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Limitless Mindset Podcast

The podcast about becoming 'Limitless' in real life. While technically a 'self help' podcast, it packs a punch with scientific biohacking strategies for boosting your neurotransmitters, ninja lifehacks and sociopathic tactics to dominate (ethically!).

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#30 Lifehacking Language Learning: Technology and Charm

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

This episode covers some powerful tools to accelerate your language learning, how to be charming in a language you barely know and I finish up by sharing two awesomely embarrassing moments of culture shock.

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#29 Street Fight Psychology Expert Richard Grannon

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

Street Fight Psych Richard Gannon

In this episode I'm joined by street fight psychology expert Richard Grannon of StreetFightSecrets.com, a veteran martial arts practitioner (Karate, Aikido, Ninjitsu, Mui Tai, MMA) with nightclub doorman for 10 years.

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#28 Inside a Navy SEAL's Mind with Mark Divine

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

Mark Divine SEALFIT
In this episode I'm joined by a 20 year veteran of the US Navy SEALs, Commander Mark Divine. Mark operates
SEALFIT, a firm that physically and psychologically prepares Special Forces candidates with a 100% placement rate. We discuss everything from Hell Week and gamifying situational awareness to warrior mediation and preparing to hike Machu Pichu.

Jonathan at the summit at Vulcan Baru in Panama.Jonathan at Vulcan Baru

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#27 Lifehacking Self Control with Dr. Cory and Dr. Goldsmith

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

Life Hacking Self Control
In this episode I'm joined by Dr. Cory Reddish a Naturopathic Doctor, Entrepreneur and Infamous Enabler of People having a Damn Good Time at Burning Man. We are going to be discussing 18 life hacks for rock solid self control along with how to biohack the negative affects on our minds from consuming alcohol and even hard party drugs. Also includes quick interview with Dr. Kelly Goldsmith, author the landmark study on self control, When Guilt Begets Pleasure: The Positive Effect of a Negative Emotion.

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#26 Smart People Problems with Dr. Mark A. Smith

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

Smart People's Problems
Dr-Mark-Ashton-SmithIn this episode (From Medellin, Columbia & Ao Nang, Thailand) I'm joined by Dr. Mark Ashton Smith, we diagnose and identify actionable solutions to 20 notorious problems of smart people. We also discuss the newest developments with IQ and fluid intelligence building software along with sharing some cool life hacks for reading more and procrastinating less and improving your conversational skills with your smartphone.

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#25 Lifehacking for Salespeople

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

LifeHacking in Nosara
We discuss 7 powerful life hacks for sales people, these are applications of memory systems and biohacks for being more productive in your sales activities. I'm joined by Chuc Mason of Unleash Your Geek in Nosara, Costa Rica.


#24 Biohacking Boozing: a Guide to Drinking (Alcohol) Limitlessly

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

Biohacking boozing health alcohol
In this episode we discuss one of Jonathan's favorite subjects, drinking alcohol! We share the top 4 'healthiest' (least toxic) types of liquor and 5 essential dietary supplements you need to be taking if you are drinking alcohol, along with some clever toasts to liven up the party. Along with a neurohack for maximizing the feel good transmitters, Serotonin and dopamine while drinking.


#23 Lifehacking Alzheimer’s Disease w/Dr.Gary Small

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

DrGarySmallWe interview Dr. Gary Small, one of the foremost experts on Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia prevention. Dr. Small has written 6 books, is a professor of psychiatry and director of the UCLA Longevity Center at the Semel Institute for Neuroscience & Human Behavior. He has appeared on The Today Show, Good Morning American, PBS, and CNN.


#22 Mindset Lessons from a Nazi? And Free Nootropics!

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

Mindset lessons from history

In this episode we discuss a Limitless, yet uncommon character quality and an infamous World War Two Officer who practiced it valiantly. In the resources section, a smartphone app that will make grocery shopping for brain power food easier than ever and as promised on our Facebook page a while back we hook you up with free Nootropic brain power supplements.


#21 Trick People into Thinking You are a Good Person & other Lifehacks

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

Bill Clinton Charming
: I don't actually advocate tricking people, unless it's for their own enjoyment.

This episode we discuss a subtle communication shift you can make along with 7 other life hacks that will create the perception by others that you are highly consistent, dependable and reliable person without actually doing more work. We also give life hacking applications of memory systems to ensure you never lose your phone again along with the sales and influence strategy of multiple hook points.


#20 Seven Common Self Help Fallacies

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

Self Help Falacies
In this episode Jonathan and Woody destruct and disprove 7 common self help fallacies using the Socratic Method for precise thought. We also discuss why positive, yet slightly erroneous self help platitudes may not be as harmless as you think.


#19 How to Become a Human Google

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

In this episode you will learn how to become a human Google, who can instantly remember thousands of obscure details, facts, anecdotes or stories within 3 seconds. This podcast will demonstrate and most importantly break down a shockingly simple, bizarre and surprisingly fun memory system for hardwiring strong neuronal pathways between your short and long term memories. I share a hilarious yet very true story about a sovereign nation in modern times that declared a war against birds and then lost that war. Also why working hard and working smart is not enough to get ahead in the business world anymore along with the applied neuroscience behind why an ambitious, smart person can in a few short years become a burnt out and unhappy with their career and how to make sure that dosen't happen to you!


#18 High Leverage Skill Set Acquisition

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

High Leverage Skillsets
In this episode we are joined by Alex Roseland to discuss 15 high leverage skill sets which exist at the intersection of being easy or fast to learn but also quite valuable in the business world. Stick around till the end of the episode to learn about some free software that will save your eyes while working on a computer late at night. In the badass story, the time Jonathan got in a sword fight.


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