Disclaimer: This page contains some VERY PG-13 content, I don't do this to be intentionally profane, it's just an awesome Biohack and this is the tamest way I could think of to introduce it.

I used to know a real-life witch. She made me an obscene offer...

I was about 22 at the time, worked at swanky nightclubs, drove a brand new Maserati (yes, really!), and was going through a particularly rowdy summer. I'm lucky that I didn't get anyone pregnant.


She was an active Pagan-Wicca practitioner and was dating a friend of mine. She would make pentagrams, light candles, burn incense, say prayers to a cool brass icon of an Egyptian deity, and cast good luck spells all of which had a pretty undetectable effect as far as I could tell. Interested in taking my rambunctious sex life to the next level, I asked her one day if she had an incantation or magic spell that would result in a supernatural sexual experience; that would imbue me with extraordinary powers of seduction and/or give me an especially vivid and intense hedonistic encounter.

She smiled coquettishly and replied "yes," that her metaphysical abilities had the power to do exactly that but that it would be a double-edged sword, that could potentially do me great harm.
I would get Casanova-esque powers of pickup, I would get a mindblowing sexual experience but then I'd likely have a psychotically intense relationship on my hands - especially if I betrayed the spirit of the spell (which a 22-year-old me likely would have!) by not repaying pleasure, behaving inconsistently afterward, or really any kind of post-coital douchebaggey antics. This would NOT be a no-strings-attached peak experience, I might have a Fatal Attraction type of situation to deal with.
As fun as that all sounded, my sex life was already pretty good, so I decided to pass on her offer.

Since then I've delved deeply into the latest Biohacking research, the Meta-Analysis papers of human libido studies, and traditional Chinese Taoist methods for optimizing sexual experience and health. I'd like to share with you a Biohacking protocol that will pragmatically accomplish a lot of what the witch promised me but without the potential metaphysical downsides...

It's called Tantric Semen Retention

Taoism bookIt's kind of like "No Fap" but A LOT more fun. Here's how it's described in The Tao of Health, Sex, and Longevity...

With diligent practice, some men can even learn to approach the very brink of ejaculation and enjoy all the exquisite sensations associated with it without spilling a drop of semen. (5801-5802)
men too may experience sequential miniorgasms without actual ejaculation, and it dispels the notion that birth control is primarily a female responsibility. (5813-5814)

If you're a guy reading this, you're probably thinking, "Sign me up!"

Here's the eerie thing about this...

There are not really any good free resources, courses, or videos about how to do this. There are not even any good paid online courses on it. Go ahead and Google Tantric Semen Retention and you'll be underwhelmed by the amount of actionable information on the topic.
Here's why: It requires a form of tantric breathing that is actually somewhat risky if done wrong. Apparently, men have actually died attempting this...
But I say, it's worth the risk! If you are a red-blooded man I'm sure you've taken a whole lot more reckless risks in pursuit of orgasms.

I've created the Limitless Orgasms Protocol

At this point, it's comprised of several very practical How-To modules covering...

  • Tantric breath control - a thorough explanation, so you don't die trying it!
  • Anal lock training techniques - Yes, your anal sphincter actually has a lot to do with your lovemaking abilities
  • Ejaculation control centers - there are some Yang confluence points to be aware of
  • Orgasmic lifestyle and supplementation guide - Boundless hedonism in this area requires a fair degree of male optimization and supplementation, especially if you're over 30 (or 40!)

Good things take time and in this case practice, which is why the Limitless Orgasms Protocol includes...

Practice plan - A short term and long term practice regimen to reach ejaculation mastery

Secret Minds.com group - For group accountability and private discussion of what works. It's a secret group so your wife, girlfriend, mom, sister, or boss will NEVER see what's being discussed here. No obligation whatsoever to join but there's a tremendous upside to learning and sharing this transformational Biohacking knowledge. You've probably chatted and joked about weirder things before with total strangers online.

Download Limitless Orgasms Protocol

My long-term goal is to create an exhaustive course on this and I'll sell it for like $69 or $89 but my protocol needs to be refined somewhat and most of the anecdotal reports that I've come across are hysterically hyperbolic in their descriptions of duration, intensity, and ecstasy.
I need to get more critical feedback from you guys!

The Limitless Orgasms Protocol is free, so don't expect whizz-bang production values at this point but this is where I'm going to be sharing the evolution of my understanding of tantric techniques and strategies. The really good stuff I'm not going to be sharing publicly on social media - I have no way of segmenting my readers between male and female, so all my Biohacks for optimizing the male sexual experience will go under the Limitless Orgasms Protocol.

 To get the Limitless Orgasms Protocol please enter your name and email address here...

It's not going to sign you up for any kind of sales sequence or funnel, the real reason for this separate site and email list is so that I can speak frankly about the most masculine of subjects without boring or disgusting the 30% of my audience that is female!

Limitless Orgasms Protocol

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