Downloadable medicine is NO longer science fiction...


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Infopathy is a gamechanger

As an American ex-pat living abroad, infopathy is a gamechanger for my biohacking because it means I can just "download" any supplement I want, avoiding the brain damage and tyranny of dealing with international shipping and my local customs office. Living in North America, you don't know how good you have it, just being able to order online any supplement you desire and having it arrive on your doorstep a week later. In many countries, getting packages from the post office is an experience not dissimilar from negotiating with the mafia the release of a hostage! Also, thanks to the COVID pandemic/plandemic, no matter where you are in the world, expect the further breakdown of supply chains, expect specialized supplements and medicine to become more expensive and harder to get your hands on. Just try getting Ivermectin these days (and, yes, there is an Ivermectin IC).

This is why I enthusiastically recommend biohacking tech like Infopathy, Heartmath devices, and red-light therapy - buy it once and it empowers your health for years - this is why Infopathy makes the cut, I've added it to my list of recommended vendors - spend over $150 with Infopathy via my link here (save 10% with coupon code Limitless), you'll get a free 30-minute biohacking consultation with me, and you'll be eligible to join the Limitless Mindset Secret Society.

From my biohacker review, Downloadable medicine is NO longer science fiction...

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 INVEST at least $150 in your health with Infopathy and get a Biohacking consultation. 10% discount with coupon code: Limitless

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Downloadable medicine is NO longer science fiction - “Infocueticals” save me $122 monthly

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Infopathy is a gamechanger
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