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This is your invitation to join the Limitless Mindset Secret Society...

This private community is a result of the really interesting conversations I've had with some very erudite Biohackers who responded to my 30-minute biohacking consultation offer, which I'll explain again below if you don't already know about it.

JR Pig Skype

While the Biohacking forums online (, Subreddits, or some of the Facebook groups) are surprisingly good, anyone on the internet can join them for free and say anything. You've probably been a part of enough free networking communities (both online and in the real world) to know that the quality of connections you make, the organization of events, and information is usually pretty mediocre - you get what you pay for.

If you would like to more meaningfully connect with a higher quality (dare I say a more elite) community of lifehackers and biohackers I've created a small, private community of people who have taken advantage of my Biohacking consultation offer, so these will be people I've personally spoken with at length and vetted, they are people who are actually invested in their Biohacking and kicking ass in life, not self-help junkies. and my video channels are getting to the point of popularity where unfortunately I can no longer maintain a virtual open-door policy when it comes to all the questions people on the Internet have for me about biohacking and lifehacking. I will be prioritizing questions that come in from this private community.

Nootropics and Biohacking products giveaways

Now I know you’re busy and may not be eager to join yet another social network and online discussion group so I want to reward those who join and participate in the Secret Society with awesome free biohacking stuff; anti-aging supplements, Nootropics, swag, and products from our Secret Society preferred vendors. We will do giveaways on a weekly or monthly basis to active members who are sharing their biohacking journey, challenges, experiences, tips, or trying to help others along the way. So please drop by the Secret Society at least once a week and interact to stay eligible for those giveaways!

But there’s no obligation to participate in the Secret Society. You can participate as much or as little as you want. Some of you may want to just take advantage of the free consultation offer.

In the future, I may charge new members joining this private community (I'm seeing similar communities online priced around $50/monthly) but at this point, it's open to anyone who takes advantage of my 30-minute Biohacking consultation offer.

The biohacking consultation works like this...

If you purchase at least $150 worth of Biohacking products via certain vendors on, I will include a 30-minute consulting call with you, we can discuss...

We can talk about whatever you want!

Do take advantage of this offer sooner rather than later, as much as I enjoy chatting with people on Skype (and the few people I've met in person in cafes), these consultations do take a chunk of time out of my work week, I'm not sure how much longer I will be offering them.

Forward a receipt of your purchase to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Double-check your spam or promotions folder! Unfortunately, sometimes my response emails end up there.)

I have the vendors listed and linked below, and yes, you can mix and match products from different vendors.

  1. Auragin $200
  2. Bulletproof $300
  3. Do Not Age $200 (Use coupon code ROSELAND for a 10% discount)
  4. Double Wood Supplements $150
  5. Indigo Herbs (UK & EU) £200
  6. Health Ranger Store $200
  7. HeartMath (HRV biofeedback technology) $200
  8. Infinite Age Co $200 
  9. Infopathy $150 (Downloadable medicine) 10% discount with coupon code: Limitless
  10. Intellimeds (UK & EU) £200
  11. IQ Mindware (Brain training) $60
  12. Bulk Supplements $200
  13. Limitless Health $175
  14. $150
  15. Natural Stacks $200
  16. $150
  17. Pure Nootropics $150
  18. Recharge.Health (Red light therapy device)
  19. Red Therapy Co (Red light therapy lamp) use ‘LIMITLESS' at checkout for $25 off each item
  20. RUPharma $150
  21. Swiss Chems $150
  22. QUANTUMiND Nootropic Stack $150
  23. Ultra Human $200
  24. Youth & Earth $150

If you are not sure what you would spend at least $150 on; watch or read my reviews of products from these vendors and make a selection OR fill out this form letting me know about your Biohacking goals and challenges.
Biohacking isn't cheap, so it won't be that hard to spend $150. For those of you who are new to biohacking, $150 will buy you a 2-9 months supply of cognitive enhancement.

The Secret Society is hosted on

Secret Society Minds.comWhy

  • While not the most popular social network, it's super easy and intuitive to use with a fast-loading UI.
  • Free to use (also free of annoying banner advertising).
  • Strict privacy ethos, respect for your anonymity, and personal data.
  • Gatherings function for hosting private video chat sessions (like Google Hangouts).
  • allows me to host private, non-recordable webinars, this will allow me to share some edgier, more fringe Biohacking and social dynamics stuff with the private community, that I'm honestly not comfortable sharing publicly.
  • And Minds has a sharp smartphone app.

The Internet certainly has made it easier than ever to find people to hang out with. But it's still kind of a challenge to find people that your area connect intellectually with, this results in a situation where you have an overwhelming amount of options for your social life but at the same time, you kind of suffer from intellectual lonelinessIf you feel the same, I hope to see you in the Secret Society.

Secret Society

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