Changing Minds on the COVID-19 Vaccine

By Jonathan Roseland

I'm not a doctor, medical professional, or trained therapist. I'm a researcher and pragmatic biohacking practitioner exercising free speech to share evidence as I find it. I make no claims. Please practice skepticism and rational critical thinkingYou should consult a professional about any serious decisions that you might make about your health. Affiliate links in this article support Limitless Mindset - spend over $150 and you'll be eligible to join the Limitless Mindset Secret Society.

Coronavirus Vaccine

It's the year of the great ideological-political gulf between family members across the holiday table.

Many chose to just not discuss touchy subjects with family, and I get that - it might be best to just keep the peace. But, some families are able and willing to engage in rigorous discourse and debate without it devolving into hurtful insults - I'm fortunate to have a family mostly like that.

Thus, I wrote them this letter urging them to pass on the COVID-19 vaccine - feel free to copy it, edit it as you see fit, and use it to try to change your loved ones' minds...

Title: Please Read

Hey family,

OK, I'm going to try to change your minds on something important. Please read this in completion before responding. I write this because I love you all. I think that you're all smart and reasonable people whose minds might be changed, so please take this as a compliment to your intellect.

An apt metaphor...

Tesla AI

Imagine that you started seeing A LOT of promotion of Tesla's self-driving AI - the media was praising it all the time, the politicians were talking about how great it was - the mainstream everything seemed to really want you to be driven by the AI.

But, you kept hearing about how the AI was getting a lot of people into horrific car accidents, people were getting killed and badly injured. It got so bad that almost everybody knew a person who knew a person who had a friend or family member injured in a self-driving AI crash.

The media promoting the self-driving AI never talked about these accidents, and you also couldn't find them on the front page of Google search results but you did a little research and you found that there were official databases documenting many thousands of terrible accidents every year. Doing more research you could find vast numbers of people online talking about their AI-caused injuries. You could even find scientific studies talking about this epidemic, and there were a number of veteran AI and automotive experts out there who exhorted the public against driving in AI-controlled vehicles.

You continued to research and then you came across something shocking, the government indemnified Tesla against lawsuits resulting from ANY AI-caused deaths or injuries. Tesla didn't have to pay a dime to these people whose lives had been wrecked. The government handled these injury cases, apparently, if people were badly injured or killed by AI crashes they had to go through years of a tortuous bureaucratic process to get a much smaller payout (tax-payer funded) than they actually deserved from the government.

You learn that a lot of people (like soldiers, doctors, school teachers, and some government employees) were required by law to be AI-driven in Teslas. The government spent billions of dollars every year buying Teslas and politicians hinted that eventually everybody might be required to be AI-driven by Tesla.

Knowing a little about human nature and economics, it's clear what's happening here. All these AI-crashes, injuries, and deaths are happening because Tesla faces no legal ramifications for their bad AI causing all this mayhem - Tesla has government-guaranteed profits, no risk, and no reason to improve their product. They get to privatize their profits and socialize their losses. This all, of course, makes Tesla massive profits, and doing more research you learn that they lobby all the consumer protection agencies and a number of politicians to protect them and their monopoly. Any company that wanted to compete with Tesla, offering safer self-driving AI would face this monolithic political-bureaucratic superstructure of laws and institutions that mandated AI-driven Teslas, and they wouldn't receive any special protections in the event of crashes and lawsuits.

Knowing all this, you wouldn't buy or even be driven in an AI Tesla. You'd at the least say, I'm going to wait and see if they improve the AI and make it safer before I ever get in a Tesla...

If it's not obvious yet, my metaphor is about Big Pharma and vaccines and it elucidates the perfect storm of really bad incentives that makes the COVID-19 vaccine, something that you should, at least, wait on...

President Trump Operation Warp Speed

I gather that you all feel very strongly against President Trump, and I'm no Trump sycophant, one of the worst policy decisions of Trump is the "Warp-Speed" development of a COVID-19 vaccine. The foolishness of developing a vaccine that hacks your immune system (and mRNA) at "War-Speed" cannot be understated. The vaccine success case studies (Polio, Ebola, etc) that you've heard of took years or decades of careful, meticulous clinical research. If you're going to volunteer your body to be a guinea pig in Trump's "War-Speed" science experiment you need to have a lot more faith in him than I do!

Time to develop vaccines

If you research the mainstream history of vaccines, what nobody debates is that it takes decades or years to develop an effective vaccine. But in the case of COVID-19, governments have dangled the worst possible incentive before pharmaceutical companies (widely recognized as one of the most greedy and psychopathic industries); billions and billions in profit to the companies that rush the fastest through safety trials.

