Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver - Deciphering the disinformation and dueling nano particle narratives...
By Jonathan Roseland

I'm not a doctor, medical professional, or trained therapist. I'm a researcher and pragmatic biohacking practitioner exercising free speech to share evidence as I find it. I make no claims. Please practice skepticism and rational critical thinkingYou should consult a professional about any serious decisions that you might make about your health. Affiliate links in this article support Limitless Mindset - spend over $150 and you'll be eligible to join the Limitless Mindset Secret Society.

Deciphering the disinformation and dueling nano-particle narratives...

For the skeptical biohacker, Colloidal Silver presents a conundrum, in researching it you'll come across two oppositional narratives espoused enthusiastically...

  1. Colloidal silver is rank unscientific quackery - It only works because of the "placebo effect" and it might turn your skin blue!
  2. Colloidal silver is miracle medicine - Big pharma demonizes it because they can't patent silver and it actually cures the illnesses they profit from perpetuating.

The truth, of course, lies somewhere in between. It is not a cure-all panacea, butyour wealthier ancestors used silver medicinally to fortify their immunity against all the microscopic nastiness that we've been up against since time immemorial. I don't sell Colloidal Silver because I want to retain my right to speak freely about science, so I'll shoot with you straight about it here...

What is Colloidal Silver?
Scientific research
Vs antibiotics
Wound healing
Types of medicinal silver
Side effects
Risk grade: B
Usage and dosage
The "placebo effect"

This article is mostly going to focus on decoding what the human studies are saying about Colloidal Silver and how this squares up with the anecdotal experiences of Biohackers online. For more of my own personal experiences, thoughts, and comparisons please see the written and video reviews in the sidebar.

Colloidal Silver Biohacking Immunity Infographic

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 What is Colloidal Silver?

Colloidal Silver molecule

It's tiny molecules of silver, just nanometers in size suspended in water. Colloidal just means "floating," so if I were to go swim in the Dead Sea in Israel, I would technically be Colloidal Jonathan.

An important thing to understand is that today's Colloidal Silver is not your grandfather's Colloidal Silver - it's an immune enhancer that's undergone a lot of research, development, and innovation largely outside of academia and institutional medicine.


You're familiar with the expression "Born with a silver spoon," which originates from the era when plagues ravaged Europe and those who could afford to would walk around with a (small) silver spoon in their mouths. This is because aristocrats (well, really everybody) understood that silver is a powerful natural antibiotic and antiviral.

Silver Anti viral history

Walk by any fountain in a mall and what will you see? Coins thrown in by kids. This practice originates from the historical recognition of silver's immune-enhancing properties; those who could afford to would throw silver coins into public fountains to purify the public water supply. We don't drink from public fountains anymore but throw a coin in for old times' sake, it will make you feel like a kid again!

Who else used silver medicinally... 

  • Aristotle reportedly advised Alexander the Great to boil water and store it in silver vessels to prevent waterborne diseases.
  • The Romans preserved their wine in silver vessels.
  • In India, food was traditionally wrapped in silver foil for sanitary purposes.
  • Pioneers trekking across the wild wild west would leave a silver coin in their water supplies for preservation. 

A New Fighting Chance Silver SolutionSilver was mainstream medicine, prescribed by doctors, up until the World Wars, when field medics began treating wounded soldiers with Penicillium, the first pharmaceutical antibiotic. From the book, A New Fighting Chance: Silver Solution, by Dr. Gordon Pedersen...

Medicinal silver compounds were developed in the late 1800’s and there was widespread use of silver compounds and colloids (small particles dispersed in water) prior to 1930. By 1940 there were approximately 48 different silver compounds marketed and used to treat virtually every infectious disease. These were available in oral, injectable, and topical forms.

 Scientific research

Medicinal silver is often smeared as quackery by the mainstream media, but there are nearly 500 scientific papers about it published and five human clinical trials totaling over 360 people. To summarize just a few...

