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Nootropil is the brand of pure pharmaceutical Piracetam trusted by elite self experimenters and anti-aging researchers. Piracetam is the godfather of all Nootropics.

Piracetam is indisputably one of the best smart drugs ever developed in the dimensions of

  • Cognitive enhancement
  • Long term memory enhancement
  • Verbal intelligence
  • Mitochondrial enhancement
  • Efficacy, tolerability and safety

However, it's become something of a victim of it's own success; because it's a none-patented molecule labs all over the world produce it and some Chinese and Indian labs, in a race to bottom, flood the market with very cheap, low quality Piracetam. This is why I only trust branded pharmaceutical grade Piracetam (like Nootropil) or raw powdered Piracetam that has been evaluated with a spectroscopy by an accredited lab in North America or Europe.


Piracetam was initially developed as an early anti-aging drug to treat diseases of cognitive decline In the 1970s in Belgium. Unfortunately, at least in initial trials, it underperformed the researcher's hopes of it being a transformative drug to treat or prevent ischemic stroke or Alzheimer's disease. However, they discovered that Piracetam was a powerful Biohacking tool for younger people to improve their minds and memory, thus it's considered one of the very first synthetic Nootropics. In other words, the drug can improve brain power and productivity of healthy people.

Cognitive Performance Enhancer

Piracetam has garnered a reputation as a classic Nootropic because of the beneficial upside effects it has for otherwise healthy people

  • It improves your learning and memory abilities along with focus.
  • The effect is accumulated, so expect the effect in 2 weeks.
  • It is not recommended to take if you have liver diseases.
  • It is worth to stack with Lecithin.

Economics of Enhancement

I've used Piracetam on and off for several years. For the longest time, I prefered powdered Piracetam because the powder version of the supplement is quite cheap. However, I noticed that using it powdered over time my tolerance builds up and I'm consuming a lot of the stuff daily (which is OK it's has virtually none-existent toxicity profile) BUT it tastes pretty terrible! Also, consuming powdered Piracetam you need to measure it out with scale or eyeball it every time, to be accurate about your dosing. 

  • I find that if I use capsuled Piracetam instead, I keep my dosage lower and it doesn't taste so bad.
  • sells capsuled, pharma grade Nootropil at a competitive price, a monthly Piracetam habit would run about $30 if you have higher tolerance to the stuff.

Scientific Research

Piracetam, was developed. It was designed to cure brain diseases, in particular, cerebrovascular diseases (ischemic stroke), Alzheimer, amnesia, etc


What effects can you expect?

  • Many people experience an almost immediate effect of feeling more energetic and focused within 30-60 minutes of dosing.
  • But not everyone, Piracetam also has accumulated effect after you've been dosing it for 10 -14 days. You'll likely notice that your long term memory and word recall is better (sometimes a lot better!) For example, you will be able to learn foreign languages or prepare for exams with less effort and with more interest thanks to dopamine. You'll can observe positive effects in 2 weeks, and it will last 1 month after discontinuing.

Country of origin: Belgium (the homeland of Piracetam!)


Piracetam is a great smart drug, but for it really unlock your brilliance it needs to be used in combination with several other Nootropics, notably a choline supplement like Alpha-GPC. If you want to get the maximum cognitive bang for your buck I'll encourage you to follow the Piracetam Protocol.

Usage and Dosage

Dosage 800 - 3400 milligrams daily

Usage Take it on a full or empty stomach with a beverage (water is fine)

  • Half life of effect is 4-5 hours, so you'll want to dose first time in the morning and the in the mid afternoon for a long productive day.
  • Every 2 months you need to make a break.

Risk Grade: A

Number of Clinical Trials: 235

  • Which has an impressive 31 clinical trials in the last 10 years alone.
  • A 20 year long term population study was conducted in France.
  • This is quite possibly the most popular smart drug, it's been used by millions of people and you can find thousands of Biohackers online reporting their experiences with it.
  • Because of the vast amounts of anecdotal data about Piracetam, we know the most commonly reported side effect is a headache from a lack of Choline supplemented along with the Piracetam.
  • Numerous studies have evaluated it's use and determined it safe for children.
  • Because it's such a popular, un-patented drug it's produced by hundreds of laboratories all over the world and there is a spectrum of quality. You can buy unbranded, generic Piracetam powder very cheaply by the kilo but the quality is suspect. I only buy or consume powdered Piracetam if an accredited American lab has verified it to be >97% purity with spectroscopy.
  • Piracetam only works for 80% of the people who use it, a minority of people with an aldosterone deficiency won't experience the long term or short term benefits of the drug. In a lot of a cases this can be fixed, but sometimes not. Piracetam is not for everyone.

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