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LifeWave X39™

My friend Yogi Blair has been using, researching, and is very enthusiastic about this stem cell biohack. What follows is his experience with LifeWave's X39. Reading his grandiose, poetic words describing his transformative experience, I wouldn't blame you for being a little skeptical and thinking, This sounds like yet another placebo-effect dependant product! And I might agree with you, science is increasingly understanding that the placebo effect is a downstream effect of our stem cells and epigenetic function. The placebo effect is how our bodies heal themselves, thus you would expect something that empowers our stem cells to potentiate the invigorating and healing power of belief. Check out the podcast interview I did with Blair here, he is a very knowledgeable Biohacker, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Facebook message if you have any questions about this stem cell technology. - Editor, Jonathan Roseland

Let there be light!

It turns out the light is our savior. Or at least for me, it is. Whether it be a short-lived honeymoon with an organic energy drink formula, or next day depression from a cognitive enhancer, leveling up to an emotional rollercoaster by way of a nootropic stack. Maybe even swallowing my prideful addictive tendencies with digestive discomfort from synthetic potions and pills or the stimulant jitters from herbal elixirs…The only matching undercurrent I've found is the wide variety of hangovers I've experienced from all of these various substance modalities. Fortunately, however, when the X39 Stem Cell patch from LifeWave crashed upon my biochemical beaches, the currents shifted to clear waters and a new light began to shine upon this arena. Although the technology may blow you away, the undercurrent won't drown you. It's an instinctive non-invasive shore break. When you place a quarter-size LifeWave patch on the skin, the way Infrared light emitted from the body reflects into the's as natural as ocean merging with the land. The nerves on the skin are stimulated by precise wavelengths of light, and this triggers a very specific chemical reaction in the body. In the case of the X39 patch, a peptide is activated which turns on your body's stem cells. The LifeWave X39 patch focuses on stimulating the copper tripeptide GHK- Cu.

Hanging 10 on X39

Savvy Cell Surfer and LifeWave founder David Schmidt's shore, and groundbreaking discovery occurred when he identified that the waveforms of infrared and visible light produced by organic materials certainly matched the biological structures better than waveforms produced by inorganic materials or electronic devices. Thus he began experimenting with and created stereoisomer solutions composed of L-amino acids and D-sugars capable of self-assembly into nano-sized crystals that when activated by body heat emits specific wavelengths of infrared and visible light known to act through phototherapy and photobiomodulation. This produced physiological effects in both animals and humans and soon after the medical community was pulled back out to sea, revolutionized, and then with each wave returned one patent after another clinical study after success and product after product. The storm is currently pounding the antiquated side effects out of prescription medication, creating a riptide in health and wellness and pleasantly misting the reverse aging world with its offshore breeze. To date, the Pirates Of The Mitochondrian wish they could booty loot the invention. However its savvy-ness is under the protection of over 80 patents, 12 of which go to the X39 patch, is available in over 100 countries, and to top off the crow's nest... The lifeguards feel safe because it is backed up by over 80 open-label and double-blind clinical studies. Just as well, your safety vest is secure with the company’s 30-day money-back guarantee.

Balance in the sweet spot

When I first heard about this my eyes rolled like two pontoons in the ocean. One in regards to a car mechanic acquaintance here in Sedona who gained nothing from a $9,000 stem cell knee surgery and yet, after just 2 weeks of X39 use, gained full recovery correction. The other, a second Sedona mutual acquaintance whose unresolved foot pain issue of 20 years was cleared within two weeks. Though it was my own personal experience that fully convinced me that the revolution against aging and disease is flooding in through many upgraded modalities such as the LifeWave technology. For 20 years I've been thoroughly engaged with a lifestyle centered around optimum health and wellness. Plenty of health supplements, yoga, outdoor time, wellness devices, low-stress work, and an abundance of clean healthy foods all surround my life, and yet still my tide is low more often than I'd prefer. I continue to enjoy the noticeable beneficial results from a collection of health supplements yet it was LifeWave's X39 patch that brought the tide back up and my cellular sea levels rose with a substantial lift in energy. My nervous system has been stirred up and a potent batch of sea-foam, like bubbles being put back in my champagne, continues to fizz with delight. No hangover this time. By the 3rd day of use the swell was coming in and a renewed sense of well-being like no other followed me in the wake. This was a flow with which I could go. Noticing a sense of well-being that in turn put the wind in my motivation sails is great, ya know, because who doesn't want a luxury creative inspiration cruise without any side effect prices to pay? Rather than unfavorable after effects, each day gained momentum. The happy for no reason thing is quite smooth, making it easier to open our hearts. Perhaps heart-opening is why we're on this planet in the first place.

