Is it possible to upgrade your mind with software?

Dual N-Back software training is one of the most reliable tools that a lifehacker has to build a Limitless mind quickly and permanently.

  • Just 20 days of training will increase your IQ by up to 20 points and noticeably increase your problem solving ability.

If we are going to use a computer a metaphor to describe the brain: which is a surprisingly accurate metaphor, what Dual N-Back training does is increase the amount of 'RAM' of our conscious minds. The scientific term for this is Fluid Intelligence and it is measured by Intelligence Quotient(IQ).

Those who spend up to 20 days training with Dual N-Back software frequently report an increase in Working Memory. Working memory is frequently alluded to as the 'scratch pad' of the mind, a temporary repository for your memories, experiences  newly acquired skill sets and of course a place for brain storming and finding of solutions.

Dual N-Back training also improves Executive Functioning, in short the ability to concentrate, practice mental compartmentalization, and practice self control.Executive Functions

Scientific Credibility

university-iq-credentialsIn 2008 teams of psychologists, led by Dr. Dr. Susanne Jaeggi, from University of Michigan in the USA and University of Bern in Switzerland showed conclusively that Dual N-Back training increase IQ by up to 20 points in 20 days.

"Fluid intelligence (Gf) refers to the ability to reason and to solve new problems independently of previously acquired knowledge. allows us to adapt our thinking to a new cognitive problem or situation. Gf is critical for a wide variety of cognitive tasks, and it is considered one of the most important factors in learning."
Dr Susan Jaeggi, cognitive neuroscientist, who published three major studies (below) on Dual N-Back training

Studies on Dual N-Back TrainingHigh IQ PRo Studies

Exercise Executive Function with Dual N-Back Training

A University of Switzerland study and a 2012 German Study demonstrated that a few weeks of Dual N-Back training will consistently increase Executive Function. Executive Function is our ability to practice mental discipline, to concentrate intently on one thing while completely ignoring something else, to mentally compartmentalize activities, direct attention with specificity or to apply all creative energy towards a task until it's completion.
Working Memory

From the abstract of the German study: Following [N-Back] training, participants showed improvements in the trained task as well as in the transfer working memory updating task. As for the other executive functions, trained participants improved in a task switching situation and in attentional processing.
University Minnesota StudyThis University of Minnesota study focused on the transfer effects between Executive Function and Self Control, Self-Regulation and the Executive Function: The Self as Controlling Agent.
From the German study: in the present study we have provided evidence that complex WM training can produce transfer effects to executive functions.
Indeed, Dual N-Back training aficionados frequently report gains in self control and ability to focus on mission critical tasks while ignoring distractions.

is the highest rated Dual N-Back training software on the market for Windows, Mac and Android devices. HighIQPro® also makes the bold money back guarantee that 20 sessions of 20 minutes each will result in measurable gains of 15-20 IQ points in addition too improvements in working memory.

HighIQPro for Your Android Device

Listen to an Interview w/the creator Dr. Mark Aston Smith

Dr Mark Ashton SmithIn this interview we discus biohacking our minds with Mark Ashton Smith, Ph.D, a Cognitive Neuroscientist who obtained his doctorate from Carnagie Mellon University of Pittsburgh, a lecturer at Cambridge University and head of the psychology department of the University of Cyprus.

Dr. Smith has spent over 3 years creating a line of software which has been proven to increase IQ, fluid intelligence and working memory.

Download this Interview (MP3 - Save as a link)

Jonathan's Editor Review

...At first the game is really boring and you will not score well but within your first few sessions you will score a 90%-100% accuracy and will get you get the silly little congratulatory trumpeting sound. For some reason this really taps into the award system because it's a real sense of accomplishment the first time it happens and well worth the few frustrating sessions you have to go through. The first time I scored a 90% and got the congratulatory trumpet, I actually let out a hollar and triumphantly punched the air above my computer (something I do when I get excited, I'm make quite a scene at coffee shops sometimes)...

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We guarantee a 10-20 points IQ increase in 20 days or your money back.


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What People Are Saying

Mick Ruiz Sacramento, CA Image designer

"I couldn't be more enthusiastic about this brain training product. The IQMindware team are highly professional in responding to queries, and the training delivers on all its guarantees."

Jerome E. Bliss, 32 Ontario, Canada

The software design is slick and the functionality is great, and – best of all – the puzzles are enjoyable.

Naroa Merino Lahiguera

"I wanted to perform better at work, and after 20 days of HighIQPro training, I had progressed rapidly. My thinking was much clearer and I was able to solve problems and come up with creative solutions much more effectively."

Ella Holden, 23 ST HUBERTS ISLAND, NSW Digita

"What has impressed me most about HighIQPro is the improvements in practical life, like my ability to handle more memory intensive tasks and find creative solutions to problems. The rapid responses to the questions I've had during training have been great, and I love the Feedburner feed. It keeps me motivated over the long term."

Charles Cooper, 34 Columbus, GA

"I'm interested in knowing how my problem solving and my memory power can improve. The claim in the website was that my working memory performance and IQ would increase by 40% and as much as 20 IQ points. I got more than a 50% improvement in my memory and a 18 point fluid problem solving problem increase. After training with HighIQPro I noticed a lot of benefits – better focus and more mental efficiency, and better analytic problem solving."

James Coulson, California, USA Software devel

"I wanted to improve my problem solving skills and strategies. I tried HighIQPro since it had a strong scientific basis, and after 20 days of training I got an18 point fluid intelligence score increase. My problem solving ability had improved substantially: I was analysing situations better and more than anything felt like two things got much better: my logical reasoning, and my ability to consider different sides of a problem. I used the software 2 months ago, and have found that the benefits have been long-term. I strongly recommend the software for anyone prepared to put in the 20 minutes per day for 20 days."

Sean Tucker

"So I took the Anders Jensen's IQ test and scored a 118. Pretty ok. Then I completed the 20 day training. Honestly I waited a couple weeks before I took the JCTI, and I hated that test with the fire of a thousand suns. It said my index is 138. So are these scores directly comparable? Did I just raise my IQ by 20 points?.."

A. Clark, Bulletproof Exec

"I've used this software with great success, boosting my IQ at least 18 points (I took standardized IQ tests before and after).."

As Low as $19.99

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Money Back Guarantee

We guarantee a 10-20 points IQ increase in 20 days or your money back.


Already on the Limitless Mindset mailing list? No problem! Enter the same email address above, that way we only send you information which is relevant to the mind power products you are using. Any other questions or special requests? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..