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Oxytocin by RUPharma
By Jonathan Roseland

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Biohacker review: We took Oxytocin for Valentine’s Day and there was blood

Yes, really! For Valentine’s Day last week, my girlfriend and I took pharmaceutical-grade exogenous Oxytocin from RUPharma in Moscow (quite literally from Russia with love!) and it made me bleed. I’ll tell the story but first I’d like to explain why I thought it might be a good idea to supplement Oxytocin…

The enigmatic love molecule, Oxytocin is reputed as a sex hack to heat things up in the bedroom...
But my research led me to believe that in this unromantic age of Tinder and hookup culture, it’s much more useful as a biohack for meaningful monogamy.

Biohacking gone wrong!

Back to my story, we had a fun night of salsa dancing planned so my girlfriend and I decided to take one milliliter each of liquid Oxytocin. The Oxytocin comes in these one-milliliter glass ampules.

I effortlessly popped the glass top off her ampule and she downed it, making a little bit of a funny face at the hormone’s odd taste but when I tried to open mine the little bottle actually shattered in my hand, cutting my hand ever so slightly! I immediately went to clean, wash, and sanitize my hand thoroughly.
It didn’t hurt much but it was quite surprising! Lesson learned about glass ampules.
Not easily dissuaded from my Valentine’s Day biohacking experiment, I opened another glass ampule very slowly using a wet towelette and dosed it sublingually. The taste was not very remarkable or bad compared with some things I’ve tried.

We chased the Oxytocin with a few capsules of N-Acetyl Cysteine since we wanted to enjoy some cocktails at the salsa club, and NAC does a pretty good job of hacking hangovers if taken before a night out.

Honestly, there were no notable experiential effects on our mood or quality, quantity, or duration of sex or orgasm that night — we both have a pretty healthy libido so I don’t think Oxytocin improved things from baseline much for us.

 What does consistently improve my sex life is…

Tongkat Ali

This is a testosterone-promoting herb that makes you hornier; improving libido and erection quality.

  • If it’s been like a week or longer since I orgasmed I’ll pass on Tongkat as I’ll be more likely to come in a hurry.
  • If my interim in between orgasms is less than 4 days or if I’ve had more than one alcoholic beverage I’ll take Tongkat.
  • It’s part of my date night stack, I’ll usually take it a few hours before having sex even though it seems to still have an effect in as little as 30 minutes.
  • If you’re a big fan of morning sex 600 milligrams of Tongkat will be your breakfast of champions!

Horny Goat Weed

Horny goat weed is probably the most infamous male libido and sexual performance enhancer.

  • You can take it daily and you’ll get a noticeable boost in testosterone that makes you a bit more randy (and distracted by every skirt that passes!)
  • Although I prefer to use it episodically, about 30 minutes before I’m having sex.
  • It improves sensation (sex feels better), quality of erections, and stamina — to be more explicit; semen retention, I’m able to hold back from ejaculating and pleasure my lady a while longer.


Seems to have a nice synergy with Horny Goat Weed and is a naturally relaxing herb that belongs in your date night stack, because it takes the edge off (similar to booze or Phenibut) and puts you in a talkative, social mood.

Tantric semen retention techniques

These are a combination of (mostly breathing) methods for preventing ejaculation, prolonging sex, or full-body orgasm.

Access Tantric Protocol

Should you and your partner take Oxytocin?

Most of the human clinical trials dosing Oxytocin used it to treat different dysfunctions. Unless you are struggling with autism, depression, or social anxiety you wouldn’t want to supplement Oxytocin regularly. Many Nootropics or smart drugs have an episodic effect (you take them and feel something, fast) and some have a cumulative effect (it has an effect over time) but supplementing Oxytocin is kind of unique in that it creates an associative effect, here’s what that means...

If you supplement Oxytocin you’ll become more closely bonded to whomever or whatever you’re doing. And its half-life in your system is short, less than a couple of hours.
So you wouldn’t want to dose Oxytocin before commuting to work, cleaning your house, or going to do jury duty. You would want to dose it if you knew you were going to be spending some quality time with someone important.
So dosing some Oxytocin before a romantic evening (like Valentine’s Day), weekend getaway, or honeymoon would likely instill greater lasting desire.

Olfactory biohack: If you wanted to potentiate this effect, I would try to add a distinctive scent to the time together. Our olfactory memory strongly associates scents and smells with emotions and feelings. So engineer the ambiance with an essential oils diffuser and some sublime scents, wear some special cologne or perfume, or rent an Airbnb with a wood-burning fireplace.

If you’re an otherwise healthy guy looking to optimize sexual hedonism, I would recommend those four sex biohacks BEFORE I would be taking exogenous Oxytocin, but hey it was worth trying…

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Exogenous Oxytocin is a Biohack for Meaningful Monogamy (and Sex?)

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