  • A recent American study notes that Colloidal Silver has a persistent antimicrobial activity and outperformed a control in skin cleansing.
  • 2017 Iranian study found The aqueous extract synthesised [colloidal silver nanoparticles] also showed considerable antifungal activity against [antibiotic] resistant Candida albicans.
  • An Indian animal study praises its anti-bacterial as well as anti-cancer activity and concludes We strongly believe that bio-synthesized AgNPs will open a new direction towards various biomedical applications in the near future. 
  • Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus epidermidis, Escherichia coli, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa strains of bacteria were defeated by 350 parts per million Colloidal Silver solution in a 2013 Polish study.


Silver is a powerful natural antiviral agent, we call our eating utensils silverware, because in the past those who could afford to, preferred to eat with silver utensils because it disinfected food and supported the immunity of the diner - this is one of the reasons why silver is a valuable metal in the first place. It's useful against over 650 types of pathogens; bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

Scientist and independent researcher Tony Mauro suggests that it would be helpful in treating sexually transmitted diseases.


A recent Canadian paper on antibiotic-resistant MRSA is optimistic about these alternatives to antibiotics...

Other more recently trialed nonantibiotic modalities such as antimicrobial photodynamic therapy and colloidal silver irrigation are also showing promise.

As are the conclusions of a 2021 Australian in vivo study.

Vs Malaria

 Dr. Bryan Frank, a 30-year international medicine mission doctor, reports...

Some of our most exciting work with silver has been for the treatment of malaria in western Kenya. In the tiny village of Kano, near Kisumu on the northeastern shores of Lake Victoria, children and adults have been treated with silver for malaria and are involved in a current clinical research project. To date, most patients have been clinically responsive and returned to work or school within 24-48 hours and their blood tests for plasmodium have reverted to negative within 5-10 days.

In our initial trial of approximately 30 patients over the week, all patients became clinically well and were able to return to school or work within 24-48 hours. We were surprised that this was the case even in those patients that appeared clinically worse than others. Repeat blood studies were obtained and found to be reverted to normal in 5 days for most, and 10 days for others.

30 patients is a relatively small sample size, and this was by no means a gold standard clinical trial - it was a deadly serious medical intervention. Dr. Frank reports that for his international team at least, silver has replaced vaccines...

Silver has also changed Global Mission Partners’ practice of vaccination usage among staff and team. In the past, anti-malarial medications or vaccines for yellow fever, typhoid, hepatitis and others would have been typically used. As we now always travel with silver, our position is to not take the other vaccines and medications as preventatives.

He concludes...

Hippocrates’ charge to “first, do no harm” may be followed with ease with silver and give comfort to the physician caring for those with little resources to manage serious side effects. 

Vs Ebola

An unclassified Department of Defense report on Silver nanoparticle neutralization of hemorrhagic fever viruses, indicates that silver could be used medicinally against RNA viruses, like Ebola.


From a 2020 Japanese study conducted at Yokohama City University School of Medicine that very thoroughly documented their results...

We evaluated a plethora of [silver nanoparticles] of different sizes and concentration and observed that particles of diameter around 10 nm were effective in inhibiting extracellular SARS-CoV-2 at concentrations ranging between 1 and 10 ppm while cytotoxic effect was observed at concentrations of 20 ppm and above.

But, in 2020 the FDA ordered Colloidal Silver vendors not to market their products as treatments or preventative measures for COVID. You might think that silver which has been used to treat viral infections for millennia, would be very helpful but the FDA has assured the public that it's neither safe nor effective for treating COVID. And it's well known that the FDA never lies or is wrong about anything. It's important to remember that COVID can only be prevented with face masks and vaccination or treated with drugs Remdesivir (that the nice folks at Gilead Pharmaceutical sell for $2000 - $4,460 per-treatment-course). I'm sure that those Japanese scientists are just "crazy conspiracy theorists" spreading disinformation! So sorry, Colloidal Silver will not help with COVID, but if I was struggling with COVID I would definitely take it, but only because I like the taste of the stuff.


