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An innovative biopeptide for hacking vision and ocular degeneration.

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but the eyes may be biohacked with this bioregulator. It’s capable of restoring the retina which makes it an effective preventative measure or treatment of...

  • Glaucoma
  • Retinal diseases
  • Diabetic retinopathy
  • Macular degeneration
  • Optic Atrophy
  • Cataracts

Scientific Research

No studies are published on Pubmed. I did find one very thorough article detailing some clinical trials restoring retinal functions with bioregulatory peptides...

For the first time in the world of medical practice, a unique method for restoration of the damaged retina in case of different diseases (such as diabetic retinopathy, innate and acquired degenerations, complicated myopia, maculopathies, chorioretinitises, burns) has been developed. The method is based on the application of a complex of bioregulators, isolated from the retina, vessels, pineal gland, thymus, or their synthetic analogues. The efficiency of this complex treatment is 95%, which is an unprecedented achievement in the field of ophthalmology. Wide application of bioregulators will contribute to the enhancement of the working capacity period, reduce the rate of disabilities, enhance quality of life of the patients. All these may positively affect social and economic aspects of the medical care system efficiency in Russia.

Check out my deep-dive article, Perplexed by Peptides? explaining biopeptides or smart peptides, as I call them...

Anecdotally, the evidence for Visoluten is strong! A man who bought from reported:

I’ve taken these a few years ago as I had damaged my eye and had high pressure and night blindness I also had 20/20 Vision in the other eye, I had three months of visoluton and went back for an eye test which I knew was going to be positive because my night blindness had gone , they said my eye was healed and my vision in both eyes was 20/10 so I actually have better eyesight than before…

These users:

I can tell you that Visoluten for the eyes was like a miracle for client who had been told she would be blind for the rest of her life. It gave her back her sight.;

Some time ago I tried your Visoluten product for my eyes. I have always been very near sighted. I had a radial keratonomy in 1992 to correct my vision, but it has been slowly deteriorating with age. I cannot say the product made a notable difference until one day I noticed that the “ghosts” I had, that were from some scarring from the radial keratonomy, were gone. I have had them for over 20 years. And now they are gone. The only thing I can think of is that the peptide cleared them up.

Here are a few more happy users:

I took one month of the product and noticed more clarity and less tiredness by day’s end but I wasn’t sure it was the product at first.

I took an additional month and noticed much more clarity. My vision seemed to revert to a time before when I was younger. I took a break from the product as suggested but felt I needed to go back and and once again my vision felt much clearer, crisper and my night vision is the way it was when I was younger. I love this product!

About product

VISOLUTEN is a peptide complex extracted from the whole eye tissue of young animals which enhances the quality of the retina, the cornea, and the eye blood vessels. It is highly effective in preventing and conventional treating of glaucoma, retinal diseases, diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration. Visoluten also reduces the retina susceptibility to age-related damage thus preventing such diseases like†cataract that can lead to permanent blindness.


  • Regulate the Functions of the Visual Analyzer
  • Reduce the Spasm of Accommodation
  • Prevent Initial Stages of Glaucoma and Cataracts
  • Treat Angiopathy of the Retina
  • Prevent Retinal Degeneration and Detachment
  • Eradicate Optic Atrophy
  • Remove Retinopathy

Visoluten includes the peptides obtained from the eyes of young animals that improve the health of the visual analyzer by interacting directly with the retinal cells, the ciliary muscle, and the conjunctiva. Peptides activate the synthesis of the specific proteins, capable of restoring tissues, damaged by disease or with aging. Treatment by Visoluten allows to reduce the severity of complicated high myopia, pseudophakia and achieve significant positive dynamic in visual functions.

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Peptide bioregulators in treatment of eye diseases
Henry Beaumaris interview
Biohacking Vision ?️ Visomitin (Mitochondrial Antioxidant) vs Visoluten (Biopeptide)

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Biohacking Vision ?️ Visomitin (Mitochondrial Antioxidant) vs Visoluten (Biopeptide)
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