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Dihydromyricetin (DHM) 50 Capsules, 300mg, Alcohol Consumption Support Supplement (Third Party Tested) Made in the USA by Double Wood Supplements (DHM Depot)
By Jonathan Roseland

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Biohacker Review: No discernible hangover

I was a bit skeptical of Dihydromyricetin (DHM) as a "hangover cure" but tried it anyway...

Day 1
I was on vacation and doing a bit more drinking than usual. I had two beers with a large lunch and then we had a couple of glasses of wine from a 10-year-old bottle of Pinot Gris before bed. I awoke the next morning around 7:30 AM with no discernable hangover.

Day 2
I did two capsules of Phenibut and polished off the Pinot Gris with some friends. The Phenibut and wine put me in a very social mood. I went to bed around 1 PM as we had plans the next morning to watch the sunrise from the beach at 5 AM. I was a little irritated to wake up at about 3 AM despite taking some additional Ashwagandha to relax before bed - I was VERY relaxed - drinking alcohol often wakes me up in the middle of the night. I got back to sleep and woke up with no problem around 5:30 AM to watch a beautiful summer seaside sunrise. No detectable sign of a hangover other than the sleep disturbance.

Date Night Cofactor
The Mrs. and I had something to celebrate so we had a night out at a great Bulgarian restaurant here. I brought the Dihydromyricetin and had two large draft beers and glass of locally made red worm-wood wine. I did a capsule of DHM before drinking, I got rather buzzed from the three drinks, at the end of dinner I had a second capsule of DHM. DHM is supposed to have the effect of sobering you up, I experienced this somewhat but it's not sobriety in a capsule. The main problem I have with alcohol is that it messes with my sleep, consistently if I have more than one drink I'll have some problems getting to sleep or I'll wake up in the middle of the night when my blood sugar spikes. On DHM I managed to get to sleep with no problem but I did wake up twice during the night. I'll be stacking DHM with other hangover hacks...

A Halloween Hack
For Halloween this year, we went to a party and I did a little more drinking than normal. I had (I think) 5 beers and a cocktail which got me pretty buzzed. We were rushing out the door to meet friends for dinner and I forgot to bring the DHM with me so I did 4 capsules when we returned home. It sobered me up a bit, thankfully, so I didn't get the spins while trying to go to sleep. The following morning, I was perhaps a little slower than usual but really not hungover.

Dihydromyricetin (DHM) will change your relationship with alcohol forever.

Not only does DHM enhance enzymes in the liver responsible for breaking down alcohol and its toxic by-products, but it also reduces the effect alcohol has on GABA receptors in the brain. This keeps you feeling soberer while drinking and greatly reduces hangover symptoms the next day.

Recommended Dosage

Take one or two capsules per three alcoholic drinks consumed while drinking or immediately after drinking. There are no side effects or toxicity and it is perfectly OK to increase the dose to increase the effectiveness of the product.

Dihydromyricetin Side Effects

Dihydromyricetin is non-toxic and very well tolerated, and no side effects tied to it's use have been reported. Do NOT use this product as an excuse to consume alcohol irresponsibly. Never drink more than you normally would and never drink and drive.

What people are saying about DHM...

* These reviews are the experiences of the individual customers that submitted them, results may differ from person to person.

effective at reducing intoxication and preventing hangover.

Only thing Ive had reduce the heavy hangover after a night of endulging. I agree with others that the effect seems to max out after three pills used as reccomended in a night.

It really works for me. I wake up feeling ready to take on the day. Hangovers get worse as you get older. Being in client service there are some late nights of entertainment followed by grueling days filled with meetings or travel. These have been a lifesaver. 

I tried your stuff last Saturday. When I started drinkining beer I took 3 pills of DHM(300 mg), after I drank 1liter of beer, I took another 3 pills of DHM and another 3 pills after one more liter. So I drank 2.5 liters of beer(about 84.5 oz) and I took 2700mg of DHM. I felt a mildly effect, I felt a little bit more sober(it was the DHM or placebo, I don't know yet). I felt good the next day, as I wouldn't have drunk any alcohol,I had no headache. I think DHM works but one has to take in a larger dose. 

I am known for terrible hangovers and praying to the porcelain Gods most of the morning, sometimes the whole day. Never a fun experience. After reading reviews on this hangover miracle, I decided to try it out myself. It definitely works! You are supposed to take a few with every drink but usually I forget to bring them with me to the bar so I just take them when I get home. There are times when I still feel a little nauseous the next day but that is because 1. I drank way more than I should have, as well all are guilty of :) and 2. I haven't eaten the greasy food cure just yet. But once I get some water and food in my system, I am usually ready to go for the day! Hope this works for everyone else!

See my amusing podcast about Biohacking boozing (your liver will thank you!)

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Dihydromyricetin (DHM) by Double Wood
Dihydromyricetin (DHM) by Double Wood
Dihydromyricetin (DHM) by Double Wood


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