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Sunifiram by Intellimeds
By Jonathan Roseland

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Biohacker ReviewNot an outstanding effect

I did as much as 50 milligrams once along with Tyrosine, ALCAR, and Bulletproof coffee and while I was in a good focused mood for about 5 hours I was pretty underwhelmed - the Sunifiram didn't have an outstanding effect.

I took it subliminally and it produces a not overwhelming, yet unpleasant burning sensation under the tongue. Luckily the bad taste was easily washed away by some green tea.

One time, about 90 minutes after about 20 milligrams, I had a noticeable sensation of body heat that really contrasted with the chilly Ukrainian fall weather - almost like the sweets I get from Modafinil.

About Sunifiram

Sunifiram, also known as DM-235, is a piperazine derivative of Piracetam that is commonly associated with Racetam compounds even though they are technically not part of that particular class.  It has been shown to have nootropic effects in animal test subjects; according to scientific studies, these effects are noted to be stronger than Piracetam.  Currently, it is set aside for research study only.

A new member of the Racetam family as a piperazine derivative of Piracetam.
First researched in 2000, Sunifiram is a young rival of another junior member of the Racetam family, Noopept. As a cognition-enhancing agent, it has interesting potential for improving the learning and memory faculties of the mind.

From my meta-analysis article, Sunifiram as a Nootropic: A Problematic Racetam, here... 

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Sunifiram by Intellimeds
Sunifiram by Intellimeds
Sunifiram by Intellimeds


Sunifiram as a Nootropic: a Value Leading Racetam that Delivers Clarity

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