You might question...

If silver is so good at killing bacteria won't it kill the good bacteria in my gut that I need?

Silver kills the bad bacteria and leaves the good bacteria alone. Here's the mechanism for this; silver is transported through our bodies by water. And the good bacteria in the gut, those trillions of little microorganisms that we're in a relationship with (and it's complicated), have a protective fat layer around them that prevents them from getting very "wet" but the bad bacteria do not. If you know much about scuba diving think about wet suit vs dry suit diving.

Wet suit vs dry suit

The bad bacteria are wet suit diving inside of you and the Colloidal Silver robs the oxygen from them.

This 2020 paper delves into the potential antibacterial applications...

Silver colloidal applications

An article on explains its antibacterial mechanism...

The presence of colloidal silver near a virus, fungus, bacterium or any other single celled pathogen disables its oxygen metabolism enzyme, its chemical lung, so to say. Within a few minutes, the pathogen suffocates and dies, and is cleared out of the body by the immune, lymphatic and elimination systems.

Silver vs bacteria

The tiny silver nanoparticles pass bacterias' cell walls where they wreak havoc; inducing structural and morphological changes. To simplify, silver is hungry for electrons and steels them from pathogens.

The energy of the silver molecule craves a single electron and will steal it from the easiest source available. When silver moves into close proximity with free-roaming electrons the silver will rapidly bind to the rogue electron. In this way silver is always on patrol surveying the bloodstream for electrons. When silver comes in contact with bacteria, viruses or yeast there will be an attempt by the silver to steal an electron from the pathogen. Since pathogens have simple cell walls made of single electrons, when silver steals an electron it ruptures the pathogens’ cell membrane, like puncturing a water balloon. This usually kills the pathogen. [p. 10]

Dr. Pedersen explains silver's curious vibrational mechanism...

Everything has its own unique frequency and silver vibrates (resonates) at a frequency of approximately 910 terahertz. This is an ultraviolet frequency that destroys pathogens by producing a vibration that weakens, dissolves and dismantles germs (bacteria, viruses, some parasites and yeast). [p. 11]

A Texan Biohacker reports...

Colloidal silver works well for bacterial infections. I cured a nagging sinus infection in about two months that had been plaguing me for over 2 yrs. My wife cured a bladder infection in about 2 weeks. It worked just as good as the antibiotics that a doctor prescribed previously for the same problem, maybe better because it has never come back. it also kills warts and fungus.


The antimicrobial effects of silver nanoparticles against yeast, E.coli, and staph (S. aureus) were investigated by electron spin resonance spectroscopy in a Korean study that was cited by nearly 500 other scientific papers.

The abstract concludes...

These results suggest that Ag nanoparticles can be used as effective growth inhibitors in various microorganisms 

Vs Rhinosinusitis - a 2018 Australian study administered Colloidal Silver twice a day to 11 patients struggling with Recalcitrant Chronic Rhinosinusitis and found that it was an effective treatment.

Colloidal Silver vs Rhinosinusitis

For preppers...

Good news, it can be used to purify drinking water. Nanoparticles have a pesticidal effect and can scavenge toxic heavy metals from water, this is why silver is used in high-end water filtration systems. Some PBS Nova reporting suggests that Silver Nanoparticles Could Give Millions Microbe-free Drinking Water.

Oddly enough, the most recent clinical trial used Colloidal silver in a urine filtration system used by symptomatic adults with suspected urinary tract infection (remember that scene from Waterworld with Kevin Cosner?) But it didn't actually work very well to reduce urine-culture contamination.

 Vs antibiotics

There's evidence that Colloidal Silver is better than pharmaceutical antibiotics...

Colloidal silver is a natural broad-spectrum antiseptic that fights infection, subdues inflammation, and promotes healing... It can be taken by mouth, administered intravenously, or applied topically. 

