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By Jonathan Roseland

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Biohacker ReviewNANOTROPIL NOVO® is next-level Phenylpiracetam

I got my hands on a package and have been using it on and off for a few weeks. I cycled off my daily-driver Nootropic, Nicotine, when I first went on it because wanted to more accurately gauge its effects. It's a quintessential cognitive enhancer...

  • It enhanced my technical problem-solving capacities, which helped me get through a redesign and revamp of my website.
  • It sharpened my memory and grasp of vocabulary a bit.
  • I had words on the tip of my tongue less.
  • Recently I've developed moderate Tinnitus (which probably has something to do with excessive news binging this crazy year) which caused some sleep deprivation. 200 milligrams helped some with sleep deprivation, but addressing the Tinnitus with meditation made a bigger difference.

I took between 100 - 200 milligrams (one or two pills). A single pill did not really produce a noticeable effect, two pills were the stimulatory sweet spot for me.

HRV on Phenylpiracetam 350I did do mediation on it which I quantified with my Heartmath Inner BalanceInner Balance heart rate variability sensor and app. I achieved a good "coherence" score by meditating on Phenylpiracetam while shining my infrared red light on my head.

When I review new Nootropics I peruse the recent science done on them and there's not much new research on Phenylpiracetam. I came across just Latvian two animal studies; one on R-phenylpiracetam and the other on S-phenylpiracetam. The first study concluded in its abstract:

Our study showed that [R-phenylpiracetam] possesses neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory effects, demonstrating the potential of DAT inhibitors as effective therapeutics.

And the second added:

The results demonstrate that S-phenylpiracetam reduces body weight gain and improves adaptation to hyperglycemia without stimulating locomotor activity. Our findings suggest that selective DAT inhibitors, such as S-phenylpiracetam, could be potentially useful for treating obesity in patients with metabolic syndrome with fewer adverse health consequences compared to other anorectic agents.

RUPharma who offers it adds...

NANOTROPIL NOVO® (Phenylpiracetam, Fonturacetam, Phenotropil, Entrop) is the new Russian pharmaceutical Phenylpiracetam. Made by the same company as Phenotropil back in 2018.

Fonturacetam is basically the same thing as Phenylpiracetam.

I stacked it with...

Modafinil - half dosage 75 milligrams of Modalert

I give it 4 stars because it's a decent cognitive enhancer but, pound-for-pound, dollar-for-dollar, rubble-for-rubble, Piracetam remains the superior smart drug in my view. I'd suggest that biohackers try Piracetam for a month, then switch to Piracetam-derivative like this or Oxiracetam for a month, and then try stacking them.

4 stars blue

Let's talk about the Racetams. It's getting trickier, to get your hands on high-quality Racetams as several of the major American suppliers have discontinued selling them to try to appease the regulators that have put Racetams in the nonsensical legal category of "not for human consumption." If you want to use these safe and effective smart drugs, branded pharmaceuticals like this or Nootropil are a better bet than cheap made-in-china powdered Racetams.

RUPharma (or their sister-site MOSPharma) is the most credible source of branded pharmaceutical smart drugs.

  • They ship reliably (and very discretely) to America, Canada, Australia, and a number of European countries.
  • They guarantee shipping to your country.
  • It would be a really smart idea to use cryptocurrency to order from them, not because they aren't a legit e-commerce operation, but because of anonymity.
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More about...

Phenotropil® is the caviar of Racetams, also known as Phenylpiracetam. It's unquestionably one of the safest and most effective smart drugs.

It was developed in 1983 behind the iron curtain for Soviet cosmonauts. Residents of the Mir space station used it to assuage the anxiety and depression caused by a long-term zero-gravity lifestyle.

The Mathematician's Racetam

One of the effects noted by Biohackers who use it for cognitive performance enhancement is that it improves one's mathematical aptitude.

  • I've noticed that my Lumosity scores in math games improved while dosed.

  • A day trader reportedI'm a stock analyst/trader, so I use phenylpiracetam to read for a long time various documents without getting interrupted. It's great for getting a lot of work done that doesn't require you to be totally precise. I say "precise" because it might make you overconfident in some situations because you're so focused and powerful for an extended period of time.

The Athlete's Racetam

  • It is a banned athletic performance-enhancing substance; a 1999 Korean study found it increased cold resistance and physical endurance.
  • The most recent study out of Riga, Latvia concluded that it helped weight gain. 
  • In addition to these findings, research has shown that rats injected with Phenylpiracetam showed improved motor functions (velocity and distance).

