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i3Mindware® is the most scientifically advanced IQ increase software on the market. Whether for attaining a 130-150 IQ score on the IQ scale for high IQ societies such as Mensa or the Cerebrals Society, preparing for challenging entrance exams or aptitude tests, or simply wanting to optimise cognitive performance, this IQ braintraining software will increase your IQ and general intelligence substantially. The 20 day training program results in permanent neuroplasticity changes, with long-term IQ gains.

Dual n-back – proven IQ increasing effectiveness

i3Mindware® utilizes a scientifically authentic version of the only brain training exercise – the dual n-back – scientifically proven to improve:

  • IQ - problem solving, reasoning, and learning ability
  • short termworking memory

Beyond n-back: train the 5 factors of your IQ

Your IQ has 3 dimensions (hence ‘i3‘): your knowledge, your thinking ability, and your cognitive efficiency. In addition to your cognitive core, i3Mindware® trains each of the 5 factors that make up these 3 dimensions of IQ.

I. knowledge base

  • Gc: Crystallized intelligence – general knowledge, verbal ability

II. thinking skills

  • Gf: Fluid intelligence – reasoning and novel problem solving ability
  • Gv: Visual intelligence – the ability to manipulate mental visual images to solve problems

III. cognitive efficiency

  • Gs: Processing speed – the speed at which basic cognitive processes are executed
  • Gsm: Short term / working memory – a short term memory store for integrating and processing information

Uses for i3Mindware® brain training

i3Mindware® training builds

  • General intelligence (measured by valid IQ tests)
  • Performance on IQ and aptitude tests – whether professionally administered IQ tests, job aptitude tests or university entrance exams such as the SATs or GREs.

In addition, the core training  task transfers to marked gains in:

  • Goal focus: the ability to attend to, and keep on track with your goals, and not be distracted.
  • Self control: the will power to overcome impulses, distractions and temptations.
  • Short term memory gains: the ability to hold in mind & manage more information.
  • Brain fitness: your overall level of mental health, power and efficiency.

Most users also report:

  • greater clarity
  • quicker thought processes
  • gains in insight

Dual N-Back Training Promotes Nueroplasticity

Join the 
Dual N-Back Habit on Lift™


Mind Power Products

Money back guarantee Buy i3Mindware®
Single User License: $44.99
Multi User License (Up to 3 Separate PCs/Devices): $59.99
When to expect mind power results
20 Days
Suggested Use
20 minutes daily



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