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Biohacking course

A hacker is someone who wants to gain complete control of the system they are dealing with be it technological or social. A biohacker, therefore is someone who has complete control of their own biology..

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Memory Systems - Triple Your Memory Power & Become a 'Human Google'

Human Google

A 'lost art' used by life hackers, scientists and extremely productive individuals. Acquire skills in 1/3rd the time, vanquish absentmindedness & improve creativity.

3 Hour Audio Program

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Dual N-Back Training Software Demo - Increase the 'RAM' of Your Mind

intelligence IQ software podcast

20 minutes spent daily training on your PC, Mac, iPhone or Android device will creative noticable cognitive gains in 1 month.

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Brain Power Diet Guide

BrainPowerGuideMobileA multi media guide is optimzed for display on your mobile device and includes:

  • a 24 page PDF ebook covering everything from cooking techniques and foods to avoid to shopping tactics.  
  • Limitless Diet Grocery Shopping List: A grocery list of over 35 mind power foods to purchase when the make a visit to the grocery store. 
  • Limitless Snacking Guide: Snacking the right way on the right kinds of foods is one of the simplest ways to both increase brain power and save money.
  • 4 Audio programs with expert interviews on brain power diet.

SuperMemo Freeware & Apps: Forget About Forgetting

SuperMemoThe software driven SuperMemo method of Spaced Repetition, prompts you to review the knowledge you are acquiring at the time when you are closest to forgetting it. This removes the efficiencies in the process; saving you time to learn more and virtually guaranteeing you will never forget it! Complimentary Downloads for Limitless Mindset Community Members:

  • Freeware Version of SuperMemo for Windows
  • App for iPhone or Android

Circadian Rhythm Syncing Software

circadianrythmA frequent problem Limitless people have is that we wreck havoc on our circadian rhythms by working on computers late into the evenings, checking our smartphones all the time and our mild tech addiction as a culture.

  • Not only does this cause problems sleeping...
  • It causes premature aging since our biology reads this new light as a new day.
  • It screws up our melotoinin (an important neurotransmitter) release schedule.

As a solution we will send you an application that syncs your computers lighting levels with sunset so your glowing computer screen doesn't work havoc on your immune system.

Mind Power Grocery Shopping App for Android & iPhone

iphone-dietapp200android-dietapp200An Android and iPhone app which scans food barcodes through your phone's camera.

  • See the nutrition grade of the product you are considering purchasing and then suggests healthier alternatives.
  • Helps you avoid products with excessive sugar, trans fats, high fructose corn syrup, addetives and preservatives which don't feed your brain what it needs to be Limitless.
  • +200,000 products in the database.

Blueprint: 5,000% - 10,000% ROI Digital Commodity Flipping Strategy

ROI Fast Money strategyThis audio program reveals an underground strategy that savvy digital hustlers are using to flip low risk assets profitably and quickly. 22% of the visitors to our website indicated that they interested in learning 'Limitless' deal making skills. So if you have an intermediate to advanced sales skill set along with some web savvy you are definitely going to want to pay attention to this...

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What People Are Saying:

The Smiling Man's Review in iTunes

Addictively entertaining food for thought: Jonathan and Woody Roseland make a witty duo, and their podcast is packed with tons of useful information. And at the same time, it's devilishly entertaining! Jonathan is very on point about issues of wealth, socialization, and becoming a goal-driven, self-refining individual. The Limitless Mindset Podcast is like a highly polished hidden gem, and I love following the show from week to week.

Luis from Spain

Only writing you to tell you, I think the job you do with your webpage and trying to spread the word for better living is really worthwhile. I quite appreciate it.

Katheryn on iTunes (Ireland)

Great advises shared in these podcasts! (and yes they do work!) very easy to listen to. Still need improvement for audio. I recommend them to anyone interested in self learning and improving/development!

VON VIP on iTunes

Extraordinary approaches to ordinary life. Awesome. Funny, creative, and full of good actionable advice for "life hacks". Jonathan and Woody are both entertaining and helpful for extraordinary approaches to ordinary life situations. Enjoyed it.

Mike Lehr

These are extremely helpful techniques summarized in a single spot. I especially feel the use of compliments is an important ingredient that is often left out. Your sample questions and comments are excellent!

Notwinter on iTunes

5 Star Listening. Very informative podcast. The life-hacking approach makes listeners think differently about everyday actions. I'd recommend listening to this podcast, who knows what can be accomplished when armed with this inspiring knowledge!

The Baconation on iTunes

Good podcast. Keep more coming. I'm posting a review so you guys keep up the momentum and bring out some more excellent work

Robert M.

With so much online stuff being a waste of time, there was some real practical info in this video series. Thanks...

Mark R.

Short, sweet and most importantly...EFFECTIVE!!! Keep them coming Jonathan.

Jeffery Moore

One of the best blog posts I've read in a while! Some very interesting points here, some I've been doing, some I need to look into. Thanks!