Research on colloidal silver shows it to be an effective resource against infections and pathogens, yet very little is known about it by the general public or the medical profession. Prior to 1938 it was in common use by doctors. According to Alexander G. Schauss, PhD, of Johns Hopkins University, considerable scientific evidence has been published regarding the effectiveness of silver as an antiseptic against "several hundred pathogenic organisms."

The Plant ParadoxThe real issue with antibiotics is that they "nuke" your gut biome, killing off the good bacteria that you're in a symbiotic relationship with. Dr. Gundry, the author of The Plant Paradox, explains...

Every time you take a course of Levaquin, ciprofloxacin, or another broad-spectrum antibiotic for a urinary-tract or another infection, you kill most of the microbes in your gut. Shockingly, it can take up to two years for them to return. Many may be gone forever. (p. 98)

targeted antibiotics can be lifesaving; but you should be very cautious about taking broad-spectrum antibiotics for anything other than a life-threatening infection. (p. 99)

Also, by choosing not to take antibiotics you're doing your part in the silent war - the evolutionary showdown - that the pharmaceutical-industrial complex is currently losing to supervirulent antibiotic-resistant bacteria. 

 Wound healing

A 2013 study out of the University of Padova found that silver nanoparticles in wound dressings enhanced healing...

After application for an extended period (17 days), the organized skin structure (dermis and epidermis) was re-established in a previously unhealed part of the wound.

For burns

Burn victims report a reduction in pain when silver liquid or gel is applied to the wound. Because silver can be applied in an open wound it can assist in disinfection and help stimulate the healing factors of the immune system. [p. 5]

The best source for silver gel is this surprisingly affordable Biostructured Silver™ First Aid Gel, probably smart to pick some up as you never know when you're going to catch a nasty skin wound.


Double Wood Supplements in the USA offers COA-verified Colloidal Silver...

 Buyer beware: There are A LOT of fake Colloidal Silver products out there. In fact, a 2020 American study published in the International journal of nanomedicine evaluated 14 of the top products on Amazon with state-of-the-art analytical techniques and found disappointingly that 70% of the products only contained ionic silver which is inferior to the Colloidal Silver advertised. A consumer pro-tip: 

The lack of the characteristic yellow color caused by the plasmon absorption band was a strong indication that they may contain in fact ionic silver and therefore could not be labeled “colloidal silver”. Considering the dramatic differences in physical properties, toxicity, and mechanism of action between the two types of silver, it is clear that identifying correctly the nature of the samples is of critical importance for consumers.

So discerning between legit and fake Colloidal Silver could be as simple as looking at the liquid, if it's clear, it's at best merely ionic silver as this photo shows.

Fake Colloidal Silver

The vials on the left are what the product poured out into a clear glass would look like to any consumer, before being treated with sodium borohydride for testing. I should, however, mention that this study was funded in part by another manufacturer to prove the superiority of their $150 patented product.

It should be a pale, yellow color - silver is not yellow, but that's the color the nanoparticles reflect - if it's brownish that's a bad sign. You can visually test Colloidal Silver by shining a red laser pointer through it, you should see the suspended silver particles flickering.

Downloadable Colloidal Silver?

You may be interested in taking it as an infoceutical - a non-pharmacological, side-effect-free version of the supplement that takes advantage of the phenomenon of water memory - which is imprinted on water via quantum collocation and electromagnetism using this device...

Infocueticals typically have 1/3 or half the effect of the actual medicine being imprinted. If you're skeptical of Infopathy that's understandable, it's a game-changing application of a little-known scientific phenomenon. But I'd urge you to evaluate the scientific evidence (presented in my biohacker review) that downloadable medicine is no longer science fiction...

DIY Colloidal Silver?

I love the idea of making your own out of silver coins, as demonstrated here...