Anti vax rats meme

I begin my case against the COVID-19 vaccine with the Tesla metaphor because it makes it clear why Big Pharma doesn't give a damn about producing a safe vaccine for you, especially when it comes to these "War-Speed" vaccines. But what's really made me vaccine-skeptical is the science...

  • In all of the COVID-19 human clinical trials, severe side effects are reported - people have died in some of the clinical trials.
  • Being “Warp-Speed” vaccines, in the COVID-19 trials, the safety testing observation period is just days or weeks. Which is nowhere near long enough. The observation period for something that hacks your immune system and genetics should be years!
  • A 2012 paper demonstrated that coronavirus vaccines make you more susceptible to future infections as viral strains mutate.
  • The COVID-19 vaccines have NOT undergone true placebo-controlled trials, for "placebos" they use other vaccines. Genuine safety trials would use saline solution placebos. It’s not real science without real placebos.
  • The COVID-19 vaccine that will be made available to you is the mRNA vaccine, so it hacks your genes themselves. This is different than historical vaccines that simply expose you to a weakened virus. This is a radical science experiment.
  • Last year, I read and reviewed this very rigorously researched and cited book, Rigor Mortis, about how badly corrupted institutional, government-funded science has become. This “Warp-Speed” vaccine with Trump as its cheerleader is a blatant example of shoddy science.
  • If you want to really understand the vaccine issue, you should listen to a 9-hour legal deposition of Dr. Stanley Plotkin, the world's foremost pro-vaccination expert on vaccines. If you take the time to listen to it all, you'll hear that he confirms most of the objections that people like me have to vaccines.

I link to different sources and evidence here because if you Google "are vaccines safe" or anything like that you'll just get a bunch of propaganda from Big Pharma that pays Google billions of dollars. If you’re thinking...

“Jonathan, I just need a little more scientific evidence for what you’re saying.”

There’s a show, The Highwire, which does a fantastic job of presenting and documenting the science and evidence on my side of this issue. This episode of The Highwire succinctly breaks down what you need to know. If you just rely on Google, Youtube, and your televisions you’re only going to hear what Big Pharma wants you to believe so they can sell a very profitable product.

Despite all the sound reasons to be skeptical of Big Pharma's COVID-19 vaccines you might choose to take it anyway and if you have a severe reaction to it, I won't arrogantly tell you "I told you so!" I'll direct you towards the evidence-based biohacks for addressing whatever you're dealing with. For example...

  • Autoimmune disorders (Arthritis, skin eczema, etc) are very common side effects because the vaccines cause chronic immune inflammation, but there are ways to bring the immune system back into balance.
  • Severe acute or chronic pain are very common side effects of vaccines; this can be addressed with red light therapy or even herbal pain killers.
  • With vaccines, you get a major dose of mercury (in the Thimerosal) that causes all sorts of health problems, but this toxicity can be addressed with a chelation strategy.
  • The mRNA COVID-19 vaccine is going to bring a sledgehammer to the delicate epigenetic function of your genes, but there are epigenetic therapies that can bring things back into balance.

Deaths from vaccines are statistically uncommon, while about 30,000 cases of more serious side effects are documented YEARLY in the US government’s VAERs database, but I'm here to help with whatever chronic side effects you might struggle with. I’d consider this letter a success if I could at the least convince you to implement some of the biohacks that will fortify you against the damage the vaccine does.

There's also the chance that you might be fine with the vaccine, it's a minority of people that suffer horrific injuries. But, every time you take a vaccine it really is playing Russian roulette with an awful chronic autoimmune disorder that you'll struggle with for a long time - and the COVID-19 vaccine is not a one-and-done thing, you’ll need to take a new vaccine once or twice a year. I don't think it's worth the risk personally, Gergana and I will NEVER take it. If there were a worldwide outbreak of a virulent Ebola strain, I might take an Ebola vaccine, but the case mortality rate of COVID-19 is well under 1% for people under 70-years-old.

Faced with the epidemic of AI-crashes in my metaphor, the right-thinking person would say...

"I'm just going to drive myself! I don't need their AI to drive me."

And the real solution COVID-19 is similar, it's taking extreme ownership of your health, not sitting around waiting for Big Pharma to sell you a rush-job product. If you invest in antifragility and are highly vigilant about your health, COVID-19 will be a few days or a week of discomfort at worst and then you'll have proximal natural immunity for life to this and similar coronaviruses. If you depend on the vaccine then you need to get a new vaccine(s) every year as the scientists try to keep up with the mutating virus. Aspiring to antifragility is harder; it means doing things like fasting, meditation, exercise, maintaining an armamentarium of Biohacking tools, being very disciplined with your diet, not eating cheap GMO-Walmart food, etc.

