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Using audio-visual memory triggers

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

When you consume a piece of particularly valuable information use a memory trigger to make sure you that information is benefiting you at some point in the future.



Sometime within the next month you are going to be having a conversation with someone about blogging and you are going to use the phrase information equity(it’s going to make you seem really smart & progressive). Here’s the memory trigger you are going to use.

Memory Trigger: the word blog

Association Stream: every time you hear the word blog think blah > Then imagine a person’s mouth making an ‘O’ shape as they say blah-blah-blah > Now imagine a fraction sign inside their mouth (which is making a zero shape) >That zero represents the amount of information equity their blogging creates.

Reinforce the mental association: Mentally say the word blog, then mentally yell at yourself BLAH! BLAH! BLAH!(while visualizing the mouth). Do this 3 times (should take about 30 seconds)

Initially forming these memory triggers will feel a little odd and will take some mental energy and creativity but as you do them for often it will become natural and automatic.

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