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L-Theanine by Micro Ingredients
By Jonathan Roseland

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Biohacker ReviewL-Theanine gives my creative process wings to soar

If you are a creative type L-Theanine is worth your attention. Bloggers, authors, and especially ad copywriters should know that L-Theanine is a promoter of Catchyismismism - a word I invented, its definition:

Ad copy that is soaking wet with creative, articulate, and concise eloquent grammatical constructs which will grab your readers' attention like a lover.

As creative types, we fantasize about this perfect world where we would sit down in front of our computers to create and inspiration would always strike, we would consistently hit this creative flow state and produce just brilliant stuff. The reality is that it's a lot messier than that, sometimes after an hour of laboring away with the empty page, what we have produced is worthy of nothing more than the delete button or the waste bin. The secret to being a productive writer is just to do it a lot, and get a creative process that works for you, it could be...

  • Meditation
  • Listening to music
  • Doing exercise
  • Outlining your writing work with a mindmap
  • Drink coffee and listen to reggaeton music (like me!)

My creative process...

I think it's a pretty good process, I've used it to write +400,000 words; a 500-page book, and hundreds of articles. Feel free to steal it!

Most of my writing is taking quite uninspiring, dry, scientific papers and cross-referencing their data with anecdotal experiences and quantified-self-type data coming out of the biohacker community and turning them into +2000-word articles that give the data some personality.

  1. On the first day of working on an article, what I will try to do is skim 3-4 studies and I will find a couple of quotable lines in them, I will copy and paste them into my blank document (with attribution links, obviously).
  2. Then I will go over to Longecity.org, the Bulletproof forum, Amazon reviews, and even Reddit and speed read 25-100 different peoples' experiences with them. Out of these, I will grab a couple of other lines of insightful user experiences with the smart drug or biohacking tool in question.
  3. Once I've immersed myself in the subject matter for an hour or two doing this I will begin to reach conclusions and grasp some of the nuances of the subject matter.
  4. The creative gears in my head will start to work, I will free associate my thoughts on paper.
  5. I will frequently run into moments where I need some more data to reference or an anecdote to support a conclusion I'm coming to, if I don't have that data immediately on hand I will just add an under-strike __, because I don't want to disrupt my creative flow finding hard information.
  6. On my second or third day, as I near the end of writing an article I will search Crtl-F for the under strikes __ and I will finish developing these areas of content. A lot of times I just need to track down a few more quotes from studies.

Obviously, I try to stay open-minded during this process, if I run into a study that has data contrary to a conclusion I reached earlier or a feature/benefit I try to present the pros and cons, thus allowing the reader to make the conclusions.

L-Theanine gives my creative process wings to soar

I wrote my science fiction story, a Post Opp's Devolution, which you can find the first 9 chapters of here, while on L-Theanine. I wrote an ebook on text message marketing entitled, 93% Open Rates: Rich Content Mobile Marketing Demystified, while on L-Theanine.

I used it before the talk I did for the Medellin Lifehacker Meetup, during which a couple of small disasters occurred. I was expecting to have two assistants and they flaked on me. Then I had reserved the whole space at the venue but these two guys were occupying a table that some students needed to use. Despite these two issues, I kept a very cool head. I was able to do a two-hour presentation; it was a fruitful event.

Medellin Lifehacker Meetup

I tried it a couple of times in social settings or before dates and I don't feel like it did much for my verbal skills.

It also absorbs nicely; just dump it in your beverage and it will dissolve. The taste is really pleasant, it kind of tastes like green tea, which is what you would expect. This is the Umami taste.
It is supposed to improve bitter tastes, like those of coffee, dark chocolate, and grapefruit.
I insist on drinking such high-quality coffee that I haven't been able to test this, all the coffee I drink is just really delicious stuff.

L-Theanine is the active ingredient in green tea

Which contains caffeine, which is energizing, so you really shouldn't drink it within several hours of going to bed. L-Theanine itself doesn't contain any caffeine, so if you like to drink a glass or two of red wine in the evenings and write for several hours and you want to supplement your creativity without screwing up your sleep take L-Theanine.

I like to stack it with other Nootropics that put me into super geek mode such as...

  • Modafinil and the Racetams. L-Theanine delivers relaxation without sedation, so it takes the edge off some of these intense smart drugs.
  • L-Theanine classically gets stacked with caffeine, the two are a great combination, especially for creatives because the caffeine gets you motivated and the L-Theanine gets you inspired.
  • If you want to enhance your creativity beyond that I suggest using a modicum of supplemental Nicotine.

Cost comparison

$25 - 100 grams - each little spoonful of it powdered is 350-500 milligrams
$15 40 grams 200 capsules 200 milligrams
Green Tea
8 Cups of Green Tea = 200 milligrams

All around it's an excellent value, when I finish with my little 50-gram bag I will order the 100-gram bag - heck, I would order a scarface mountain of L-Theanine if I could!

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Micro Ingredients L-Theanine Supplements, 100 Grams (1 Year Supply), Filler Free, No GMOs and Vegan Friendly.

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On L-Theanine at the Medellin Lifehacker Meetup


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Review of L-Theanine: The Nutraceutical that gives my Creative Process Wings to Soar
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This nutraceutical that gives my creative process wings to soar ✒️ Biohacker Review of L-Theanine

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L-Theanine gives my creative process wings to soar
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On L-Theanine at the Medellin Lifehacker Meetup
Review of L-Theanine: The Nutraceutical that gives my Creative Process Wings to Soar
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