom to achieve prominence.

If you're still skeptical of the danger of EMFs, consider that...

The most consistent voice of reason has come from the scientific community. In 2015, 190 EMF scientists from 39 countries issued the International EMF Scientist Appeal to the United Nations calling for the WHO to adopt “more protective exposure guidelines for non-ionizing electromagnetic fields (EMF) in the face of increasing exposures from many sources.” (p. 79)

 Smartphones are the new packs of cigarettes

The book begins with an apt comparison between smartphones and cigarettes...

Although the tobacco industry managed to escape liability and major regulation for more than four decades, eventually its stranglehold on the American public came to an end. (p. 63)

It seems that the wireless industry has carefully studied the strategies the tobacco companies used to deny the health risks associated with their products for more than 50 years. (pp. 63-64)

Sadly, smoking and cell phones have more in common than their popularity. They also share the fact that they are each an enormous threat to individual and public health. The danger of cell phones doesn’t come from the cell phones themselves, but from their electromagnetic fields (otherwise known as EMFs) (p. xii)

These EMFs have demonstrable negative physiological effects, but very few people fully grasp this. We have been lulled into a false sense of security by an industry that is going to great lengths to keep us in the dark, just like in the early days of smoking. (p. xii)

 Trillion-fold increase in EMFs

I found this shocking...

The truth is, we are exposed to one billion billion more EMFs now than we were just 100 years ago. (In case you were wondering, a billion billion is 10 with 18 zeros.) (p. 32)

Your body was never designed to be exposed to these levels of EMFs. It takes thousands and thousands of years for evolution to do its work and for humans to adapt to changing environments. One hundred years in evolutionary terms is not even a tiny fraction of the time required to adapt to this type of exponential change. Thus, it is perfectly reasonable to suspect that there will be some health consequences from persistent exposure to this level of radiation. (p. 33)

 Why EMFs are dangerous

EMFs are dangerous

The broad strokes of how EMFs do damage is that they release excess calcium into your cells, which then initiates a cascade of molecular events that ultimately result in an increase in free radicals. These highly reactive molecules then proceed to travel and damage your cell membranes, proteins, mitochondria, and stem cells, and not only your mitochondrial but also your nuclear DNA. (p. 90)

Part of the reason why EMFs are so dangerous is that, like X-rays, they are invisible, silent, and odorless. Unless you are EMF-hypersensitive, you won’t see, feel, or hear your EMF exposures. (p. 179)

It's easy to convince people that pollution, sharks, or even falling coconuts are dangerous because we see them whereas EMF radiation is invisible. Out of sight, out of mind. Encourage your EMF-brainwashed friends and family to go watch the excellent HBO series on Chernobyl to remind them that invisible radiation can and does kill.

EMFs vs mental health

Mental health is at an all-time low, while EMFs are at an all-time high, think that's a coincidence?

Another vital part of your body that has a high density of VGCCs and thus a significant vulnerability to EMFs is your brain... But exposure to electromagnetic fields can affect your brain in other ways that are far more common—including mental health challenges, which have become pervasive and epidemic, such as anxiety, depression, hostility, and difficulty difficulty concentrating. (p. 136)

a 2011 study found that high mobile phone use among adolescents led to increases in stress, sleep disturbances, and depression. Even U.S. government reports validate the link between EMF exposure and mental performance and health. Three government reports have listed multiple neuropsychiatric effects. (p. 138)

EMFs and infectious bacteria

it appears that cell phone and Wi-Fi signals could play a role in certain types of bacteria—in the case of this study, E. coli and listeria became resistant to antibiotic treatment. (p. 108)

EMFs and Autism

A number of researchers have found EMFs are quite capable of contributing to autism spectrum disorder (ASD) too. Martin Pall, whose work elucidated the molecular mechanism of how EMFs damage you, suggests that the dramatic rise in autism rates is “probably caused by EMF exposure.” (p. 113)

EMFs and leaky gut

Similar to how EMFs degrade your BBB, they also weaken the integrity of another important barrier, your intestine. EMFs weaken the tight junctions between the cells that line your intestinal tract, creating a condition known as leaky gut. (p. 127)

