Pure Rhodiola Rosea Powder

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Pure Rhodiola Rosea Powder

Rhodiola rosea is a plant distinguished by its propensity towards growing in colder climates, such as the Rocky Mountains, and certain arctic regions. It is also particularly recognized for its ability to have a calming effect on a person or creature that is consuming it. It contains 17 different amino acids that are all necessary in promoting vital bodily functions. Not only that, but it also has a generous helping of flavonoids (important antioxidant molecules), phenylpropanoids, essential oils, and tannins. Rhodiola rosea is an adpatogen, it allows the mind to relax even in the face of immense mental stress and other conditions which may cause volatile mental reactions. For this reason it has been a mainstay in the herbal medications of many different countries for years. In addition it has many antioxidants in it which protect healthy cells from the damaging effects of free radical molecules. Rhodiola is so effective in reducing stress because it has the ability to regulate serotonin and dopamine levels, two hormones known for contributing to both mood, and a euphoric state respectively. It also holds influence over beta-endorphins.


Mind Power Products

$25 100 Grams
$79 500 Grams
When to expect mind power results
20-40 minutes
Suggested Use
  • 200 Milligrams - 600 Milligrams daily for extracts of at least 3% rosavins and 0.8-1% salidroside.
  • 100 - 170 Milligrams daily for 3.6% rosavin extract
  • 180 - 300 Milligrams daily for 2% rosavin extract

One study administered as much as 680 Milligrams daily to treat mild depression and negative side effects were not reported.
However, less is more with Rhodiola, if you take too high a dosage (especially with the higher percentage extracts) it has some contrary effects to what’s probably desired. So start with a low dosage as opposed to an attack dosage. As low as 50 milligrams daily to prevent fatigue.

Supplement or Drug

  • Gluten Free
  • Good Manufacturing Practice Certified
  • Money Back Guarantee
Type of Consumable
Powder or Food Supplement
Nootropic Ingredients
3% Rosavin Powder 1% salidrosides


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More about Rhodiola

More about Rhodiola

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