But unless you find yourself in the midst of some sort of dystopian collapse of civilization I think buying Colloidal Silver is a whole lot better option than making your own. DIYing your own there's a LOT of uncertainties...

  • You're not going to get it right the first time you try it - it looks easy to screw up!
  • All the companies selling Colloidal Silver generators claim that their generators make the best stuff, but you really don't know unless you get your stuff tested by a professional laboratory.
  • You don't know if the coins you get are 100% silver or if they've been diluted with other metals you might not want to consume.

Silver Spoon

Perhaps you're thinking...

Instead of walking around with a facemask on for COVID protection - why don't I just walk around with a little silver spoon in my mouth like European aristocrats once did?

I'd argue that would be an antiviral preventative measure at least as effective as facemasks! Small sterling silver spoons start at about $100.

 Types of medicinal silver

There are three main kinds, Dr. Pedersen explains why structured silver is the Mercedez-Benz option... 

Ionic Silver: consists of chemical energy that is mostly electric and can be measured by its charge. The problem is that it bonds to the fats and is the primary cause of Argyria.

Colloidal Silver: consists of electric currents driving silver ions into water. Some colloids are nothing more than tiny particles of silver dusting the water that contains them. If the wrong electrical current is used to manufacture the colloid the silver will fall out of solution and can become predominantly ionic.

Structured Silver: is an advanced second-generation colloidal silver that is magnetically and electrically structured, producing atomic bonding of water and silver in a way that forms crystalline structures of silver and water. It is significantly more effective at destroying pathogens than the colloids and ionics of the past. The reason is that the structured silver holds an ultraviolet antimicrobial frequency, capable of working with the immune system because it is alkaline.


Andrew here describes a detoxifying Herxheimer reaction, which is unpleasant but ultimately beneficial, resulting from mega-dosing Colloidal Silver...


An overwhelmingly pro-big pharma piece in The Atlantic includes a few anecdotes of people who found it a helpful COVID treatment...

Dawn Louise—who also didn’t want me to use her full name for privacy reasons—says she found success using colloidal silver for her Lyme disease and shingles. When her 40-year-old daughter started having COVID-19 symptoms recently, with plummeting oxygen and shortness of breath, Dawn gave some to her. In 48 hours, Dawn told me, her daughter could breathe again.

Ryan, too, used a colloidal-silver solution on himself and his daughter when they had what he thought was COVID-19. “It turns COVID into a mere sniffle,” he assured me.

Vs Crohn's - A lifelong sufferer was skeptical but tried it anyway and reported, Colloidal silver "cured" my crohns disease:

I heard about a "quack" medicine called colloidal silver: microscopic silver particles infused in water. I thought it was a load of new-age rubbish, like acupuncture or homeopathy or something. But it was readily available from pharmacies, I and I thought hell, what have I got to lose?

After a week, the pain had subsided dramatically, and I was no longer plagued by the bloatedness and gas... I have been off all medication except the two mouthfuls of colloidal silver I take daily, and the symptoms are 99% gone.

Vs Sinusitis - A South African Biohacker reported...

I had a blocked nose for a decade or so. Colloidal/Ionic Silver 'snarfed' [snorted] every 2 hrs or so for a day or 2 cured it and I had to train myself to breathe through my nose again... It cured my dandruff too.

On Amazon, you can find a bunch of fantastic anecdotal accounts of it helping people with nearly every health condition you can name, but considering the demonstrable lack of integrity among Colloidal Silver vendors on Amazon I wouldn't take any of these reviews seriously.


For reasons outlined in the Side Effect section below, I suggest taking Colloidal Silver alongside antioxidantsC60 is the king of antioxidants but something as simple and affordable as Vitamin C would suffice. Dr. Pedersen also suggests antioxidants...