EMFs vs Fertility

In fact, at least six meta-analyses that evaluated more than 200 separate studies have determined that cell phone radiation is indeed significantly harmful to sperm. (p. 145) 

If the reduction in fertility rates as a result of EMF exposure continues to increase, as it very well could with the introduction of the 5G experiment, EMFs could serve as a potent existential threat to the very existence of our species. Not only will we have an impaired ability to reproduce, but the children conceived at this time will face the very real, vastly unknown risk of the illnesses outlined in this chapter, as well as autism (p. 147)

EMFs and heavy metals

The research of Dr. Yoshiaki Omura, a prolific medical researcher and educator and member of the Alumni Council of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Columbia University, shows that the more your system is contaminated with heavy metals—due to things like having silver amalgam fillings, eating contaminated fish, living downstream from coal-burning power plants, and so forth—the more your body becomes a virtual antenna that concentrates radiation, making it far more destructive. (p. 143)

Toxic heavy metals and EMFs are a match made in hell. Check out my review of Food Forensics, and take steps to chelate yourself and detox heavy metals.

EMFs and Honey Bee Colony Collapse

EMFs are believed to have a major role in colony collapse disorder (CCD), the widespread collapse of bee colonies around the world. (p. 104)

You may find it damn near impossible to convince people that their seductively convenient smartphones, Wifi, and 5G are hurting their health but they'll find it a whole lot more plausible that all this radiation is hurting the fragile little bees that we rely on for much of our food. Ask them: Should we xenocide the honey bees with global 5G because you want faster internet or can you wait the extra three minutes to download a movie?

DNA Damage nonionizing radiation.png 350

 EMFs = DNA Damage

Ionizing radiation can also cause DNA damage. This is an undisputed fact, and explains why any time you have ever gotten an X-ray (a form of ionizing radiation) , you have likely been given a protective lead apron to cover your torso and shield your organs from exposure. (p. 3)

One of the most concerning aspects of this process is when the ionizing radiation passes through the nucleus of your cells where most of your DNA is stored. It has enough energy to directly break some of the covalent bonds in your DNA. This is the way that ionizing radiation causes genetic damage, which can then lead to cell death or cancer. (p. 6)

Nonionizing radiation from your wireless devices actually creates carbonyl free radicals—instead of the hydroxyl radicals that ionizing radiation gives rise to—that cause virtually identical damage to your nuclear DNA, cell membranes, proteins, mitochondria, and stem cells. (p. 7)

The German EMF researcher Franz Adlkofer used a comet assay, which is a very sensitive test for DNA damage, in a 2008 study. He found that very low intensity EMF exposure at 1.8 GHz produced large numbers of DNA breaks. It actually produced more DNA damage than 1,600 chest X-rays. (p. 103)

 Cell Phones Cause Cancer

a division of the World Health Organization (WHO), began a 10-year, $30 million, 13-country Interphone Study that looked specifically at the effects of the radiation emitted by cell phones and its potential role in the development of brain cancer. When the Interphone Study results were finally released (years behind schedule), they appeared inconclusive. They found no overall increased risk of brain tumors for cell phone users—something that most of the mainstream press latched on to when reporting the findings. However, the study group did acknowledge that “heavy users” of cell phones had an approximately 80 percent increased risk of glioma, a life-threatening and often-fatal brain tumor, after 10 years of cell phone use. What was the definition of a heavy user? About two hours—per month! (p. 78)

They found that tumors were most likely to form in the area of the brain closest to where a cell phone rests while on a call, and that risks of developing malignant brain tumors spiked in association with three risk factors: number of years of use, total number of hours of use, and age at first use. (p. 131)

A 2016 meta-analysis of 42 studies that included more than 13,000 women with cases of breast cancer found that exposure to ELF EMFs is associated with breast cancer, especially in the United States. (p. 133)

The first step to mitigating this risk, which we can all take, is to use headphones or the speakerphone function, for calls over a few minutes long instead of just holding the phone up to your ear.

 EMF Overdose Symptoms

The two most common tell-tale signs that you're getting blasted with too much radiation are tinnitus and problems sleeping.

