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Nefiracetam by Intellimeds

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Nefiracetam by Intellimeds
By Jonathan Roseland

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Biohacker ReviewA Disappointing Racetam

Unlike a lot of Biohackers, I found it downright demotivational every time I took it. I also didn't experience any of the undesirable side effects I've heard others describe.

Day 1
I took 2 together capsules (1200 milligrams) of Nefiracetam in the early afternoon and I noticed that by the early evening, I was feeling especially unfocused, which is a little weird for me.

Day 2
I did a single capsule (600 milligrams) in the morning on an empty stomach.

Day 3
I took a single capsule (600 milligrams) in the early afternoon on a full stomach and with some nice Bacopa tea.

Day 4
I did a capsule on a weekend evening before spending 2 hours catching up with family on Skype, I was able to relax and enjoy the conversations, as opposed to worrying about work.

Day 5
I took a single capsule (600 milligrams) in the early afternoon on a full stomach with some nice Bacopa tea and Coluracetam on a full day. I found it quite demotivational, and I got done only a fraction of the things that I usually do on a Monday, which is my big productive day of the week. In the future, I'll only be doing this drug when I have nothing important to do. I did my meditation/breath counting test on it and my focus was quite bad.

Day 6
I did try combining Nefiracetam and Phenibut. Phenibut is my go-to recreational molecule and I thought perhaps the cognition-enhancing effect of Nefiracetam would be an interesting combination since they are both Gabaergics.
I did a 600-milligram capsule and Nefiracetam and about 300 milligrams of Phenibut and then went out to meet a friend at a salsa club. Then we went out to a big crazy nightclub, the kind of place I usually hate.
I had a lot of fun joking around with my friend and meeting new people. I was quite unfiltered, and my approach anxiety was significantly diminished. Although, I noticed that my verbal intelligence was not quite on point.
I didn't drink alcohol, it would just be stupid to combine booze with two other Gabaergics.
I've done Phenibut at least several hundred times while socializing or partying and adding the Nefiracetam did not change much.
The next morning I felt a bit like I had overdone it, I felt just a little hungover and unfocused, although not nearly as bad as after drinking too much alcohol.
Sometimes stacking Gabaergics can be a real trip, but Nefiracetam and Phenibut didn't produce any interesting effect worth duplicating.

I suspect that perhaps I'm taking it in too high a dosage, a lot of anecdotal reports are of people taking just a hundred or a couple of hundred milligrams, whereas each of these capsules is 600 milligrams.

From my Nefiracetam meta-analysis...

In conclusion, the risk profile of Nefiracetam makes it inappropriate for usage as a long-term option for Biohackers. I'm grasping for any kind of end benefit this offers that safer, more established Racetams don't do better.
For memory Piracetam.
For focus Oxiracetam.
For enhancing cognition Pramiracetam.
For anti-anxiety Aniracetam.
As for Nefiracetam, pass on it.

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Nefiracetam (CAPSULES 600MG) by Intellimeds


A disappointing gabaergic smart drug ⭐⭐ Biohacker Review of Nefiracetam
Nefiracetam: A Dissapointing Gabaergic Racetam

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A Disappointing Racetam
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A disappointing gabaergic smart drug ⭐⭐ Biohacker Review of Nefiracetam
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