Antioxidants neutralize the free-radical damage caused by these pathogens and accelerate the excretion of the dead and dying germs out of the body. This reduces the time it takes to heal. It also reduces the swelling associated with the disease and improves the healing inside or topically. When antioxidants are taken every 5 hours the healing process is significant improved. The antioxidants’ ability to heal is improved in addition to the healing activity of the silver [p. 21]

Penicillium - An Iranian paper notes that silver nanoparticles enhanced the effects of the antibiotic against E. coli and staph (S. aureus).

Silver-enriched mushroomsA recent Ukrainian study, interestingly, noted that Chaga treated with Colloidal Silver as it grew ended up with more potent biological constituents. It's not suggesting that colloidal silver is a Chaga cofactor but that it increases the bioactive nutritional content, opening up the potential of cultivating super potent medicinal mushrooms. Apparently, a lot of people use it to enhance the cannabis they cultivate. If you're a DIYer with a green thumb, you could cultivate medicinal herbs and give them just a little of the stuff.

 Side effects

The good news is, you really don't need to worry about turning blue, like this guy...

He recklessly consumed extreme amounts of Colloidal Silver; he drank a half-gallon a day derived from toxic nitric acid and applied copious amounts of the stuff to his face.

But I don't think it's fair to call Colloidal Silver risk-free, I easily found some scientific literature with reservations about it...

A 2015 paper published in JAMA Dermatology called it Dangerous and Readily Available because of a troubling side effect...

Generalized argyria is characterized by slate-gray to blue discoloration of the skin caused by cutaneous deposits of silver particles after long-term ingestion of solutions containing colloidal silver ingredients or silver salts.

But it doesn't clarify how common argyria might be, Googling the subject it looks like only a handful of people have turned themselves blue out of the millions who have used Colloidal Silver. According to the EPA, you would need to consume 900 milligrams in a year to induce argyria, which would take three hundred and eighty 8 oz. bottles of 10 PPM colloidal silver. You're not going to be drinking a bottle a day!

A Danish 2014 paper gives it a "Margin of Safety factor" of five but doesn't explain what this means or provide supporting data. A recent Finnish paper, published in 2021, levels some well-reasoned critiques at Colloidal Silver, it acknowledges that...

Silver has been used for ages to treat various diseases from common cold to cancer

But explains the toxicity of silver...

An important mechanism of the antimicrobial effects of [silver nanoparticles] is the strong oxidative activity due to an abundant release of silver ions (Ag+), which is also the basis of its toxicity in various organs.

And references nine papers elucidating the toxicity of silver. It also mentions...

  • Colloidal Silver brands tend to make some pretty wild claims, like "it will protect you against feared biological weapons” without providing the extraordinary evidence needed.
  • The products' labels are often inaccurate - the milligrams of silver per liter are incorrect; sometimes less, sometimes more than listed.

There are a few animal studies that demonstrated decreased sperm motility and fertility as a result of silver nanoparticles, it's uncertain what this means for humans. But, if you're a man trying to have a child maybe stay away from it.

 Risk grade: B

The real risk with Colloidal Silver is not argyria, it's all the low-quality products out there. Sadly, as with any supplement or natural medicine for every pure, properly-formulated offering on the market, there are a bunch of cheapo, impure products hawked by fly-by-night operators, Amazon hustlers, and grifters sourcing from China.

Worth noting is that one of the main papers documenting the mechanism of silver's toxicity still arrives at an overall positive conclusion about it. 

There is disinformation on the "natural health" side of the debate also. Namely, claims that it's totally risk and side-effect-free. I'm a bit concerned with the oxidative mechanism of silver nanoparticles which is not really in debate, I would not take it as part of a daily immune regimen. I would take it episodically as I needed some help warding off illness and I'd step up my intake of an antioxidant like Vitamin C concurrently.

In 1999 the FDA issued a warning, taking a stance against Colloidal Silver... 

FDA is not aware of any substantial scientific evidence that supports the use of over-the-counter colloidal silver or ingredients or silver salts for these disease conditions.

If you think the FDA has your best interests at heart, Colloidal Silver is probably not for you, also I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn!