Interestingly, humming or ringing in the ears is one of the most common symptoms of those who are impaired by or suffer with EMF hypersensitivity. (p. 122) 

Ears appear to be highly susceptible to the influence of EMFs, and thus they can be early indicators of EMF damage—sort of the canary in the coal mine. (p. 123)

One of the most common symptoms reported by people who are experiencing a new EMF exposure is insomnia. (p. 126)

Smartphones vs Working Memory

You don’t even need to be interacting with your phone for it to negatively impact your ability to focus. A 2017 study published in the Journal for the Association of Consumer Research found that students performed worse on tests of memory and attention when their smartphones were near them—even though the phones were set to silent—than if the phones were outside the room. The researchers theorized that the more dependent you are on your smartphone, the more working memory it takes up, even when you’re not directly interacting with it. (p. 137)

The best way to enhance your working memory is to train it with Dual N-Back.

 The 5G Question

5G will use require new technologies to transmit and receive signals. This means we are about to experience an explosion in new antennas. And all the signals from all of those additional antennas and base stations will be layered on top of the EMF swamp that we are already swimming in. (p. xiv)

The difference between 4G and 5G is the equivalent of the difference between a mountain stream of EMF exposure and a vast ocean of it. (p. 36)

The book explains the real motivation behind the 5G rollout...

Then what’s the real purpose of 5G? This massive build-out of “small cell” wireless infrastructure is to enable telecom companies to beam their signals into homes and apartments without having to install a cable. It’s that simple. (p. 41)

Maintaining the cabled internet infrastructure is a lot of work, think about your encounters with "cable guys"; you call your telecom company and they send a grumpy guy out to your house that installs or fixes your cables. With 5G, the telecom companies get to fire almost all those guys and just beam the internet into our homes. It's going to be slightly more convenient for us and massively profitable for them...

5G will produce $12.4 trillion in global economic output by 2035 and produce as many as 22 million jobs. Once 5G is up and running, it is predicted to produce $250 billion annually by 2025 just for providing the service. (p. 42)

Dr. Mercola concludes

At its root, 5G is about ushering in a new era of computer-assisted living, as well as what’s already being touted as a “fourth industrial revolution” as every part of manufacturing will also be impacted by the adoption of smart technologies. (p. 41)

This is so stupid at a time of falling global IQ, while people are collectively getting stupider as I explain in my review of At Our Wits’ End, our elites are pushing madly towards massive technological unemployment.

As FCC Chairman Ajit Pai said in a September 2018 press conference to announce the FCC’s 5G Fast Plan, “We cannot let today’s red tape strangle the 5G future.” (p. 49)

Dr. Martin Pall

"Putting in tens of millions of 5G antennae without a single biological test of safety has to be about the stupidest idea anyone has had in the history of the world." (p. 46)

Some places and countries are not onboard with Big Telecom's plan for 5G global domination. Unsurprisingly, Switzerland and Russia, two countries that aren't perfect but actually give a damn about their citizens, reject 5G.

 Institutional Betrayal

The story of how we got to this point is a story of catastrophic betrayal on behalf of science, academia, and government regulators.

U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut said: "The stark simple fact is, the health hazards are unknown and unstudied, and that is a sign of neglect and disregard on the part of the Federal Communications Commission that seems unacceptable... We’re kind of flying blind here, as far as health and safety is concerned.” (49-50)

Take 2018, for example, when AT&T spent $18.5 million, Verizon spent $12 million, NCTA spent $13.2 million, and CTIA spent $9.5 million. Consider this is in only one year. Overall, the communications/electronics sector is one of Washington’s super heavyweight lobbyists. (p. 70)

The wireless industry has spun a web that embraces Congress, congressional oversight committees, and Washington social life. The network ties the public sector to the private through a frictionless revolving door, really no door at all. (p. 76)

Typically, government agencies rely on the research community to produce findings that they then merely evaluate to determine regulatory action. And guess who is funding much of the research that determines product safety regulations? That’s right, the industries who manufacture the products. (p. 75)

Science as Marketing

By paying scientists directly to perform studies, the industry could hand-select researchers who were already biased toward believing that cigarettes were safe. By doing so, tobacco companies also created conflicts of interest, as even impartial researchers can be influenced by a desire to keep their funders happy. (p. 61)

