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Reclaim your sovereignty and recapture your destiny...

By mastering an uncommon set of 22 Tantric techniques for cultivating and yielding your sexual energy to build the meaningful life of abundance, joy, and carnal ecstasy you desire.

In this course, you'll learn in 22 days how to unleash the power of sexual transmutation to surround yourself with beauty. Whether that's the beauty of women, the beauty of the woman whose heart you'll win, the beauty of the woman you've chosen, or the complex layers of beauty beckoning in your relationship with her. Or the beauty of the precious new life you'll create in your image with her. You'll be a man elevated by beauty, not resigned to longing for it through a glowing screen.

Watch Module 1: Why tantra?

What's in the course...

1. Why tantra?

And a HILARIOUS story 🇺🇸The sexiest piece of furniture that I ever owned (and grew to hate…)

2. up your sex game

And a TRUE story 🕵️‍♀️ Losing my virginity to a spy

3. Self-Cultivating Breath Control

And a QUICKIE story 🇺🇦 Fast times in Kyiv

4. Sexual Transmutation Techniques

And a South America story 🇨🇴 A little black cocktail dress with sultry eyes in Colombia

5. Advanced techniques

And a moral dilemma story 🤔 I told her not to go on "the pill"

6. Practice plan

And a story from my early life 🐝 The Birds and the Bees...

7. Sexual confidence

And a "what could have been..." story 🍣 Eating sushi alone

And much, much, more!

Course Instructor: Jonathan Roseland

Jonathan Roseland, Applied neuroscience strategist

I'm an Applied neuroscience strategist, Along with being an adventuring philosopher, pompous pontificator, writer, K-Selected Biohacker, Tantric husband, raconteur, and Smart Drug Dealer.

  • 5-year Tantric practitioner
  • Men's coach and Biohacking consultant
  • Obsessive researcher and lifehacking self-experimenter
  • Spent eight years living abroad as a digital nomad in Latin America and around Europe
  • Inventor of the most clever cocktail toast ever (Google it!)
  • Happily married for half a decade
  • Author of Don't Stick Your Dick in a Blender and How to Be Cross Eyed

My wife's cooking

A few of the delicious and delectable things she's created in the kitchen, just to illustrate the carnal pleasures of a Tantric man's life. My wife is not my maid, cooking is far from her favorite thing to do. She does it because she really loves me, and I have the cooking skills of a toddler.

A word from Jonathan's wife

Hey guys! I'm the woman who has herself been experiencing all the tantric techniques presented in this course firsthand, and let me tell you the results are astounding! I've never had stronger and more intense orgasms, and of course, I've never been more inclined to compromise with my husband.

Has it always been like this though? Unfortunately, not. When Jonathan and I began dating sex was pretty much okay but nothing to write home about. I wouldn't orgasm and it was mostly for his pleasure. Then we got married and nothing changed until the moment he decided to quit porn for good and become a REALLY monogamous guy (mentally as well as physically!) by transforming his mindset. It took him time, a lot of hard work, self-control, commitment, and devotion BUT he got there. He wanted to show me that he was a changed man so he started thoroughly researching ways to pleasure me better in bed and to become a better lover. And that's how we discovered tantra together. It's changed our whole sex life and has dramatically enhanced its quality, starting with me finally getting my powerful, dream orgasms that make my toes curl.

Thanks to Tantra our intimate connection is so much stronger and now I totally feel cared for in bed. It turned Jonathan into this passionate, confident, yet gentle and dedicated man I always wanted, and brought us closer together. I now have the sex life so many women crave, and can honestly admit that my tantric husband is the best lover I've ever had.

Bonus Modules

And much, much, more!

Included: One-on-one coaching call with Jonathan

JR Pig Skype

Once you finish the 22-day practice plan, you'll be eligible for a call up to 45 minutes; we can talk sex hacking, relationship hacking (relationshacking), Biohacking, and troubleshoot any issues or challenges you've had in your Tantric practice, along with clearing up any questions you might have remaining - whatever you might want to discuss with an obsessive +12 year self-experimenter!

My Biohacking consulting/coaching packages start at $189 so do take advantage of this (included with the course for the first 20 students)



The BEST ORGASM of your life











In the second module, I break down a six-step 24-hour protocol for having the BEST ORGASM OF YOUR LIFE


Watch Module 1: Why Tantra?

9 steps to becoming a tantric man - Visiting a CEMETERY is step 9

If you're an unapologetic seducer passionate about personal growth, Biohacking, and transformation - like me - you should totally hang in out in cemeteries from time to time. I'll tell you why at the end of module 1 here.

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And here's why, that would be DRAMATICALLY undervaluing it. Yes really, because most men (perhaps you, if you're being honest with yourself), spend the most important decades of their lives at war with themselves because of their sex drive...