Speaking of opening, after-tax, and shipping you'll need to open your wallet for $145 for the first month's supply and $120 per month thereafter. 30 one-per-day X39 patches last 30 days and do have that 30-day guarantee. Within this, you will automatically become an affiliate and receive commissions for referrals. Considering what some folks pay for prescription medication, I see this as a bargain sale which includes technology that actually gets the job done and rejuvenates; as opposed to the overpriced synthetic drugs as well as the prices you'll pay for its astounding failure rate famous for causing cellular degeneration and other side effects. Since LifeWave's inception, there has not been a single account of drug interactions or interference with implantable medical devices such as pacemakers.

About LifeWave

Back in 2004, this technology was, of course, characterized as snake oil. Now 15 years later, with the deluge of clinical studies and peer review journals in support, this technology is fully accepted by the medical and scientific community. In 2004 and for many years, LifeWave has been developing patches that stimulate Carnosine and Glutathione to address pain and sleep. In 2018 when the X39 stem cell activating patch was released the company radically pepped up with a pep-tidal wave resurgence.

Anti-Aging Patches?

X39 is a patch on your skin that activates a peptide that turns on your body's stem cells. It's called Photobiomodulation which uses different frequencies of light to stimulate different biological and biochemical responses in the body. Photobiomodulation is the low-power non-thermal delivery of photons in the visible or near-infrared spectrum (405–1000 nm) that elicits a beneficial biological response in cells and tissue. Just as photobiomodulation has an abundance of applications, peptides to, sail many different seas. One of the most enriching is that peptides are communication devices that the body uses to initiate various chemical processes including antioxidant production, inflammation control, and stem cell activation. Though covering more ocean fast and wide, perhaps in regards to the most abundant applications, outdoing photobiomodulation and peptides, taking 1st prize in the America Cup, are stem cells. Just as miraculous with their intrinsic self morphing abilities as they are in their healing results on the body. Stem cells, without any specific job or function, are undifferentiated. They have the potential to become any other type of cell in the body. Skin cells, bone, fat cells, blood, muscle cells, nerve, liver cells, etc. When any cell dies or becomes worn out, your body will use stem cells to replace these cells, thus addressing any cellular degenerative issues. Stem cells are now being used in the creation of new tissue to replace parts of organs that have been damaged by injury or disease. As we age, our stem cells decline in their ability to heal the body.

Chiral stereoisomers

The LifeWave X39 is clinically proven to provide the body with a level of health and vitality that you have not experienced since you were just a little guppy in your youth. The way stem cells possess the capability of dividing to replenish themselves is like a two-for-one deal... Damage Repair hooking up for a dance of regeneration. Ta-da. But just like any professional dancer, they may remain dormant (non-dividing) for years until a gig comes around - until they are activated. That's where Lifewave floats up with the photonic spotlight. It's Showtime! Well okay, first a dress rehearsal. For example, during Lifewave's initial trials with biological stem cell models, a phenomenal 90% improvement in the speed of wound healing was achieved. The self-assembling nano-crystals created by the stereoisomers are like a well-prepared R&B dance performance meeting a synchronized swim team. These stereoisomers are actually isomers though they vary in the dimensional organization of atoms, rather than the order of atomic connectivity. One isomer that is known to steal the show is the mirror-image stereoisomers which are a set of two molecules that are non-superimposable as well as a mirror image of one another. Conceptual art so to speak. It's the concept known as chirality that determines the existence of these molecules. A dynamic duet. Chirality essentially means ‘mirror-image', non-superimposable molecules.

The male Seahorse becoming pregnant and giving birth is pretty neato woe. Though the LifeWave patches which are manufactured by impregnating a disc of fabric with a proprietary solution of chiral stereoisomers may be the next coolest thing. The impregnated fabric, in turn, is sandwiched and sealed between two films of medical-grade plastic. A layer of medical-grade hypoallergenic adhesive is applied to one side of the patches which is then placed on the skin. The nanocrystal LifeWave patches use chiral stereoisomer molecules because these chiral nanostructures are optically active and obtain light-to-matter properties. Energy levels in atoms are cable of converting. Likewise, during charged carrier transitions between energy levels in nanocrystals a photon can be emitted or absorbed. The absorbing luminescence conversion of frequencies can be tuned by altering the nanocrystal size. Additionally, these nanocrystals carry unique optical properties such as a wide absorption spectrum. From The Story of X39™:

The organically-based optically active nanocrystal mixtures in LifeWave patches operate as localized reflectors that absorb and trap a large part of body heat (wideband infrared emission) and reflect a specific part of the spectrum in a narrow band in the infrared spectrum back to the body. LifeWave patch proprietary formulas are designed to produce differently sized nano-crystals in the different patch products. LifeWave has pioneered the development of this technology that uses structured bio-molecular nano-crystals to emit specific wavelengths of light for the production of photobiomodulation effects in both humans and animals. When a LifeWave patch is placed on the surface of the skin, the technology provides the ability to safely transmit specific wavelengths of light to optimize certain biological functions such as energy production, peptide synthesis, and pain control. These patches are essentially passive transmitters that use organic nano-crystal antennas which have both photonic and electronic (dielectric) properties. The nano-crystal antennas in the LifeWave patches absorb infrared radiation (body heat) in the range of 700-20,000 nanometers and emit light in the infrared and visible spectra back into the body. The small nanometer-size crystals in LifeWave patches exhibit spectroscopic properties, such as light absorption and light emission.