Yet we know that when a company funds research into its own products, it creates a powerful conflict of interest that distorts findings in favor of whomever financed the study. (p. 64)

Throughout the late 1990s and early 2000s, the industry gave Carlo $27 million in funds to pay for research evaluating the health risks of EMFs, and hundreds of conflicted studies were produced during that time. Ironically, over the course of this initiative, Carlo became disillusioned. In 2007, he admitted in a paper that “the industry strategy has been to fund low-risk studies that assure a positive result—then use them to convince the media and public that cell phones have been proven to be safe, even though the actual science proved nothing of the sort.” (p. 65)

One way industry-funded studies of EMFs are problematic from the outset is that they use simulated EMF exposures instead of real cell phones. They do this under the justification of seeking to control variables, but the reality is that a simulated cell phone is far safer than a real cell phone. (p. 66)

Ultimately, by making science fair game in the battle of public relations, the tobacco industry set a destructive precedent that would affect future debates on subjects such as food, global warming, pharmaceuticals, and, yes, EMFs. (p. 62) 

This egregious institutional betrayal of the public has a cost to all of us that's not discussed in the book; the death of "consensus reality". To have a functional society or civilization there needs to be some shared values and beliefs; (almost) everybody has to believe in God, that stealing is wrong, or that human life has value, for example. Without a lot of shared beliefs, it just becomes impossible for a society to work, things get tribal and brutal without consensus reality; "My God told me in a dream last night that I can kidnap your daughter and make her my sex slave. What are you gonna do about it!"

From my article Doubt the Devil. Doubt Everything...

...in the past 50 years or so we've seen a great secularization of the intelligentsia of society. Increasingly those heading the most prestigious of institutions are non-practicing or non-religious. I've been very religious and very secular in my life and it does change your mindset. I'll contend that secular institutions are much more susceptible to corruption because as a secular person there's no real downside to corruption and cheating as long as you get away with it. Secular institutions will inevitably devolve into a Darwinian, ends justifies the means, struggle for resources, power and prestige. Genuinely religious people have a very different kind of motivation, they seriously believe that they will face judgment in the afterlife for their misdeeds in this life.

Sure, there's plenty of religious people that have done bad things. But if you've known as many religious people as I have and an equal amount of secular people you know there is a big difference in trustworthiness. Religious people believe either metaphorically or literally that the devil is at their door knocking. They are fearful and avoidant of temptation that might lead them to greater sin.

Unprecedented numbers of people now believe in the flat earth or that we never went to the moon, for example, because bad science and corrupt institutions have broken the public's trust too many times to make a buck. Humpty Dumpty cannot be put back together again, we're now reaching the point where significant swathes of the population (especially in America) just don't believe, and would actually oppose (perhaps violently) the official line coming out of the governmental or scientific authorities. This is an untenable state of things. The elites in science and government should look themselves in the mirror and take responsibility for breaking consensus reality, but they probably can't even see their own reflection.

 EMF Protection Lifehacks

The good news...

Is that there are a few ways to mitigate and manage the toxicity of EMFs, I’m not asking you to repent from your sinful smartphone usage and swear to never use Wifi again. Unless you go resettle in the absolute middle of nowhere and live as a disconnected hermit, it wouldn’t even help that much because we are surrounded by other people using smartphones and most buildings where we spend our lives are flush with Wifi.
I’ll break down a few EMF protection lifehacks here...

My wife once told me...

“Jonathan, you know you shouldn’t eat right before bedtime.”

And I sort of shrugged it off because, for years, I’ve been doing a little snacking before bedtime, nothing egregiously unhealthy, usually some organic crackers with tasty pesto or sesame tahini, and I’ve always had a very lean body. It didn’t seem to result in me gaining any weight. I do regular intermittent fasting, I don’t eat anything until I have a late lunch in the afternoon, so I figured that the snacking was fine. I thought that “don’t eat before bedtime” was one of these oversimplified health tips like “salt is bad for you” that came out of the crappy mainstream nutrition “science” of the ’80s and ’90s.

Well, it turns out that my wife was right!

EMF*D, explains why it’s especially good advice to refrain from eating for 3-4 hours before bed.