Athletes use Phenotropil to enhance sports performance.

Scientific Research

On Pubmed, you can find 6 clinical trials that evaluated Phenylpiracetam in humans. Since its discovery, there have been various studies showing its efficacy as a treatment for those suffering from cognitive decline due to natural reasons.

  • A 2014 study found it was helpful for those suffering from epilepsy: Phenotropil reduced the frequency of seizures and improved cognitive function in the absence of epileptiform EEG abnormalities.
  • Oddly, a 2016 study indicated that taking Phenotropil would help one to maintain work capacity if exposed to radiation.

Mechanism of Action

Its mechanism mirrors that of Piracetam...

  • Although, it appears to be better at crossing the blood-brain barrier than Piracetam.
  • Ampakinic, Ampakines are so effective at increasing our awareness of the world around us that DARPA has investigated them for military applications.
  • It modulates cytokine levels.
  • It's a cerebral mitochondrial hack according to a recent study: At the same time, the nootropic activity of [citicoline, phenylpiracetam] was comparable to their effect on the functional state of mitochondria in neocortical neurons...


  • ACh Precursor, for many Biohackers it's a good idea to supplement your choline intake simultaneously with dosing racetams. 
  • The CILTEP Stack and Racetams have synchronistic actions. Many biohackers report that it nicely complements the 'social racetam' Aniracetam. Although the three together create an undesirable sensation.
  • Modafinil is actually my favorite thing to combine with Phenylpiracetam. The two together I do not find overstimulating or anxiety-inducing but if I combined them not more than twice a week; the focus zone of relentless productivity they put me into is unequaled.
  • Semax in combination with Phenylpiracetam may make you scary smart. A Biohacker who thoroughly experimented with both reportedBy the way, Phenotropil works wonders when I take it with Semax. Has anyone experienced that or it's just me?
  • Semax and Selank are a highly renowned stack in elite Biohacker circles. Selank is the one Semax cofactor that is supported by the published scientific research. An American Biohacker reported I had stacked it with selank a few days back, and took a very small dose of Ritalin (2.5mg), and went on the most productive 5 hours I had in the last year.

If I were going to shell out the cash for Phenotropil®, I would combine it with these two potent cofactors, and then I would invent faster than light travel.

Usage and Dosage

Dosage 100-200 milligrams daily for cognitive enhancement. 500 milligrams daily is a high dosage.

Usage It's an ideal smart drug with its effect half-life of 4-5 hours. So you'll want to take a capsule or two in the morning and one in the mid-afternoon. Do not exceed 700mg (7 pills) per 24 hours.


Phenylpiracetam can be officially used both for healthy people with the following On-Label Indications:

  • Extreme work conditions e.g. excessive intellectual or physical requirements
  • As a study aid for concentration improvement.
  • Mild and moderate depression
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome

Side Effects

  • Side effects are quite rare (<10%) and usually occur in the first three days after which they disappear. They include irritability, psycho-motor excitation, and high blood pressure. 
  • The only negative side effect reported consistently about it is choline headaches if you dose too much without supplementing an ACh precursor. 

Risk Grade: A-

Number of Clinical Trials: 6

  • Phenylpiracetam is regarded amongst Biohackers as one of the best smart drugs, it's molecularly very similar to Piracetam.
  •  It has a handful of clinical trials; a few of them recent, all of them Russian.
  • Online you can find many veteran Biohackers highly praising it.
  • One Biohacker took Phenylpiracetam for three months and reportedWhen I started phenylpiracetam I had some bad side effects from it. I tried two different online sellers of powdered phenylpiracetam (they are not the most popular sources, but they are still well-known sources), and after a few days of use, I would get a strange chest pain and difficulty sleeping. I almost discontinued my usage of this nootropic until I decided to use the original branded phenylpiracetam called Phenotropil. This is the one I have been using for the past three months and I haven't experienced any side effects from it.
  • Unfortunately, it doesn't deserve to get a higher grade because of the relative lack of human clinical trials done specifically on Phenylpiracetam at labs and universities around the world.

Country of Manufacture: Russia

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NANOTROPIL NOVO® is next-level Phenylpiracetam [Biohacker Review]

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NANOTROPIL NOVO® is next-level Phenylpiracetam
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NANOTROPIL NOVO® is next-level Phenylpiracetam [Biohacker Review]
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