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Practice Power Body Language

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

Confident Stride - As you walk; inhale deeply so that your chest rises slightly. Move your shoulders back. Also slow down your walk some, feel your center of gravity and visualize yourself gliding.

Room Entry - When you walk into a room stand in or near the doorway for a moment and survey the scene. Most people when entering a room will march directly over to a bar, table or whatever. This makes you stand out and commands attention.
Take Up Space – Keep your legs spread (just for gentlemen!), keep your shoulders back with your arms spread out if you are going to put your hands together
Mirroring - This is a body language technique where you mirror the body language of the person you are interacting with. If they put their hands on the table, put your hands on the table. If they rest their elbow on their seat, rest your elbow on your seat. Mirroring should be used with strategic timing though, do not mirror them 100% of the time. Mirror them to build rapport when they say something you like.
Using your hands – The power position for your hands, while sitting at a table is together with your fingertips touching (photo)
Upper Back Pat – In more social settings, as you are passing by a friend or joining a conversation circle, lightly pat your friend on the upper back or shoulder. This is casual way of showing affection that also shows your dominance. Think of a proud dog owner caressing lightly caressing the back of his noble hound. Make sure there is some verbal communication to go along with this. This is more for social situations and less for the office.

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