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Eleuthero Root by PowderCity
By Jonathan Roseland

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What is Eleuthero Root?

Eleuthero Root is a shrub that grows in Siberia, China, Korea and Japan. The dried root and other underground parts are used for many health benefits. Eleuthero Root was formerly known as Siberian Ginseng since it resembles Panax Ginseng but does not belong to the same type of herb family.

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Eleuthero Root by PowderCity


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I've been using the Adaptogens Rhodiola, Eleuthero and Schisandra together for a month now. I've been taking them first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach with my big ass bottle of tea.

I've discovered that consuming the Adaptogens as a tea is a whole lot more of a Nootropic experience. I've began starting my mornings with a tea that is equal parts of the three powdered herbs.
This earthy, fruity yet hearty tasting tea energizes me within about 15 minutes of drinking it. The Adaptogen tea buzz seems to last a couple of hours and has positive effect on mood.
This has replaced my morning cup (or two) of coffee that I usually need to wake up, it's been almost a week now since I had coffee and I've yet to experience caffeine withdrawals that I usually do when I cycle off coffee.

The first distinctive thing is the taste, it's quiet pleasant, at least compared with other supplements and smart drugs. Eleuthero has a nice flavor that is predictably earthy and 'healthy tasting', I might even try sprinkling some of it on my eggs.

The subjective experience of Adaptogens is quiet subtle compared to other smart drugs I've used. My extensive reading on the Adaptogens has led me to believe that they are more of a long term health and longevity strategy than instant satisfaction performance enhancers. I don't feel significantly more energized, focused or motivated while dosed.

One thing I've noticed is that I'm waking up earlier feeling more energized, I seem to wake up before my alarm consistently.

As an otherwise healthy, 30 year old 'young man' (as the little, old women in shops here in Eastern Europe call me) I just don't think I have a lot of health issues to fix.

In my Ayahuasca video, I talked about how I didn't throw up even after taking multiple cups of the psychoactive brew. My hypothesis is that since in the weeks leading up the ceremony, I maintained a super clean diet, I just didn't have enough toxins in my system that the Ayahuasca needed to purge. I suspect the same principal is maybe why I'm not experiencing anything really acute from the Adaptogens.
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