Biohacking Limitless Motivation

Motivation can be quite the conundrum. Sometimes you've got it, sometimes you don't. Maybe your motivation seems to wane seasonally. Instead of chasing inspiration further, I'll suggest that you reframe your thinking about motivation...

Biohacking Limitless Motivation

The other day I was getting a coffee with a bright young entrepreneur who has a pretty successful online business. He lamented that oddly he felt sometimes uninspired by life, he's automated and outsourced a lot of his business. He's found that his income has plateaued and he sometimes sleeps in. I told him, you know what's the ultimate lifehack for motivation to make more money? Become a father. Consistently when men become a father they start making a lot more money, especially entrepreneurs. It just flips a switch in your evolutionary psychology that really turns on the motivation. My friend wasn't interested in having kids, maybe you're not either -- this article contains a number of strategies and tools for limitless motivation.

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