Finally, some of you are Bible-believing Christians and this vaccine is very Mark of the Beast-ish; politicians and globalists around the world are saying that a COVID-19 vaccine may be required to travel, to fly, to go to concerts, to enter public space - to essentially engage in commerce. The Bible commands us to kneel before Christ, not the powers and principalities of this Earth. Our Creator imbued us with a fantastic natural defense system that does a pretty great job of protecting us from all the microscopic nastiness of the world if we treat our bodies like temples. Submitting to this vaccine (which will contain aborted-baby cell lines - this was confirmed under sworn testimony by Dr. Plotkin) cooked up by these vile pharmaceutical companies is kneeling to the dark power that rules this planet.

I know what you might be thinking at this point...

OK, Jonathan, I can see that there are some good reasons to be skeptical of the “Warp-Speed” vaccine but I’m hearing that I won’t be able to fly or travel if I don’t get vaccinated. My employer might demand it.

The fact that the government and so many corporations are trying to coerce you to take it should heighten your skepticism. The government and mainstream media are never going to say “You MUST eat broccoli,” because broccoli is good for you! When the government and giant above-the-law corporations are trying to MAKE you do something, you can be damn near certain that they don’t have your best interests at heart. The good news is that something like half the population of the USA is now vaccine skeptical like me, there’s going to be so many people who refuse that there will always be airlines, grocery stores, schools, and workplaces that let you make your own choices about your body.

I’d like to think that one of our key values as a family is spirited discourse and hunger for truth so I wrote this letter. I don’t think any of you are “Sheeple” that just do what your televisions command but I know that the mainstream corporate censorship is so complete on this issue that you probably haven’t heard the complete story on vaccines. Thus I prepared this synopsis of some of the arguments on my side of this issue - it's not worth the risk (which multiplies as you take subsequent vaccines) for a flu that you can handle if you are vigilant about your health.

That's my case against the COVID-19 vaccine, I don’t believe in baseless conspiracy theories, I don’t believe in “Flat Earth” or Qanon stuff. I’m vaccine skeptical as a result of studying health stuff, reading a number of science and health books, for about 9 years now.

You might think I'm a "crazy conspiracy theorist" because I'm skeptical of Big Pharma’s vaccines which are so sacrosanct in the corporate mainstream, but hey at least I'm a "crazy conspiracy theorist" that cares about you! That's not so bad, is it?



A few things to note in my letter...

  • I'm very compassionate; I compliment their intelligence, I don't call them any mean names, I don't mock them.
  • I entitled it Please Read, not something like Don't Take Bill Gates' Evil Vaccine because I want them to actually open the email and read it.
  • I begin with the Tesla metaphor and don't even mention vaccines in the opening because I want to get them thinking abstractly before they say, "Oh, this is about vaccines, I've already made up my mind."
  • It's super important to appeal to people's biases, my family are all anti-Trumpers like most of the normie vaccine-hopeful are so I feature him prominently.
  • I don't really delve deep into the scientific arguments because I didn't want the letter to be 5000 words long and they are not really scientific people.
  • I include links to some mainstream sources as opposed to only linking to "alternative news" sources, anticipating their skepticism of sources lacking the seal of officialdom.
  • Some of them are religious, so I appeal to that.
  • Importantly: When I sent it to them, I BCC'd all of them, so I could address their responses or objections individually. I didn't want to create a massive email thread debating all of them.

I elected to organize my arguments in a letter as opposed to doing Skype calls with them, or sending them videos because I wanted them to hear all the arguments. In a Skype conversation about vaccination, politics, or anything that you might disagree on you won't be able to get through everything that you have to say - you'll lose the forest for the trees, get derailed, and end up debating the veracity of some study or news story which is just a brick in the foundation of your argument. A letter allows us to make a holistic logical-emotional case, also letters have a bit of old-school novelty, it shows that you cared to take some time to craft it.

I did share this letter here on Longecity to get some feed from the Biohackers there and got some interesting responses.

Did I change their minds?

It was a mixed success. Two of them were on the fence about the vaccine, and now they are more skeptical about it. A few of them didn't respond to it. One of them emailed me back basically saying, "I wouldn't be driven in an AI Tesla! But, I've made up my mind I'm going to take the vaccine as soon as it's available." None of them wrote me back saying, "Jonathan, you're a demented conspiracy theorist. Don't tell me how to live my life!"

Changing one mind was well worth it to me! 

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