Don’t eat before bed

Fortunately, our bodies have a system to repair damaged DNA, it’s called poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase or PARP - without it, you would have died of cancer by now. When EMFs or radiation from a leaky old microwave hit your DNA, it’s the PARP system that comes along and repairs it.

EMF DNA Damage NAD Repair 750

But PARP needs fuel to do its thing, and that would be the NADPH molecule, which is downstream of the well-known NAD+ molecule. The book explains...

If you eat a large meal close to your bedtime there is simply no way for your body to burn those calories as energy, so it must store the calories by creating fat. This process consumes enormous amounts of NADPH. With your NADPH levels lowered this way, you will be unable to keep your antioxidants optimally recharged while you sleep. As a result, you will have far more oxidative damage from the free radicals that can’t be neutralized (due to low NADPH levels) than if you had eaten those calories earlier in the day. (p. 157)

Eating before bed costs NADPH that could be used to repair DNA damage, but your metabolism is first in line to use the NADPH. Evolution didn’t predict that we would have wireless Bluetooth smartwatches and Alexa devices so often there’s not enough gas left in the tank for PARP to repair our DNA daily.

If you RIGHTEOUSLY bang your wife like I do (or do something else that burns calories right before sleep), it is probably fine to indulge in some late-night snacking, but if you’re just going to lounge around and watch TV as most people do, your body has to put those calories into storage, converting them into fat, costing NADPH. A little fat isn’t going kill you (or even make you fat, as it didn’t with me), BUT if you’re concerned with EMF toxicity and you don’t want to give up all the convenience of all those marvelous wireless gadgets, it’s smart to give up the late-night snacking. Eat a filling dinner at 8 PM and then go to bed at midnight.

 Turn off your Wifi at night

Home Wifi EMFs 5G

The next impactful lifehack that doesn’t require any sacrifice is turning your Wifi router off at night. Especially if your Wifi router is in your bedroom you are being irradiated by it all night as you sleep and it's the one time of the day that you definitely don't need internet access. If you sleep for about 8 hours a night and turn off your Wifi you cut down your EMF irradiation by at least 33%, more if you turn off your Wifi a little before bed, like I do, doing an “Internet fast” for at least one hour, while I read or do mediation. The book explains how this helps PARP function...

Minimizing your EMF exposure can radically increase your NAD+ levels, because when you are exposed to EMFs and your DNA strands break, PARP uses 150–200 molecules of NAD+ in an effort to repair that damage. (p. 156)

You’ll also probably notice that you sleep better with your Wifi off, as insomnia is one of the most common effects of EMF irradiation. The lifehack for this is to connect a power outlet timer to your Wifi that just cuts it off at 11 PM or whenever and then you could install an app that automatically puts your phone in airplane mode at the same time. I just switch off the power router connected to my Wifi router and my laptop when I’m done working in the evening.
So turn off your Wifi and turn ON your wifey, as I do.

 Supplement NAD+


The next crucial biohack for fortifying your biology against EMFs is to feed your PARP system extra fuel, supplement a bioavailable source of NAD+ which your body converts into much-needed NADPH. From the book...

EMF exposure can cause your cells to become NAD+ depleted. PARP is ordinarily the largest consumer of NAD+ in your body, and if you have a large EMF exposure you can radically reduce your NAD+ levels. And when your cells become NAD+ depleted, it also impacts your mitochondria by lowering an NAD coenzyme called NADH, which is necessary for your mitochondria to produce ATP. Another consequence of PARP sucking up most of your NAD+ is that it depletes the supply for other vital longevity proteins, called sirtuins, that require NAD+ to function. If PARP is consuming most of your NAD+, your sirtuins will not have enough NAD+ to run and your aging will be accelerated dramatically. (p. 151)

EMFs are dangerous 350Not only does your DNA repair system get screwed up by EMFs, your Sirtuins, the light switches of the genome, do too. So unless you want to give up technology, you need extra NAD+ in your system. Supplementing NAD+ itself must be done via injection at a special clinic which runs about $600, but fortunately, several precursor supplements are well studied, affordable, and safe.