 Usage and dosage

For a 20 parts-per-million Colloidal Silver product, moderation is recommended: 

If taking Colloidal Silver orally, we recommend taking just 1 full dropper per day and not exceeding 2 full droppers per day. We strongly recommend not taking Colloidal Silver orally for more than 2 weeks without a 1 week break.

For prevention

I would swallow the liquid silver two teaspoons twice a day for prevention. If I was sleep-deprived, under stress or exposed to potential disease, I would double the dose to four teaspoons twice a day. [p. 25]

Dr. Gordon Pedersen suggests five days (twice a day) of Colloidal Silver, followed by administration of probiotics to fix gut issues.

For pink eye and other infections, you can administer drops directly to the eyes, according to Dr. Frank...

Using a small plastic dropper, silver was dropped into both eyes, 2-3 drops each, 2-3 times per day. As with external ear infections, we have seen the silver drops remedy these infections, typically within 24 hours. Further, the drops do not sting the eyes or the ears and thus they are well tolerated and received.

Being mostly water, it can be nebulized with an aromatherapy essential oils diffuser. This can be helpful for overcoming pneumonia, as it's a way of introducing silver into the lungs. An Iranian study suggested a synergy between silver nanoparticles and some essential oils; clove oil, nutmeg, cinnamon, basil, and bay leaf.

The same study observed that protein intake mitigates the antibacterial effect - so maybe go vegetarian on days that you take Colloidal Silver.

Store it in a cool, dark place away from electronics.

 The "placebo effect"

According to Wikipedia, Colloidal Silver's benefits are solely due to the placebo effect, which is wrong - there are hundreds of scientific papers published about it and five human clinical trials establishing its effects and underlying mechanism. Reading the Wikipedia pages about Colloidal Silver, it's clear that Wikipedia really likes antibiotics which are "safe and effective." If you're somewhat conspiratorially-minded, as I am, you're thinking: Of course! Wikipedia, like the rest of big tech, serves "the corporatocracy," they are compromised by big pharma. They want lifelong customers, not people fixing their health problems...

And, I'll explain why that's incomplete thinking. The placebo effect is the most consistent phenomenon in clinical science, every "gold standard" study accounts for it. Nobody knows exactly what the placebo effect is - perhaps it's an evolutionary epigenetic survival mechanism - but we know from thousands of studies that belief has power. Given the reliability of the placebo effect, we should yield it to empower our health instead of disregarding it. As a rationally-minded person, the way to get the power of belief working for you, biologically, is by educating yourself - the more you know the more you'll believe. So, I'd urge you to do your research before using Colloidal Silver (or really any supplement); read the books about it, studies, and people's anecdotal experiences.


It's perhaps a bit of a victim of its own success and some of the very colorful internet personalities who have promoted it. I do suspect that Colloidal Silver has been the target of unfair demonization because big pharma (that exercises almost complete control over the regulatory agencies and institutional science) doesn't like the competition. Consider that many millions of people wear silver jewelry every day of their lives; are their fingers and ears turning blue with argyria? Not hardly.

I'll break with a lot of the Colloidal Silver evangelists by urging episodic, not daily use. Silver nanoparticles are acidic and oxidizing. I do a lot of other things daily to fortify my immune system, I don't think I need a daily dose of silver, but being an aristocratic biohacker, once Bitcoin hits half a million dollars I'll cash out some and splurge on a full set of heirloom-worthy sterling silver silverware.


Colloidal Silver
Colloidal Silver
Colloidal Silver
Granulized silver with vial of Colloidal Silver
Artistic rendition of Colloidal Silver
Discerning between legit and fake Colloidal Silver could be a simple as looking at the liquid, if it's clear, it's at best merely ionic silver as this photo shows.


Interview with Dr. Pedersen about Structured Silver by Dr. Paul Cottrell
Colloidal Silver - Deciphering the disinformation and dueling nano-particle narratives...

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