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Uridine Monophosphate by Pure Nootropics
By Jonathan Roseland

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Biohacker ReviewA tasteless, short-burning focus drug

It's supposed to be a study drug that improves memory. Uridine is virtually tasteless, textureless and it washes down leaving no trace, which is kind of nice actually!

Day 1
I took 3 of the little white spoonfuls on a full stomach. It had little to no noticeable effect. I did brain training for the first time with new software and was not real impressed with my scores.

Day 2
I took 4 of the little white spoonfuls on an empty stomach in the morning to no noticeable effect. In the mid-afternoon, feeling somewhat unenhanced, I did another 3 spoonfuls sublingually after eating my daily coconut. About 20 minutes later it kicked in and I found myself quite focused, this effect lasted less than 2 hours. It didn't seem to enhance my creativity or mood noticeably, but I can see how it may be a useful study drug.

Day 3
3 spoonfuls on an empty stomach in the morning produced no noticeable effect. Later in the afternoon, I did another 3 spoonfuls after lunch, the effect was not as acute as the day before.

Day 4
4 spoonfuls in the morning after some yogurt produced no noticeable effect. I did another 4 in the afternoon about an hour after eating my daily coconut, which resulted in a little more acute effect, I could feel more blood moving to the front of my head and face.

Day 5
I did 2 in the morning on an empty stomach and 2 in the afternoon on a full stomach which produced a very underwhelming effect, which is to say, little to no effect. I even caught a little of the mid-afternoon blues, which I drank a coffee to get rid of.

Day 6
I did 3 in the morning before I had a protein bar and some yogurt. I also took a 300mg capsule of Alpha-GPC. After about 30 minutes I felt a little more energetic and I noticed myself typing faster. I did 3 more scoops in the afternoon after my coconut. I had an atrocious brain training n-back session this afternoon. Probably my worst performance since doing brain training after watching porn for 20 minutes WITHOUT masturbating (yes, I actually did this. Not recommended.)

I don't really have enough here to take it daily for very long so I can't really speak to its cumulative effects and honestly, I'm not really interested in its cumulative effects. Why? Here's my logic; Uridine has just a single human study; there is some scientific evidence for believing that it's helpful for memory and protects our DNA and there's some anecdotal evidence for believing that it helps with focus. However, all of these effects are also produced by other smart drugs that are much more efficacious; have a significant amount of double-blind, placebo-controlled human research done on them. I see no reason to take a chance on an unproven Nootropic when much more proven Nootropics accomplish pretty much the same performance-enhancing effects.

Now what I took is not exactly the Mr. Happy Uridine stack, I'd be willing to try that stack because it's highly praised online in a couple of places.

If you watched my other video about Uridine, you'll remember that other sources of Uridine include beer, breast milk, and Citicoline. So, I'm trying to come up with a good joke about Uridine, breast milk, and Biohacking...

About Uridine

A chemical that is predominantly present in the nucleus of a cell and is 1 of the 5 nucleosides that constitute nucleic acid. The chemical is a very important part of Ribonucleic acid (RNA) and is an indispensable part of the basic cell structure of the nucleus.

Uridine is synthesized in the liver as Uridine monophosphate. This is secreted into the bloodstream, where it serves multiple purposes including cell rejuvenation. Uridine is sometimes found in the bloodstream as Uridine triphosphate and Uridine 5 monophosphate. Apart from the bloodstream, the chemical is also found in breast milk. With its main function being, to enhance brain activity and keep a person’s mind alert.

This chemical is mostly derived from the food that we consume but can also be availed through different supplements. It is important to first consult your physician to ensure that it does not tamper with any existing conditions in the body. Some natural sources of Uridine include sugar cane, beer, yeast, tomatoes, and barley. Regular consumption of these foods will ensure that your body’s Uridine level remains constant. This nootropic is related closely to Citicoline.

What is the Uridine Stack?

Uridine Monophosphate or UMP is a substance that is manufactured in the liver and plays a very important role in the creation of Ribonucleic Acid (RNA). This means that it is crucial to enhancing, repairing, and protecting the neurons used by the brain for memory and concentration. When combined with a source of Choline and Omega-3 fish oil, these properties become even more pronounced and can even elevate mood.

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Uridine by Pure Nootropics
Uridine by Pure Nootropics


Uridine Review: A tasteless, short burning focus drug
Uridine as a Nootropic: the Cofactor that comes from Beer (+Rant)

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A tasteless, short-burning focus drug
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