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A seriously effective social accountability tool created by Yale University economists for quitting smoking, losing weight, eating right or whatever your self-control intensive goals are.

  1. You start by creating a Commitment Contract for your behavior: You commit to exercising consistently, studying Spanish for an hour a day, going a month without drinking, etc. 
  2. Then you set the Stakes of what happens if you fail to exercise self-control: Your money is donated to charity or a cause you hate and (or) your friends or social network are notified are some of the most effective motivational stakes. That's right! One of the strongest motivators of habit changing action is knowing that your hard earned money is going to go towards a cause you oppose if you fail to practice self-control. Example: If you are Pro-Life on the Abortion issue, select a Pro-Choice charity to receive your funds if you fail.
  3. Select a Referee: Your best friend, spouse or roommate holds you accountable to your Commitment Contract. If you break your Commitment they can report it to on your stickK account.
  4. Support: Other users on stickK will support and encourage you in your goals, posting encouraging messages on your Wall

You can set Commitment Contracts as one time events with a deadline (I will go one month without drinking alcohol) or as ongoing commitments (I will work out twice every week). There are currently over $14 Million dollars on the line for Commitment Contracts and hundreds of thousands of users meeting their goals.

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