HCF (Happy Focused Calm)

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HCF (Happy Focused Calm)

HCF Happy, Calm & Focused - The Brain Supplement America Loves

HCF® Happy, Calm & Focused® F&Q® ingredients have been used for decades by a number of renown neuro-scientists for helping to support the increase of key "feel good" neurotransmitter levels.


GUARANTEED: HCF® Happy, Calm & Focused® is all natural, hypoallergenic and contains the purest neuro-nutrients obtainable:*

  • no preservatives
  • no chemicals
  • no coatings
  • no calories
  • no sweeteners
  • no enhancers
  • no yeast
  • no fragrance
  • no dairy
  • no gluten
  • no nuts
  • no wheat 

HCF Happy, Calm & Focused - The Brain Supplement America Loves

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Good value 
Makes you feel 'Limitless' - Improves memory 
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HCF a very Smooth Nootropic w/a Rare Offer

HCF stands for Happy, Calm, Focused and that's exactly what it is.

HCF contains a number of very high quality Nootropic ingredients. A wide range of the B Vitamins your brain craves along with a number of important amino acids that are important to feed your brain to maintain cognitive abilities as your brain ages.

While on HCF I definitely feel sharper, I notice myself managing stress somewhat better. I really wish I could throw a 5 star review behind HCF, however, it just doesn't make me feel very Limitless... The ideal sensation I look for from my nootropics is a combination of:
1. Productivity buzz, an almost 'wired up' feeling of body energy, especially in the mornings when I am waking up.
2. Really high levels of focus (not getting distracted with minor things throughout the day).
3. Increased confidence in social and business situations.
4. I'm noticeably more articulate while dosed (better mastery of my words).
I just didn't get this from HCF consistently. I even noticed a few times while dosed on HCF I'd sink into that low energy afternoon lull that life hackers like myself so loathe. HCF contains no caffeine or other ingredients that people take to get a buzz. I think the philosophy behind the HCF is more sustainable brain health than immediate productive buzz. Since I'm a productivity buzz junkie, I would recommend taking 4 capsules daily as opposed to 2. You may even want to take HCF with something that does give you a buzz, like coffee or piracatam.

Given my experience I wouldn't pay the $60 retail monthly price for this supplement. However, they have a 20 day free trial to test drive the product which I would TOTALLY RECOMMEND the readers of this blog take advantage of. Everyone's constitution reacts a little differently to different supplements but anytime you can try something for free or even at a discounted rate, go for it! It's a deal where you signup for the free trial, they send you out the product to try for 20 days and if you like it they put you on a $40/monthly VIP autoship plan. After trying the product for even 10 days you will know for sure whether or not it's worth $40/monthly to you. $40/monthly is a very reasonable investment to make if a nootropic supplement does work for you.

Free trial offers are actually very rare in the Nootropics industry, in fact this is the only one I'm aware of, so it speaks to a very high level of confidence that HCF has in their product. Which is a very good sign!

All other things being equal, I'd buy supplements from HCF over a number of other Nootropics companies in the industry. If you visit the HCF website they are very transparent about the management of the company and the process behind the product. As I've said other places on this blog I really like companies that stake their reputation on the quality of their product. HCF is made in the USA, which is great if you like to support companies that create American jobs.

HCF also has a really solid affiliate plan (which I am a member of obviously). I always face a capitalist blogger's dilemma when I come across a product that I'm not a 100% impressed with but has a really great affiliate plan. As long as they continue to offer a trial of their product I will continue to recommend people take advantage of it. If you go through the links above it will get you started with the 20 day trial along with supporting the podcast and research on Nootropics we do here at Limitless Mindset. Thanks!

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Good value
Makes you feel 'Limitless' - Improves memory
Ability to focus
Energy and productivity
Wakefulness and alertness
Social Confidence
Verbal ability

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What People Are Saying About HCF

Sylvia R., New Braunfels, TX

"I also decided to try the HCF because being in my 50s, I began having memory lapses and hormonal "lows" and was having difficulty keeping my memory.* I have been extremely satisfied with HCF, especially since it is amino acid based and it has replaced some of my other vitamin supplements. Instead of the suggested 3 pills daily, I only take 2 in the morning and am able to concentrate and work as before with no side effects"

Karen B., Belleview, FL

"I noticed the difference quickly and adjusted the dose that was right for me.† Since then, I have been much calmer, can focus better and a general happier feeling."

Theresa P, Bound Brook, NJ

"I tell people I am 97 years old going on 65... I found myself laughing more, smiling, and just generally in a pleasant state of mind."

Carole H., Portland, OR

"I really wish I would have started taking it a long time ago. Taking HCF for the past few months have made me a feel like there are really good things on the horizon."

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