Memory Systems

A 'lost art' used by life hackers, scientists and extremely productive individuals. A Savant-like memory can be acquired.

Persuasion Tactic: Using Memory Systems to Recall Studies

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

Persuasion Tactic
Here's a stupid thing to say that also guarantees you are NOT going to be very persuasive: There are studies showing that [blank]...

The [blank] is a point of view someone is trying to prove or convince others of and almost 100% of the time this statement fails to do so. There are several ways that people are persuaded: by objective evidence (data), 3rd party reports or testimonials or by appeals to their own experience. Claiming that studies exist to support your point does none of these things.

If you say this without giving supporting, specific details about the study anyone worth convincing will successfully challenge the validity of the nameless study you are citing. While this seems like terribly common sense, you hear people say it all the time, during discussions, debates and even on interviews.

The Solution: Is to remember just a few specific details of the study and data it produced.

  • The country or university it was conducted at?
  • Date or time period over which the study was conducted?
  • Specific statistics or data from the study.
  • Books you read that referenced the study.

The Problem: If you're like most people you probably are not great at remembering this kind of specific information. What a great opportunity to practice memory systems when you most need to be persuasive!

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Memory Systems and Productivity Biohacking for Salespeople

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

Being a salesperson is debatably one of the most cognitively challenging vocations.

Memory systems for sales
From the neocortex to the 'croc brain', being an effective salesperson requires vigorously exercising a wide spectrum of cognitive functions.

  • SalesPsychologyDoctors, attorneys and engineers are highly analytical but their verbal intelligence or presentation skills are often lackluster.
  • Graphic designers need a high degree of spatial intelligence but their social intelligence is unused all day.
  • Customer service agents are usually good communicators but they don't need to establish deep rapport and psychoanalyze their customer's needs to persuade them to buy big ticket items.

In the past 9 years I've increased my sales revenues and opportunities significantly while simultaneously decreasing my stress levels and the number of hours I worked by applying historical memory systems, cutting edge applied neuroscience and even a little chemistry to biohack my mind to it's maximum potential as a sales tool. This article will outline the short term and long term strategies from these disciplines I utilize to maximize my performance as a salesman.

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Remembering Your Dreams with Memory Systems

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

Remembering Dreams
Dreams have been regarded by everyone from ancient spiritual leaders and philosophers to modern day psychologists and neuroscientists as a window to our unconscious, an invaluable tool for introspection and determining the best course of action for the future. The periodic table of elements in chemistry was first seen in a dream, with the assistance of a dream, Frederick Banting isolated insulin and a dream of Einstein's about sledding down a hill initially inspired the general theory of Relativity.

So why would we want to remember our dreams?

  • History has proven that our dreams will often deliver to us solutions to problems. Your dreams may not provide the solutions to world peace or global warming but I bet they will help you fix the problems in your own life.
  • A lot of times our dreams are the most fun experiences we have all day, vividly recalling the fun of surfing a tidal wave or being a badass ninja on mission can add much needed levity or entertainment to an otherwise dull day.
  • Like in the movie Inception, the dreamer can build whatever world they want within their dream. There is a theory within among lucid dreamers that building your own reality in dreams can be a valuable practice environment for building the kind of world and life you really want in your waking reality. Many lucid dreamers are highly successful people so there is some credence to this theory.
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Memory Systems: How to NOT Lose Your Phone All the Damn Time

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

Lost Phone Infographic ThumbDo you chronically misplace and lose your phone? If so the smartphone industry DOESN'T WANT you to read this article! According to over 7 million dollars worth of phones are lost globally, every day! If you lose your phone as often as some of friends do, the simple yet slightly bizarre memory system shared in this article could, over time save you thousands of dollars! It even works after you've had a few drinks! In the billboard topping pop hit, Just Dance, Lady Gaga, would have NEVER sung
'Where are my keys? I lost my phone, phone'
If she where using the absentmindedness vanquishing memory system that you are about to learn. Add a comment

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How to Remember Great Ideas You have at Inconvenient Moments

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

Memory Systems Record Ideas
Have you ever figured out the solution to world peace at a red light?

Or had a million dollar idea for a business as you are about to drift off to sleep?

What about solving a vexing personal problem while in the shower (the one place you can't write anything down)?

Sometimes when our conscious mind is not occupied with an urgent task we are more perceptive to truly great ideas and intuitions emerging from the depths of our unconscious.

Memory System Falling AsleepThe problem, as any thinking person knows, is that these sporadic moments of brilliance are subject to the tyranny of urgent, yet unimportant distractions and will quickly slip back into your unconscious if you don't record them, sometimes immediately. Have you ever started your morning in an unexplainably excited state punctuated by brief moments of deja vu which hinted at some great idea on the cusp of your conscious mind? How frustrating is it when in a flash of imagination a bulletproof solution to a dire problem you are dealing with comes to mind, only to be lost?

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How to Use Memory Systems for Recalling Facts, Anecdotes and Stories like a Savant

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

become asavant
Have you ever had the experience of being in a conversation in a social or business situation and something interesting is being discussed and you have a relevant fact, antidote or story that is 'on the tip of your tongue'? Everyone is familiar with that frustrating sensation of feeling like you know something about a topic but being unable to recall the specific information or details at the moment it would be the very most useful to do so. Then a few hours or days later the knowledge seems to just pop into your head. How many of us would have performed better in a job interview, business meeting, presentation, social situation or maybe even a date if our working, conscious memory could instantaneously pull facts and data out of our unconscious. This article will share and demonstrate a shockingly simple, bizarre and surprisingly fun memory system for hardwiring your mind to do exactly that.

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