Who loves the light?! What a novel idea it is to use light and the power and potential of yourself to heal and invigorate the body. Physicians are not healing, they only supply surgery or pills, it's the cells that end up doing the work. Only you and your cells can heal you. Harnessing the power of the cells is the fundamental basis of Regenerative Medicine and thus LifeWave uses light to stimulate the body's natural healing systems.

Powered by Peptides

GHK-Cu is both a safe and non-toxic copper-binding peptide. Peptides are building blocks of proteins as well as bioregulators and hormones which control gene expression and the biological activity of all the cells in the body. Peptides play a significant role in regulating biological aging. The Russian military initiated much of the original peptide research in efforts to make their soldiers stronger and more resilient. Those must be the paranoid patriarchal peptides. This research was headed by Professor Vladimir Khavinson who determined that peptides are bioregulators that can slow down the aging process. Biologically active peptides and gene expression both decline with age. As reduction of proteins and enzymes start creeping in on the body, the results are impaired metabolism and tissue repair which produces age-related decline and degeneration of the body. Thus to keep decreased protein synthesis to a minimum we want to pep up our peptides! Shine the light, tickle them with photons, wake those sleepy little buggers up! Whatever it takes because anything that increases peptide availability will have anti-aging effects. Let's increase our lifespan long enough so we can make it through the infinitely long list of processes, functions, capabilities, and gifts of the GHK, the glycyl-L-histidyl-L-lysine copper peptide. Or just for now, here are a few:

  • Increase stem cells
  • Activate over 4000 genes to more youthful levels
  • Reduce pain
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Repair DNA damage and promote DNA repair
  • Produce anti-aging effects at a cellular level
  • Promote organ regeneration

More vitality to express yourself! And your genes too. Gene expression studies found that GHK affected nearly 1/3 of human genes, moving their gene activity to a more youthful state.

  • It's now known that GHK’s copper activates regenerative and protective genes as well as antioxidant genes.
  • GHK has been found to elevate levels of antioxidant enzymes and increase glutathione levels and GHK stimulates genes that remove damaged proteins.
  • GHK activates gene expression involved in wound healing as well as the skin, hair follicles, liver, gastrointestinal tract, brain, and bone tissue.
  • GHK-Cu stimulates gene expression of DNA Repair genes and promotion of GHK to youthful levels that can help reestablish the activity of DNA repair genes and as well as diminish the deteriorating effects of aging.

About the Inventor

Founder and CEO, David Schmidt's formal education from NY's Pace University is in Management Information Systems and Biology. He went on to become a successful inventor with companies involved in manufacturing and product development. One of his inventions, the Double Helix Conductor, received a research grant from Scientific Foundation Ireland and was evaluated with multiple research studies at the National University of Ireland Galway (NUIG) and the Regenerative Medicine Institute (REMEDI). It was uncovered in this research program that the use of this device, which produces a novel blend of electromagnetic and non-electromagnetic fields, could produce improvements in the speed of wound healing that rivaled injections of stem cells. This led David to realize that phototherapy could be a means by which a person’s stem cells could be activated into a more youthful state as opposed to requiring an injection of expensive and potentially dangerous stem cells. Thus the X39 patch was born.

What people are saying about X39...


“My skin is tighter around my body and I have much more flexibility. The X39 is repairing old injuries. I had a spinal disc herniation C4 for about 20. Years, I feel how the X39 is working on that - my body is changing. I have an underactive thyroid function. My Thyroid is swelling and of course I had some symptoms like irritability, but now they have gone after two days. As a child I broke my ankle, it used to hurt once in a while, since X39, this problem is complete gone. I am studying at the moment to be a naturopath; my memory is increasing incredibly. I am able to learn more quickly.” - Pilar Heinrich

This article is focused on the X39 patch. But LifeWave's technology has other applications, for example, the results of a double-blind placebo-controlled clinical study on the IceWave pain patch were incredible. Over 90% of participants experienced pain relief within minutes of use. This was without any type of drug; only light.

The only letdown I've had thus far with my LifeWave run was during the time a viral bug was going around. I did not fully get sick, just a bit run down, and, for a couple of weeks, my X39 rejuvenation high went with it. So if you happen to initialize your LifeWave experience during a time when you're fighting off a bug of sorts; you may not be in the best state to notice the benefits.
Open to the light. Hold the light. And trip the light fantastic!

Cheers, Yogi Blair

You can find clinical studies, peer-review journals, products, further information, and testimonials at

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LifeWave X39™
LifeWave X39™


LifeWave X39 Product Video - English
The X39 "Stem Cell Patch" Vanquished my Fatigue! ?️ Blair Darby Interview

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Maybe that's why they call it peptides.
Over the past 11 weeks of X39 use I've noticed that work is more playful.
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