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Android Dual NBack   Join the Limitless Mindset Community to access these powerful Lifehacking Tools & Resources for Android: - Social Engineers You to WIN is a seriously addictive habit quantification App and social accountability tool. You can use the App on your Android or web browser and begin adding habits that you want to make a consistent part of your daily life. You can make up your own habits or add ones that others practice. automates social accountability by leveraging your digital narcissism to manipulate YOU into practicing healthy habits consistently

Brain Power Diet Guide

BrainPowerGuideMobileA multi media guide is optimzed for display on Android and includes:

  • 24 page PDF ebook covering everything from cooking techniques and foods to avoid to shopping tactics.  
  • Limitless Diet Grocery Shopping List: A grocery list of over 35 mind power foods to purchase when the make a visit to the grocery store. 
  • Limitless Snacking Guide: Snacking the right way on the right kinds of foods is one of the simplest ways to both increase brain power and save money.
  • 4 Audio programs with expert interviews on brain power diet.


Dual N-Back Training

DualNBackAndroidThis the top rated N-Back brain training App for your Android Device. N-Back training will increase your working memory, fluid intelligence and problem solving abilities. Use this training app to sharpen your memory anytime while you are using public transportation, waiting at an airport or as an alternative to Angry Birds!

Mind Power Grocery Shopping App

FooducateforandroidAn Android app which scans food barcodes through your phone's camera.

  • See the nutrition grade of the product you are considering purchasing and then suggests healthier alternatives.
  • Helps you avoid products with excessive sugar, trans fats, high fructose corn syrup, addetives and preservatives which don't feed your brain what it needs to be Limitless.
  • +200,000 products in the database.


Memory Systems Audio Course

Memory Systems are a 'lost art' used by life hackers, scientists and extremely productive individuals. Download this 3 hour audio program for listening on your Android.

SuperMemo: Forget About Forgetting

SuperMemo200The SuperMemo App for Android is the ultimate tool for accelerated language learning. The well produced (and fun!) language learning courses introduce you to the Spaced Repetition method of accelerated learning.

Limitless Mindset Podcast

itunes300Download the Limitless Mindset Podcast to your Android device today! The podcast about becoming 'Limitless' in real life. Maximize brain power, superpower your memory, increase productivity, and learn faster. Master influence, persuasion and communication skills to dominate in business, sales, social situations, dating and life. Every episode we also share life hacking techniques. A life hack is a technique for leveraging your time, work, money, resources or relationships for accomplishing bigger goals faster.

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