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Infinite Age

Infinite Age offers these products manufactured at a GMP certified facility in the USA.

NMN - The Epigenetic Vitamin for Telomeric Tranquility
C60 Olive Oil - A Super-Antioxidant for Biological Antifragility
Resveratrol - Anti-Aging Support
Sea Moss Advanced - Total Wellness Formula

What makes Infinite Age different...

Before we even consider selling an anti-aging supplement or Nootropic it must be verified as pure and free of toxins or manufacturing byproducts by an HPLC done by an accredited American spectroscopy lab. We publish publicly on our website’s product pages and include with every order COAs documenting important quality assurance steps.

As you can see by browsing Amazon, investing in GMP sourcing means we can’t compete on price with those who don’t have the same quality standards that we do. We do so confident that our customers are a cut above and share our obsession with quality
When you want to eat a steak, you don’t buy a discounted cut of meat from Wal Mart, or order one at a cheapo, cookie-cutter casual dining restaurant - you carefully select a premium grass-fed steak from a good source or you make a reservation at the best steak house in town. When you buy a car, you don’t simply walk onto a used car lot and drive home the cheapest rustbucket with 4 wheels that moves, you carefully research which makes and models are most reliable and safe and then you carefully choose a new or well-maintained used vehicle. If these are the kinds of standards you have with everything else that you spend your money on, you’ll be satisfied with Infinite Age’s line of products.

Checking out our products, what you’ll notice is that there are significant savings in signing up for a monthly subscription. This is a win-win for both us and our customers, you don’t need to remember to reorder every month and it’s ultimately better business for us when customers stick with us for months or years.
A lot of Nootropics companies or health supplement companies in the space offer an ethically questionable cheap initial offering in exchange for signing up for monthly auto billing. They offer a “free” 20-day trial supply of a product if people are willing to pay $7 for shipping and then sign up for auto-billing, three weeks after that they are auto-billed for $69 (or whatever the real price is). Inevitably people end up paying the real price before they are ready and get very irate. This is NOT what we do. We offer savings for monthly subscriptions but we send you a full supply every month, the auto billing price does not change and you can cancel anytime.

INVEST at least $200 in your health with Infinite Age and get a Biohacking consultation

Check out my podcast interview with Russell Symes, the CEO, and founder of Infinite Age Co.


Infinite Age

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