  • Vitamin B3/Niacin - Is a cheap supplement, but many steps removed from the NAD+ molecule. You get less NAD+ bang for your buck from Niacin, and it causes a skin flush which many dislike. According to the book, as little as 25 milligrams daily is an effective preventative measure and the non-time released Niacin is better.
  • Nicotinamide Riboside (NR) - Is two steps removed from NAD+, it’s well studied and demonstrated to boost NAD+ in clinical trials.
  • NMN - Is one step removed from NAD+, more bioavailable, and activates the Sirtuin SIRT3 while NR does not. NMN is pricier but I think the best option at the NAD+ gas station.

The last two are mentioned in the book...

There are other NAD+ precursors, such as nicotinamide riboside (NR) and nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) and even the NAD+ molecule itself. (p. 165) 

Supplement Molecular Hydrogen

This is a supplement that has a powerful anti-oxidant effect counteracting the reactive oxygen species that are overproduced in the cell as a result of EMFs.

No entries were found

Supplement Magnesium

There is one more supplement strategy to address EMF damage that can be effective: to block excessive calcium channel activation. Magnesium can help with this. Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in your body after calcium, potassium, and sodium. It activates more than 600 enzymes and is an important cofactor for the activation of a wide range of transporters and enzymes. (p. 173)

Blood Flow Restriction Training Exercise

If you fail to exercise regularly as you age and grow old, not only will your NAD+ levels drop but your nicotinamide (NAD+ precursor) levels will rise; high levels of nicotinamide, in turn, will inhibit the sirtuin longevity proteins. (p. 162)

Engage in some type of daily exercise and seriously consider blood flow restriction training (p. 165) 

Blood Flow Restriction Training that allows the use of low weights and high repetitions to produce incredible metabolic benefits, including NAMPT activation. It is my absolute favorite way to increase NAD+. Not only will it increase NAD+ but it will also prevent and treat sarcopenia, or age related muscle loss, and osteoporosis. (p. 163)

Keep some distance from your phone

if you have a cell phone signal—even if you aren’t using your phone at that moment, or don’t even have a cell phone—you are being exposed to radiation. When you begin using the phone and hold it close to your body, you are being exposed to even more. (p. 27)

Tablet tip

Unlike computers, these devices are often held just inches from a user’s face, where the radiation exposure is exponentially higher than when it is an arm’s length away (as with a desktop). (p. 30)

Now I turn off the wifi and Bluetooth on my Ipad while I'm using it, most content, like Kindle books, that you might want to read on your tablet you can download and then consume with the wifi off. When I watch videos on my Ipad, I place it on my desk a little away from me.

Get rid of your microwave. Older microwaves, especially, leak a lot of radiation into our homes. Apparently, the hack for figuring out if your microwave is leaky is to get an old FM radio, hold it next to the microwave while it's on and listen if the radio signal gets disrupted by the radiation. A convection oven is a much better way to warm up your food. On a prepper podcast, I heard a better use of microwaves; microwaves effectively block EMP waves. So you would want to get a smartphone or tablet, load it up with all the books and human knowledge that you wanted to preserve, place it in your microwave, and leave your microwave in your basement in the event that North Korea decides to set off a nuke in orbit or a catastrophic coronal mass ejection wipes out our technological civilization.

 Get EMF-Detecting Meters

Acousticom 2 EMF MeterIf you want to take your EMF mitigation to the next level, Dr. Mercola highly recommends getting an RF meter that detects them so you can see just how serious your problem is. If I was buying a home or renting an apartment that my family was going to live in for years I would invest the few hundred bucks to get a meter and make sure I wasn't moving into a really toxic place. I also learned from the book that in-ceiling radiant electric heating systems, which are common in apartments and condos, can be extremely detrimental to your health. If you suffer from mysterious health issues it's worthwhile to measure the EMFs in your home and see if it's off the charts. Page 180 of the book includes a helpful table with the danger thresholds to look out for in your measurements. 

Dr. Mercola's recommendations get a little extreme...

EMFs are so ubiquitous in modernity that you would have to make some really impractical lifestyle changes to eliminate your EMF exposure.

