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VLADONIX® for immune system, 60 caps/pack
By Jonathan Roseland

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An immune bioregulator that works via the thymus gland. It’s recommended for people who are recovering from severe adverse immune events, like...

  • Recovery from cancer
  • Infectious diseases
  • Recovering from a stroke or heart attack
  • Chronic immunodeficiency

Scientific Research Overview

No studies are published on Pubmed but I did find a clinical trial of 42 patients done at the Saint Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology, the clinical study concluded

Vladonix® is recommended for acceleration of restoration of the immune system functions after the infectious diseases, radiation and chemotherapy, influence on the organism of various extreme factors (including ionizing and UHF-radiation). It’s also recommended to elderly people for maintenance of the immune system function...
The clinical study showed no side effects, complications, contraindications and drug dependence of Vladonix®.

This is a peptide immune hack that promotes normalization of cellular immunity parameters, stimulated tissue regeneration processes...

The radiation mitigation effect is interesting, it makes the peptide a good doomsday-prepping measure - I'd want some of this around to take if the next Chernobyl happens in my geographic neighborhood.

Anecdotal Evidence

This lady sounds really glad about the peptide:

My mother has seen a definite improvement while taking vladonix. Mom has had a chronically low white blood count which has steadily improved since she has taken vladonix.

Here, Irina spoke about using it for her uncle’s condition:

I would like to share some very good results in reducing blood sugar in non-insulin-dependent diabetes. It turned out Endoluten and Vladonix successfully reduced my uncle’s blood sugar and keep his sugar levels stable (he’s a very large skeptic, I hardly persuaded him to take anything at all, as he already has enough health issues). And he agreed to take these drugs only for the prostate gland. This is how our medications work on the whole system.
The sugar level was 10, now 4-5.

She described another using it on another occasion:

After a woman with epilepsy started taking Vladonix, Ventfort and Cerluten her seizures were seriously reduced. Previously, her seizures would occur once a week but after 3 months of taking these medications they are only once a month now.

Lara talked about her experience with the peptide:

My result is on the thyroid gland. To be honest, I only have a problem with my TSH hormone... In December I took a course of Endoluten 60 caps. + Vladonix 60. A month after the end of the procedure, I had a blood test again and everything was just normal.

Elmira reported that it helped her recover from some of the various lingering effects of smoking:

I had terrific results in 2 weeks! I take Vladonix, Honluten, Svetinorm 1 capsule 2 times a day, I drip [peptide complex]-3, 7, 8, 12. After two days of intake, my gastritis was delayed, heartburn was gone, my self-esteem improved, my breathing became easier, and I started coughing. I caught the flu, my body temperature was 37.8 C, my nose was running, I was sneezing constantly, I took days off, the doctor came over, heard me out and said that she would not recognize my lungs, they were clean, and my bronchi too, my breath wasn’t hard. I've been smoking for 15 years, I'm 34 years old, I would cough heavily before taking peptides, I would choke, I think I also had developed an asthmatic problem, I'm allergic, and now there are not even problems with the lungs, although when I was always sick, everything fell into my lungs, and there was terrible bronchitis. After 2 days of reception spit began to depart from the lungs, I expectorated for 2 weeks, now it is rare, almost all passed.

Gulya shared:

The cyst in my left breast has disappeared - it is completely gone! I have mammographic pictures "before" and "after". Endoluten + Vladonix have shown perfect results with mastopoty, cyst of mammary glands, myomas, etc.!
With oncology - generally works wonders! - and this is a fact officially recorded not only by scientific research, but also marked by our partners who have tested all this on themselves.

It can have a synergistic effect with other Biopeptides or "smart peptides" (as I like to call them); EndolutenGlandokort, and Ventfort. I do recommend that you read my deep-dive article about smart peptides, Perplexed by Peptides?

About VLADONIX® for the immune system, 60 caps/pack

VLADONIX is a peptide bioregulator that protects the immune system's function and regulates cellular metabolism via the thymus gland. It is used to prevent and treat primary and secondary immunodeficiency. Vladonix is recommended both for people who suffer and recover from cold, flu, infectious diseases, inflammations, and cancer.


Treat Immunodeficiency.
Recover From Cancer.
After-Care From Infectious Diseases.
Remove Chronical Intoxications.
After-Care From Stroke and Heart Attack.
Anti-Ageing Program.

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VLADONIX® - A bioregulatory "smart peptide" for a smarter thymus gland


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