Have you lost your edge mentally? How to get it back...

Lost Your Mental Edge

If you feel like you've lost your edge mentally and are just not as sharp as you should be that's a suspicion that you should take very seriously.

You're not alone, this has got to be one of the most common things that people tell me and I hear it from increasingly young people. It kind of makes sense that the elderly are naturally going to experience cognitive decline after living a long life but alarmingly I seem to talk with just as many people in their third and fourth decades of life who report a marked decline.

About a decade ago it was real tin-foil hat conspiracy territory to claim that there's a bunch of toxic chemicals and engineered environmental forces assaulting our biology causing premature aging and dumbing down the population, increasingly now this conspiracy theory is being validated by science. 

I've certainly experienced this myself around my mid-twenties, like many young men in my early 20's I was extremely energetic, sharp, and ambitious along with, of course, being a bit cocky and reckless. I worked at nightclubs at this time so I tended to do a lot of drinking, smoking cigarettes, and had a pretty awful diet. By around age 26 or 27, I noticed that I just was not as sharp cognitively. I'd forget little things so consistently that it annoyed my roommates. I remember thinking how strange it was that at such a young age I was already experiencing cognitive decline. Then I got into biohacking, I started using Nootropics and changed my diet drastically. Now at age 33, I'm mentally sharper than I've ever been.

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