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Live Fast. Die Young

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

Live Fast

An old friend of mine died recently. We were business partners, roommates and at times rivals.

Patrick was a real dichotomy of inner demons, vices, insanity and redeeming features, work ethic, competitiveness, creativity, masterful persuasive ability and ambition. I learned a lot from him.

His body was found in his vehicle in Florida, it was a none violent death. He was not in imminent danger of death from chronic illness so when it happened everyone was really surprised - but not me. I saw this day coming for him over half a decade ago and I became even more certain of it just a few years ago.

Live Fast.

About 10 years ago we were doing what everyone who knew us will probably remember us for: partying at a nightclub. That night we were rolling in a brand new Maserati (that the company we worked for had insanely bought) as the ladies night crowd was spilling out of the entrance of the lounge, Patrick illegally parked the Italian beast of a car in front. An attractive older woman posed with the car and Patrick invited her to sit in the red leather racing seats for a photo. The car was idling and Patrick encouraged the woman to rev the engine, the exhaust snarled like an angry cat, making quiet the scene. At that moment a cop approached, assumed the car was the woman's, closed her door for her and ordered her to move the car, which she promptly did. Me and Patrick were dismayed to see this woman who's name we didn't even know drive off into the night with the $125,000 car. Luckily she just drove around the corner and parked the car, we ran after her and got our car back. Patrick invited her to after party with us and 3 other totally random girls in a yellow car followed us back to our friend's apartment nearby - these sorts of things happen with a car that costs as much as a house. Back at the apartment me and the woman ended up in a bedroom and started having sex. I kept hearing the others rudely peaking in at us, finally balls deep Patrick and my other friend burst into the bedroom, cheering me on. I promptly withdrew and kicked my friends out.

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8 Biohacks for Trump and Clinton

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

clinton trump politics

The purpose of this article is NOT to make a case of which of the candidates for the 2016 US presidential elections have the more favorable combination of vices, virtues, liabilities and redeeming qualities.
Remarkably these candidates have spent cumulatively over a billion dollars yet from my observation at least, they are failing to employ some Biohacking strategies and tools that would make them all the more effective as campaigning candidates and politicians.

These would be my recommendations to the Trump and Clinton...

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8 Life Hacking Lessons from the Richest Man. Ever.

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

John Rockefeller Life Hacker
$350 Billion
(with a capital B!) was the inflation adjusted personal net worth of John D. Rockefeller. He was history's wealthiest man, by a long a shot, if you consider the wealthiest individuals of our lifetimes.

  • Muammar Gaddafi Up to 200 Billion
  • Bill Gates 50 Billion
  • Warren Buffet 42 Billion
  • Carlos Helu Slim 30 Billion

These individuals are mere paupers in comparison. John D's titanic wealth was matched only his altruism. So much of his wealth was given away to organizations that have made a sustainable positive impact on the world that it would not be unreasonable to say that virtually every person alive today benefits in one way or another from his altruism. Was John D. a life hacker? Absolutely.

This article is a distillation of 8 life hacks Rockefeller employed from Titan: The Life of John D. Rockefeller, the +800 page exhaustively authoritative biography of his life, times and tactics.

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Limitless Characters: Claus Von Stauffenberg

Limitless CharacterClaus Von Stauffenberg, was a high ranking Nazi officer who came very close to assassinating Hitler and successfully overthrowing the Nazi government during World War Two. He was highly committed to Germany and was a military officer for many years, however he ultimately decided and convinced a number of other high ranking Nazi officers to join the 20 July Plot to kill Adolf Hitler.

Von Stauffenberg had a very Limitless character quality of questioning the status qou of what was popular in his society. While German propoganda incessantly promised an Endsieg or 'final victory', Von Stauffenberg was plotting to kill his boss, one of the most powerful men alive at that time.

Von Stauffenberg's story is excellently captured by the Hollywood blockbuster Valkyrie, which I highly recommend you watch.

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Limitless Characters: Elon Musk

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

Looking for some inspiration, check out this interview with Elon Musk, a wealthy entrepreneur who's changed the world multiple times by finding the intersection of passion, discipline making hard decisions, market demand and technological innovation.
A founder of PayPal, SpaceX and Tesla Motors. A few notably Limitless character qaulities of his: Add a comment

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