Problem Solved: Feeling Tired

Problem Solved: Feeling Tired

By Jonathan Roseland

I'm not a doctor, medical professional, or trained therapist. I'm a researcher and pragmatic biohacking practitioner exercising free speech to share evidence as I find it. I make no claims. Please practice skepticism and rational critical thinkingYou should consult a professional about any serious decisions that you might make about your health. Affiliate links in this article support Limitless Mindset - spend over $150 and you'll be eligible to join the Limitless Mindset Secret Society.

The Problem: You feel tired and unfocused at times when you need to be productive.

This can be a complicated problem and it is certainly worthy of introspection and self-quantification but luckily its productivity-robbing symptom, feeling tired and unfocused, is easy and cheap to fix.

The Solutions...

Bulletproof Coffee - Empowering toxin-free coffee 

BulletProof Coffee

Drinking this profoundly energizing and tasty coffee is sometimes described as almost a religious experience. About Bulletproof coffee...

  • Delivers hours of productive, focused energy, as opposed to 90 minutes of buzz followed by a crash like most coffee.
  • The result of an obsessive 10-year search for the world's healthiest coffee bean.
  • Produced with a proprietary process for removing toxins that the vast majority of normal coffee has, these toxins do everything from causing anxiety, brain fog, and high blood pressure to increasing the risk of cancer.
  • Delivers a smooth and clean productivity buzz as opposed to the cracked-out jittery feeling you usually get from coffee.
  • Some people report a productive energy buzz lasting up to 8 hours from just two cups of Bulletproof Coffee so don't drink it near bedtime.

This is the ultimate drink for the high-performance entrepreneur... or stay-at-home mom! 

2023 update: I first published this article over a decade ago and at the time a bag cost about $15. Updating the article today, I checked to see how much the price has increased and... It's $16. Hat's off to the Bulletproof Nutrition team that has managed to keep their excellent product affordable despite unprecedented inflation and supply chain chaos!

ORDER Bulletproof Coffee (FROM $16)

Any toxin-free, organic coffee mixed Bulletproof-style with butter and MCT oil is fine.

PiracetamThe original Nootropic smart drug

piracetam powder

About 30 seconds into your Googling of "smart drugs" you will come across Piracetam, there's a good reason for this; Piracetam will make you feel Limitless at a tiny fraction of the $800 cost of NZT-48 in the film.

  • In addition to hours of energy, it helps with all the domains of overall improved cognitive function: Boosted neurotransmitters, improved confidence, memory formation, willpower along with minimizing stress, and a spectrum of anti-aging effects.
  • It has been around for +40 years, so long-term studies have been done on its effects. It's one of the safest smart drugs on the market with almost zero cases of negative side effects.
  • Being a non-patented synthetic pharmaceutical, it is very affordable. 

Powdered is the most economical form but it tastes awful - I recommend mixing it in water with other supplements that you can quickly skull to cover its taste (like powdered Vitamin C).

Order Piracetam (from $20)

Nicotine - Fire up your cognition fast


Did you know that nicotine is a smart drug? It will give you an extra degree of alertness within sometimes just a few seconds of consuming. Nicotine alone might not wake you up, but especially in combination with a strong cup of Bulletproof coffee, you'll find yourself surprisingly switched on and speedy early in the AM after a hit or two of Nicotine.

And no, I'm not suggesting you smoke cigarettes or vape (both are AWFUL for your health), you can simply take a few drops of Nicotine in a USP solution underneath your tongue (although it tastes like a punch to the throat!) But if you want to enjoy it, I recommend - which offers tasty flavored gum, pouches, and breakers. 

Yes, Nicotine is addictive (but less addictive than you might think), it's not a risk-free performance enhancer (although you don't really need to worry about it giving you cancer), and there's a lot you should learn about it before you order or ingest it - read this meta-analysis article before hitting the button below.

ORDER Nicotine (FROM $20)

My recommendation

Unless you are a serious energy buzz junkie, you probably don't want to take them simultaneously. They take between 10-45 minutes to kick in...

  • Don't drink coffee first thing in the morning, consume some Nicotine (I usually have mine after an energizing breathwork session).
  • 60-90 minutes in the day have a cup of Bulletproof Coffee (this is the happiest moment of every morning for me).
  • Take 800 - 1600 milligrams of Piracetam in the late morning, which will give you 4-6 hours of energy and creativity to conquer whatever your day demands.
  • After lunch, to pass on the mid-afternoon productivity lull and finish the day out strong, have another cup or two of Bulletproof Coffee, another 800 milligrams of Piracetam, and/or a few more hits of Nicotine.


Together with shipping these two will run you about $60 monthly to be energetic, and productive when you most need to. Both are from highly reputable manufacturers and have money-back guarantees. If you buy coffee at a coffee shop just a few times a week or energy drinks these two products will more than pay for themselves.

I look forward to hearing your feedback on this fast-acting wakefulness stack, however...

These are sort of band-aid solutions to the problem of feeling tired often.

Feeling tired is, of course, downstream of bad sleep quality or insufficient sleep - which is a serious issue that I'd urge you to address holistically. You've probably heard of "sleep hygiene" and you should implement it on a nightly basis, then go deeper with my sleep-hacking podcasts


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piracetam powder

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