  • Dr. Mercola urges people to keep their smartphones in airplane mode at all times, along with avoiding carrying phones in pockets or even placing calls, which kind of defeats the purpose of even having a smartphone.
  • He also urges people to exorcise Wifi from their homes.
  • To protect our homes from outside EMFs we need to implement a number of costly interventions; like installing "dirty electricity" filters on all wall power outlets, setting up a Faraday cage in the bedroom, or painting our walls with EMF blocking paint.
  • I also, learned that you can buy EMF-blocking Burqas, so if I ever convert to Islam and then decide to "identify" as a woman, I could wear one of those, but that might get me thrown off a building!

What I can implement is turning off my Wifi at night and in the future when I live in my own home which isn't reached by my neighbors' Wifi, I'd seriously consider keeping my Wifi off for most of the day and using the Internet just by plugging our computers into Ethernet. I can see how not having Wifi in the home would be conducive to our family values, it's all too easy for kids to become internet addicts by age five when there's Wifi and everybody in the home is using their smartphones and tablets all the time. I might also give up using the Bluetooth headphones that I love.


Frankly, I don't think I'm going to stop using my smartphone or Wifi, despite all the good reasons to do so that the book gives. As long as everyone around me is using smartphones and Wifi, it's not worth the significant convenience costYou're probably not going to give up your smartphone and Wifi either, so I urge you to implement all the anti-cancer hacks that you can...

  • Supplement NAD+ (NMN is the best option).
  • Take C60 in olive oil which has a powerful anti-cancer effect.
  • Do a session or two daily of Red Light Therapy, feeding your Mitochondria the wavelength of the red light that they need to keep you cancer-free.
  • Fast regularly; do intermittent daily fasting and frequent 24-hour fasts.
  • Biohack your immune system; your first line of defense against cancer, take Adaptogenic herbs like Schisandra along with the crucial immune nutrients and vitamins; Magnesium, Vitamin D, and Glutathione.

Continuing to use your smartphone and Wifi, knowing what you know now, is like a smoker, who continues to smoke just hoping that they never get cancer. Listen to my interviews with J.T who has battled cancer for 6-years and Mark Sloan, author, and researcher; cancer will ruin (or take) your life, especially if you subject yourself to the tortuous Slash, Burn, and Poison mainstream (and very expensive!) cancer treatments. The American Cancer Society predicts that half of us will get cancer one day, it really does threaten your life and wellbeing.

We're all being royally fucked by Big Telecom and their whores in the institutions of government and science with this non-stop barrage of toxic EMFs and investing in our own antifragility is our only hope.


Review Title
EMF*D by Dr. Mercola [Book Review]
Media Type
  • Book
  • eBook (Kindle/ePub/PDF)
Author or Creator
Joseph Mercola


Introducing Dr. Mercola’s New Book “EMF*D”

Editor review

1 review
You're Being Royally F*cked by irresistibly Convenient Invisible Radiation
(Updated: May 07, 2020)
Overall rating
Actionable Information
Production Value
EMF Risk Management Demystified
#1 Reviewer 239 reviews
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User reviews

2 reviews
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Production Value
Actionable Information
Production Value
Fuck Emfs!
Overall rating
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Production Value
Always love hearing your wise insights mate! And now the article is pretty much in line / script for your podcast (great Idea!)

It's so fucking funny how there's so much proof of Emfs and invisible waves of digital convenience; but it's all been poo pooed

Keep up the awesome work mate. Really enjoy having my mind opened by you. I've learnt so much from the many wise words you have spoken / written
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Blind faith on EMF book
Overall rating
Actionable Information
Production Value
Not all wireless radiation if fine, but your assumptions seem to be giving blind faith to this book.
Please read more before misinforming your public.
I'll live you with just the basics https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-gGeAe-PJA
Owner's reply May 16, 2020

Thanks for your comment. First of all, are you compensated by Big Telecom to leave these sorts of comments around the internet in defense of their business? A lot of the media and the organizations promoting the 5G rollout are handsomely compensated to do so. Big telecom most certainly has an army of commenters trolling the internet, casting doubt on the science that threatens their profits.

Second, did you read the book (or my article?) I definitely don't have blind faith in the book, I'm persuaded by the VERY well documented evidence meticulously sourced in the book. Some of which I mention in my article.

Third, I did watch that video. It did very little to address the objections to 5G and EMFs; Namely that nonionizing radiation can damage DNA.

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